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Games for Six Players
Thu Jan 26 08:12:26 UTC 2012
Six players is often a difficult number when trying to set up a games session. There are many good games for five and seven can always be split into three and four. But there are not that many good games for three and splitting into a group of four and a group of two tends to make the two wonder why they bothered showing up for the group event in the first place. Here then are some suggestions for six-player games which you may like to take for stocking your game library.

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Contents: Racing · Cards · Dice · Railroad · Board · Party · Your Mileage May Vary
Let's begin with a game genre that actually gets better with a lot of players.
Games which are mainly just cards and tend to be lighter and quicker.

Games which are primarily about rolling dice.

Railroad games are another genre that often support six players.

Regular Board Games

This is just a subset as virtually every party game accepts six or more.
For more ideas and more details, visit the Party Games page.

Just as important as knowing which games for six there are is knowing which games are good for six. The following games accept six, but probably play better with the number listed.

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