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Military Games for Six Players
Mon Oct 20 20:55:38 UTC 2008 Added Galactic Emperor; Senji

Six players is often a difficult number when trying to set up a games session. There are many good games for five and seven can always be split into three and four. But there are not that many good games for three and splitting into a group of four and a group of two tends to make the two wonder why they bothered showing up for the group event in the first place. Here then are some suggestions for six-player games which you may like to take for stocking your game library.

The B and L links point to the game's entry in and Luding respectively, where further reviews are available.

  • Africa 1880 B L
  • Age of Empires III B L
  • Age of Renaissance more B L
  • Air Baron more B L
  • Antike B L
  • Arkham Horror more B L
  • Artifact, The [SMG] B L
  • Barbarian, Kingdom & Empire more B L
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill more B L
  • Bin'Fa/Hexagony more B L
  • Black Death B L
  • Car Wars more B L
  • Circus Maximus (can even go to eight) more B L
  • Circus Minimus (can even go to seven) B L
  • Civilization/Advanced Civilization more B L
  • Colonial Diplomacy B L
  • Conquest of the Empire L
  • Cosmic Encounter more B L
  • Crusades more B L
  • Diplomacy more B L
  • Dune more B L
  • Eketorp more B L
  • Empires in Arms B L
  • Empires of the Middle Ages more B L
  • Family Business more L
  • FrischfleischB L
  • Frontier 6 B L
  • Galactic Emperor more B L
  • Godsfire more B L
  • Guerilla more B L
  • Gunslinger B L
  • Here I Stand B L
  • History of the World more B L
  • Here I Stand L
  • Holy Roman Empire more B L
  • Imperial L
  • Imperium Romanum more B L
  • Kill Dr. Lucky more B L
  • Kingmaker more B L
  • Kremlin more B L
  • Liberté more B L
  • Lords of the Renaissance more B L
  • Lords of the Sierra Madre more B L
  • Lords of the Spanish Main more B L
  • Lunatix Loop more B L
  • Mighty Fortress, A more B L
  • Naval War (partnership variant) more B L
  • New World B L
  • Nuclear War/Nuclear Escalation/Nuclear Proliferation more B L
  • One World, The more B L
  • Pirates of the Spanish Main B L
  • Plague and Pestilence more B L
  • Princess Ryan's Star Marines B L
  • Révolution Française, La more B L
  • Rise and Fall more B L
  • Roadkill B L
  • Roaring '20's, The B L
  • Robo Rally more L
  • Runebound more L
  • Russian Civil War more B L
  • Senji more B L
  • 7 Ages L
  • Sixteen 30something more B L
  • Starcraft L
  • Struggle of Empires L
  • Swords and Sorcery more B L
  • Talisman more B L
  • Tannhäuser B L
  • Titan more B L
  • Viceroys (up to eight with Columbus expansion) more B L
  • War and Peace B L
  • Warring States B L
  • Wiz War with expansion more B L
  • World in Flames more B L
  • World of Warcraft B L

Your Mileage May Vary
i.e. probably not so good with six (and better with the number listed).
Do you have any further suggestions?

Thanks for the contributions of Bernard Yeh and Christian Killoran.