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Pirate Game Expansions
Thu Sep 25 00:24:40 UTC 2014 added Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory21 Mutinies: Treasures of the Empire

Dominion: Seaside
Donald X. Vaccarino; Rio Grande Games/Hans im Glück-2009; 2-4
This expansion to the Dominion system adds a Pirate Ship card and also a Ghost Ship.
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Material World: Pirates and Explorers
Strange Magic-1999
Basically a variant on the Material World base game.
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Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory
Christian Marcussen; Filosofia Édition/Z-Man Games-?; 2-4; 180
Expansion to
Merchants and Marauders that adds eleven challenges and new mechanisms such as changing winds, smuggling, and crew satisfaction. There are also five variant rules. P

Navegador: Pirates and Diplomats
Mac Gerdts; W. Nostheide-2012; 2-5; 90
Expansion appearing in Spielbox magazine 1/2012 adds 3 pirate and 3 diplomat cards. Pirates rob colonies while diplomats permit use of others' facilities.

Pirate Dice: Capture the Treasure Expansion
Sean Brown & Clint Herron; Gryphon Games-2012; 2-4
Expansion to
Pirate Dice adds two double-sided boards, another treasure die and rules for cooperative play. P

Pirate Fluxx
Andrew Looney; Looney Labs-2011; 2-6; 8+
A pirate version of the
Fluxx card game. To the usual system are added Surprise cards which can be played at any time to cancel certain actions or steals. P

Raiding Parties: Brethren of the Coast
Nick Pace; Nick Pace-2012; 2-4; 30
Expansion adds 51 cards for Raiding Parties including these types: Pirate, Brethren, Swashbuckler, Privateer, Pirateer, Lucky Parrot, Lookout, Master Gunner, Pirate Chief, Coastlands, Dueling grounds, Jolly Roger, Lieutenant, Skipper, Raiders, Flotilla, Quicksilver, Liberty, Schooner, Pirate Ship, Captaine Redd, and Parly List.

Siedler von Catan Seefahrer, Die
aka Seafarers of Catan
Klaus Teuber; Kosmos-1997
Not really a pirate game, but the Catanians are no longer subject only to the depredations of the robber baron, but must also worry about the pirate who harries them at sea.
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Talisman the Dungeon
Bob Harris; Games Workshop-1987
Not a pirate game at all, but this expansion for Talisman, the fantasy adventure game, adds the Pirate as one of the characters who can be played.
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Talisman Timescape
Frank Bourque; Games Workshop-1988
Not a pirate game at all, but this expansion for Talisman, the fantasy adventure game, adds the Space Pirate as one of the characters who can be played.
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21 Mutinies: Treasures of the Empire
Perepau LListosella; Asylum Games-2013; 2-5; 45
This mini-expansion for
21 Mutinies adds five treasure counters that confer gold, a victory point, a jewel and rum or a wooden leg (if you're into that sort of thing?). P

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