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Pirate Party Games
October 22, 2011 added Santy Anno

Captain Morgan's Wrath
"General Dissent" & "Colonel Sybarite"; Party Hard Corps-2006
Drinking game played by spinning a tee-totum. Includes nice coin pieces.

Morgan's Revenge
Channel Craft
This is a very simple dice game with results depending on solely on what is rolled. Appears to have some very nice coin pieces.

Pirate Island Party
Murder mystery game for up to 12 children, non-gender-specific. Can you find the missing treasure and return it to its rightful owner? Part of the "How to Host a Party" series. It's a non-murder game and the culprit does not know who he is.

Santy Anno
Alain Orban; Repos Production-2006; 3-8
Players stand behind their chairs. Cards are revealed and they must figure out which chair they must now occupy. The first five players to get to the correct chairs get ducats in declining amounts. Figuring out the chair depends on depictions of ship card details such as the name, hull, sails and crow's nest, and is not easy. The running around the table part is optional; it can also be simulated using the components.

if no image probably out of print
Schlag den Pirat
Mocker Walker;
Spieltz-2011; 1-7
In "Beat the Pirate" be the first to track down a treasure.

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