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Games in the World of H.P. Lovecraft
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Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 - 1937) wrote horror, fantasy, and science fiction. His invention was cosmic horror, the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. His protagonists gamble with sanity, especially in the Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fiction featuring a pantheon of human-nullifying entities.

Lovecraft's works have inspired an impressive number of board and card games.

  1. The Cards of Cthulhu
    Ian Richard; DVX; 1-4; 60
    Deck-building game in which players represent investigators who recruit followers and acquire special items to fight monsters. It is possible that all players lose. Shop
  2. Cthulhu's Vault
    Jim Dietz and Richard Launius; Jolly Roger Games; 2-6; 45
    Storytelling card game about how player characters with variable powers defeat a monster. Shop
  3. The Doom That Came to Atlantic City
    Keith Baker; Cryptozoic Enterntainment; 2-4; 45
    Roll-and-move game of racing to be the first to obtain six gates. Shop
  4. Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis
    Liz Spain; Voodoo Bunny; 1-5; 120
    Deck-building game in which players equip their ships with resources and crews, defeating Lovecraftian encounters as they appear. The winner is the first to discover the last location and discover Atlantis. Shop
  5. A Study in Emerald
    Martin Wallace; Treefrog Games; 2-5; 90
    Based on "A Study in Emerald" by Neil Gaiman, which mixes the Holmes legendarium with that of H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, mankind fights an underground war against the Old Ones, who have taken over as rulers in all the major nations of the world. Several historical figures from the late nineteenth century are included. This is a deck-building game, akin to Dominion, with a map, in which players try to take over/steal cities, attack one another and let loose vampires and zombies. Players also each have one of two secret identities, either pro- or anti-Old Ones and first win or lose as a team; the true one is the best performer on the winning side. See also the Sherlock Holmes list. Shop
  6. Cthulhu Fluxx
    Keith Baker; Looney Labs; 2-6; 30
    Lovecraft-inspired variation on the traditional Fluxx card game. Shop
  7. Cthulhu: The Great Old One
    Dann Kriss; Dann Kriss Games; 2-10; 15; 8+
    In this card game reminiscent of Old Maid, players form pairs from matching or linked cards, draw a card from another player and play a card for a special game effect. The "maid" is the The Great Old One. The game is won by amassing the most points, except for whoever winds up with the Old One. Shop
  8. Eldritch Horror
    Corey Konieczka and Nikki Valens; Fantasy Flight; 1-8; 180
    Cooperative game set in the entire world on a theme similar to Arkham Horror. Each Ancient One comes with its own decks of Mystery and Research cards. Cards contain tasks, locations of gates, monsters and clues. On a turn a player either resolves combat or builds up the character by reading a narrative from an encounter card. More streamlined and likely shorter than Arkham Horror, and with more pleasing artwork, it is no longer really about closing gates, but about solving mysteries, which generally means collecting sufficient clues. These pop up around the board from time to time, though players can have encounters in London to make this more likely. Success in this one is more likely to depend on whether players manage to draw a significant weapon like the lightning gun, which is extremely powerful. Includes 12 different investigators, 250 tokens and 300+ cards. Solitaire rules are provided. Shop
  9. Miskatonic School for Girls
    Luke Peterschmidt; Fun to 11; 2-4; 60; 8+
    Deck-building game in players build opponent decks. Players represent rival houses at Miskatonic University whose sanity is gradually eroded by the faculty. Players buy friends and send faculty to rivals. Shop
  10. Cthulhu Gloom
    Keith Baker; Atlas Games; 2-5; 60
    In this card game each player tries to drive a set of characters insane. The plastic cards are transparent, allowing stacking of multiple modifier cards on a character card to alter its stats or undo other card effects. Can be combined with Atlas' earlieir game, Gloom and its many expansions. Shop
  11. Elder Sign
    Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson; Fantasy Flight; 1-8; 90
    Cooperative dice game that shares themes with Arkham Horror. Players seeking elder signs endure adventures in a museum before one of the Ancient Ones appears. If this happens, a battle ensues. Shop
  12. Mansions of Madness
    Corey Konieczka; Fantasy Flight; 2-5; 120
    Built along the lines of a role-playing game, one player is the Keeper who control the monsters while the rest are investigators looking for answers while trying to retain their sanity. Storylines are pre-designed. Shop
  13. Cthulhu Dice
    Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games; 2-6; 5; 6+
    Players take turns rolling a custom 12-sided die depicting tentacles, elder signs, etc. Results permit reducing or stealing the sanity of opponents. The Cthulhu result takes from everyone. Includes eighteen glass marbles. Shop
  14. Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror
    Kevin Wilson & Richard Launius; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion adding personal stories for the characters, the town of Innsmouth board, 16 more investigators, 8 more ancients, 2 more heralds and over 300 cards. Shop
  15. Call of Cthentacle
    James Desborough; Postmortem Studios; 2
    Card game depravity. Shop
  16. Chez Cthulhu
    John Darbro & Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games; 2-5
    Set collection amid Cthulhoid invasion of geek existence. Shop
  17. Cthulinária
    Jonathan Leistiko; Invisible City Productions; 2-5; 20
    Welcome to the annual Miskatonic Bar-B-Que Cook-Off. You.re racing against your opponents to transform freshly-summoned monsters into mouth-watering dishes. Shop
  18. Cthulhu Boardgame
    Felbrigg Herriot; (web-published); 2
    Compete to be the first to collect three artifacts in 1920s England. Publisher
  19. Arkham Horror: The Black Goat of the Woods
    Kevin Wilson, Daniel Clark, Michael Hurley & Tim Uren; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion adding a forest cult theme and over 150 cards. Shop
  20. Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror
    Kevin Wilson & Richard Launius; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion adding a board, 8 investigators, 4 ancients, 2 heralds, 3 guardians and more cards and monsters. Shop
  21. Arkham Terror
    Chris Engle; Hamster Pres; 2-10
    Players represent doctors and patients trying to uncover a plot. Shop
  22. Call of Cthulhu
    Eric M. Lang & Nate French; Fantasy Flight; 2
    Living card game. Shop
  23. Cthul-B-Que
    Jonathan Leistiko; Invisible City Productions; 2-5
    Card and dice game of capturing monsters without getting hurt. Shop
  24. Cthulhu Rising
    Reiner Knizia; Twilight Creations; 2
    Tile placement game; one player tries to summon Cthulhu while the other tries to prevent this. Points are gained by placing numbers in rows and columns. Shop
  25. Cthulhu: Tora! Tora! Tora!
    Lisandro Gaertner; (web-published); 2
    World War II kamikaze fighters take on Cthulhu. Instructions in Portuguese. Publisher
  26. Der Hexer von Salem / The Witch of Salem
    Michael Rieneck; Kosmos-2008; 3-4
    With the help of a master sorcerer, players all work together to save New England and the world from the horrors. ReviewShop
  27. Innsmouth Escape
    Darrell Hardy; Twilight Creations; 2-5
    One against many game of a student trying to save his friends and escape Innsmouth; opponents represent Deep Ones. Shop
  28. Munchkin Cthulhu 3
    Fade Manley & Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games/Pegasus; 2-6
    "The Unspeakable Vault" expands the game even further. Shop
  29. Mythos Miniatures
    Graeme Dawson & TS S. Fulk; Island of Wak Wak; 2-8
    Skirmish rules for miniatures. Publisher
  30. Die Sterne Stehen Richtig / The Stars Are Right
    Klaus Westerhoff; Pegasus/Steve Jackson; 2-4
    Players play cards to align a grid that provides rewards and capabilities. Shop
  31. Munchkin Cthulhu
    JHG Hendriks & Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games/Pegasus; 2-6
    Card game of adventuring, negotiation and bizarre combinations. Shop
  32. Munchkin Cthulhu 2
    Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games/Pegasus; 2-6
    "Call of Cowthulhu" expands the game to a pastoral setting. Shop
  33. Unspeakable Words
    James Ernest & Mike Selinker; Playroom Entertainment; 2-6
    Word game. Shop
  34. Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
    Robert Vaughn; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion around an Egypt/mummy museum exhibit theme adds many new cards. Shop
  35. Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror
    Kevin Wilson & Richard Launius; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion around a small New England town adding 8 investigators, 4 ancients and many more cards. Shop
  36. Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow
    Kevin Wilson & Robert Vaughn; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Expansion introduces heralds and over 160 cards. Shop
  37. Do You Worship Cthulhu?
    Jon & David Huston; Toy Vault; 5-30
    Moderated party game similar to Werewolf. Shop
  38. Arkham Horror
    Kevin Wilson & Richard Launius; Fantasy Flight; 1-8
    Explore the town of Arkham and attempt to stop unmentionable horrors from spilling into the world. ReviewShop
  39. Cthulhu Skirmish
    Lloyd Krassner; (web-published); 2
    Fighting game with eight different factions available. Publisher
  40. Miskatonic Madness
    Richard Launius; (web-published); 2
    Card drafting and placement with one player trying to wake an elder god, the other to prevent it. Publisher
  41. Tekeli-li
    Toshiki Sato; Japon Brand; 3-6
    A trick taking game in which players avoid taking tricks. Includes 48 cards. Shop
  42. When Darkness Comes: The Nameless Mist
    Todd & Kerry Breitenstein; Twilight Creations; 1-6
    Expansion kit for When Darkness Comes, a tile-based game with role-playing aspects, offers new rules, 6 new scenarios and a new campaign. Shop
  43. Call of Cthulhu
    Eric M. Lang; Fantasy Flight; 2
    Collectible card game. Shop
  44. Cthulhu 500
    Jeff Tidball; Atlas Games; 3-8
    Auto racing featuring Lovecraftian passengers and car enhancements. Shop
  45. Hentacle
    James Desborough; Postmortem Studios; 2-4
    Card game depravity. Shop
  46. Necronomonopoly
    John Wick & Annie Rush; Wicked Dead Brewing Co.; 2-6
    Monopoly clone. Shop
  47. Cthulhu Mash
    David M. Miecikowski; Evil Polish Brothers; 1-4
    Fighting game using a modular board. Shop
  48. The Testimony of Jacob Hollow
    Frank Bustamante & Michael Nickoloff; Third World Games; 2-6
    Card game in which each player's character explores the town of Castle Bay encountering dangers and hoping to uncover the mystery. Shop
  49. De Profundis
    Michael Oracz; Portal/Krimsus Krimskrams-Kiste; 1-3
    Storytelling game. Shop
  50. S-P-O-N-G-E: Fight the Evil
    Jack Reda; (web-published); 2
    Customizable card game. Publisher
  51. The Hills Rise Wild
    Jesper Myrfors & John Tynes; Pagan Publishing; 2-4
    Fighting rules for families of misfits represented by miniatures. Shop
  52. Cults Across America
    Jeff Tidball; Atlas Games; 2-6
    Religious fanatics try to wrest control of the United States. Shop
  53. Mythos
    Charlie Krank; Chaosium; 2-4
    Collectible card game in which investigators must complete stories. Shop
  54. Creatures & Cultists
    Jeff Barber & John Tynes; Pagan Publishing; 3-5
    Card game of summoning Lovecraftian horrors to destroy the world. Shop
  55. Cthulhu Horror
    Mirukii Fujimoto; Sho-Kikaku; 2-5
    Card game of 1920s adventurers attempting to stop one of the six great daemon lords entering the world. Review
  56. Arkham Horror
    Charlie Krank, Richard Launius, Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis; Chaosium; 1-8
    Explore the town of Arkham and attempt to stop unmentionable horrors from spilling into the world. Review
    if no image, probably out of print
  57. The Thing in the Darkness
    Matthew J. Costello, Steve Jackson & Warren Spector; Steve Jackson Games; 1
    Solo adventure of a journalist investigating the disappearance of a college do-ed. Review
  58. Dark Cults
    Kenneth Rahman; Dark House; 2
    A matter of Life or Death as that's who the players represent in this story-telling card game. Shop
  59. Illuminati
    Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games; 2-6
    Card game of influence and world domination includes a Cthulhu group. ReviewShop

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