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Sherlock Holmes Board and Card Games
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  1. A Study in Emerald
    Martin Wallace; Treefrog Games; 2-5; 90
    Based on "A Study in Emerald" by Neil Gaiman, which mixes the Holmes legendarium with that of H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, mankind fights an underground war against the Old Ones, who have taken over as rulers in all the major nations of the world. Several historical figures from the late nineteenth century are included. This is a deck-building game, akin to Dominion, with a map, in which players try to take over/steal cities, attack one another and let loose vampires and zombies. Players also each have one of two secret identities, either pro- or anti-Old Ones and first win or lose as a team; the true one is the best performer on the winning side. See also the H.P. Lovecraft list. Shop
  2. Sherlock Holmes Detective Story Game
    Steve Mackenzie;
    web-published; 1
    Paragraph-based solo game reminiscent of Barbarian Prince. Players determine what the detective does and then read a paragraph to see the result. Includes random factors so that no two playings should go exactly the same way. Currently free to download.
  3. Sherlock Kids
    Reiner Knizia; HABA; 3-6; 20; 5+
    A communicative memory game in which players are detectives trying to stop a thief taking paintings from a museum. A turn consists of a player choosing one of the drawings and showing it to the others. Then he hides the picture and asks a question about it for which the answer is a color. Players mark their answers using their disks; correct answers move their pawns closer to the thief. The asker is rewarded for a question that is in the middle, i.e. is not so difficult that no one can answer it or so easy that all can. Advanced versions also permit the question to be about a number, or even more complicated forms. Shop
  4. Sherlock
    Arnaud Urbon; Ilopeli; 1-5; 15; 5+
    Basically a form of Memory, but now requiring three cards to match. Shop
  5. The Game of Great Detectives
    Steve & Stuart Sisk; Access Games; 2-4; 45
    Featuring artwork by Sidney Paget, the set of 112 cards includes detectives, other characters, evidence, discoveries and detection. Each card includes a quote from one of the stories. Each player is Holmes and the goal to play a suspect, crime and motive which can only be done by collecting detection point cards along the way. It's possible to get arrested with a dire consequence: losing not just one, but two turns. Shop
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  6. Mr. Jack Pocket
    Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc; Hurrican; 2; 15
    This small edition of
    Mr. Jack dismisses the board in favor of a double-sided 3x3 grid of cards. Holmes, Watson and their dog Toby try to narrow down which suspect is Jack. Shop
  7. Sherlock Deluxe
    Reinhard Staupe; Playroom Entertainment; 2-5; 5+
    Eight cards are placed in a circle and players try to remember which is which. Then they are turned face down. After the Sherlock figure moves, the player announces which it is. If correct the player goes again. If Sherlock moves to a face up card, the player gets to keep it. Otherwise they are all turned down. The first to collect six cards wins. Shop
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  8. Looting London
    Reiner Knizia; Pegasus Spiele/Gryphon Games; 2-5
    While he's not explicitly named, this set collection and hand management game is about a "famous London sleuth" solving several crimes. Shop
  9. Sherlock Holmes
    unknown; Belfarpost/Igriko; 1; 60
    Roll-and-move solitaire game from Russia. Upon landing on a space, the player draws a card and based on it, decides what to do. Upon reaching the end find out the solution and whether the player did the right thing. Is said to include 1500 different outcomes.
  10. Sherlock Holmes: The Fenian Murders
    Chris Engle; Hamster Press; 2-10
    Holmes investigates the death of two women at a country estate amid terrorist incidents by Irish fighters. Each player represents an individual character and takes turns making up clues. Shop
  11. Sherlock Holmes: The Hand of Moriarty
    Chris Engle; Hamster Press; 2-8
    The storytelling game includes Moriarty and Irene Adler. Shop
  12. I Say, Holmes
    Alan Emrich; Victory Point Games; 3-8
    A revised version of The Sherlock Holmes Card Game with revised instructions and new artwork. Shop
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  13. Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Dead Duke
    Chris Engle; Hamster Press; 2-10
    Holmes investigates the murder of the much hated Duke Richard. Each player represents an individual character and takes turns making up clues. Shop
  14. Mr. Jack
    Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc; Hurrican; 2
    He is one of the participants in this move-and-hide game of catching Jack the Ripper. But sometimes even Holmes can turn out to be the one who did it. ...
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  15. Bakerstreet
    Marcel-André Casasola Merkle; Ravensburger; 2
    This is a bluffing and guessing game in which the players try to accurately guess the number of cards players have allocated to various evidence cards. Shop
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  16. 221B Baker St. Sherlock Holmes and the Time Machine
    Jay Moriarty (pseudonym?); John N. Hansen Co./University Games; 1996; 2-6
    Deluxe version of 221B Baker Street which has twenty new cases, but which are surprisingly modern, e.g. the murder of JFK, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, etc. Shop
  17. West End Adventures
    Gary Grady & Suzanne Goldberg; Sleuth Publications/Chessex; 1
    Standalone spinoff of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective offering six cases. Shop
  18. The Sherlock Holmes Card Game
    Roger Heyworth; Gibsons/Schmidt; 3-8
    Card game in which players attempt to get rid of their hands one card at a time, the model pioneered by Crazy Eights or Uno. Masterfully layered atop are the elements of a Holmesian story complete with Watson, Mycroft, Baker Street, Scotland Yard, hansom cabs, trips to the country, inspections, arrests, alibis, etc. ...
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  19. Elementare Watson!
    Andrea Angiolino & Massimo Casa; Armando Curcio Editore; 2-6
    An Italian trivia game, it measures progress via a track leading from Scotland Yard to the Docks. Whoever arrives first arrests Moriarty and wins the game. Shop
  20. Sherlock Holmes & Co.
    Schmidt Spiele; 2-6; 8+
    There are a number of suspects represented by cards. Players roll to move and take notes on special deduction sheets as they try to figure out whodunit. Includes a special "magnifying glass" which is really just a colored lense permitting reading of a hidden clue. Shop
  21. VCR 221B Baker Street
    Antler/VCR Enterprises; 1-10
    Played in conjunction with a videotape, players attempt to solve ten different cases. Shop
  22. Adventures by Gaslight
    Jacques & Nadine Thiriat; Sleuth Publications/Jeux Descartes; 1-4
    Expansion for Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective offering a five-part case. Shop
  23. Sherlock Holmes & the Baby
    Dave & Frankie Arneson; Sleuth Publications; 1-6; 60
    An additional case for Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, which requires that game to play. Published in the magazine Different Worlds (issue 44, Nov. 1986). Shop
  24. Le Avventure di Sherlock Holmes
    Editrice Giochi; 2-6; 8+
    This obscure Italian game is apparently based on a television series. Shop
  25. The Queen's Park Affair
    Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards & Suzanne Goldberg; Sleuth Publications/Kosmos; 1-6+
    Expansion kit for Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective offering five more cases. Some versions were standalone; others required the base game. Shop
  26. The Mansion Murders
    Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards & Suzanne Goldberg; Sleuth Publications/Kosmos; 1-6+
    Standalone spinoff from Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. This time Holmes and Watson set you to work solving five mysteries with an extra dimension of difficulty: mostly they connect to a many-roomed mansion – a major consideration in the investigation. ... read moreShop
  27. Sherlock Holmes Game
    Willis P. Carpenter, Garrett J. Donner & Michael S. Steer; Cadaco; 2-4 ; 6+
    Similar to Clue with four different issues to resolve and a few other rules changes. Shop
  28. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective (Sherlock Holmes Criminal Cabinet)
    Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards & Suzanne Goldberg; Sleuth Publications/Kosmos; 1-6+
    Play is both very free form and analytical with a strong story element. The players read background information on the case as well as having available to them London telephone book and newspaper facsimiles. They then must decide what is the wisest angle to investigate, choosing from options like visit the coroner, the crime scene, talk to a possible suspect, etc. which is implemented by going to a specific book page and reading the results. When the detectives feel that they have answered all of the questions raised by the case, they check the answer and see how they did compared to Holmes, who is always extremely efficient. The level of information and historicity is quite amazing. The only downside is that once played cases are probably used up. ...
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  29. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Deduction and Suspense
    Whitman; 3-4
    Players roll-and-move the Holmes counter about the map to discover who has stolen a missing diamond. There are two cards for each suspect; these are dealt out save for one which is put away and represents the guilty party. Players must deduce which card this is by landing on spaces that permit seeing an opponent's card. Shop
  30. Elementary Watson!
    Ed Konstant; Phoenix Games; 2-7
    Cooperative murder-mystery requiring the services of a referee who must devise what the crime was and its solution and then answers questions submitted in writing by the players. Shop
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  31. 221B Baker Street
    John N. Hansen; John N. Hansen Co.; 2-6
    Roll-and-move game of several one-time cases. But it is also often a word game. When players reach a destination they get to look up its clue in a booklet which often requires some kind of interpretation and may be ambiguous until more information can be gained. Player interaction is somewhat limited, an advantage for some, the opposite for others. ...
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  32. The Sherlock Holmes Game
    Cadaco; 2-4; 6+
    Players take turns being the non-playing "hider" of a magnet under the board which represents the crown jewels. The rest try to find it, moving via dice and card play. Shop
  33. Murder on the Orient Express
    Ideal; 2-6
    In this strange mixture of the works of A. Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, Holmes, Watson and twelve spies move about a train as the spies periodically are found murdered. Players take notes and try to deduce which is guilty. Shop
  34. Sherlock Holmes
    Capiepa Jeux Éducatifs/Tri-ang 2-4
    Players move Holmes and Watson figures at fixed rates (without dice) about the London board. They need to find six clues. Shop
  35. Sherlock Holmes: The Game of the Great Detective
    National Games Inc.; 1956 3-5
    A game played in rounds, in each one player not participating except to hide the clues. The others roll dice, move around the board and try to get all five clues and return to Baker Street. Shop
  36. Sherlock Holmes
    Parker Brothers; 3-8
    Contents are cards in amounts as follows: 7 Burglars, 6 Helps, 5 Runs, 7 Robbers, 6 Stops, 4 Sherlock Holmes, 7 Thieves, 6 Clues, 7 Police. Play is as follows: All of the cards are dealt so that each player has a face down stack. Each player reveals his top card and then. looks to see if any other player has a match to his. If so, he calls the card's name and takes his opponent's card, adding it to the face up file before him. If a player's card matches more than one top card, he takes all the piles matched. All piles not matched remain on the table. When a "Sherlock Holmes" card turns up he calls "Sherlock Holmes" and quickly sweeps all of the piles and they become his. When any one player runs out of cards, the game is over and points are counted. ... read moreShop

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