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Racing Games

Bridgetown Races
Carey Grayson; Gryphon Games; 2-4; 45
Players use bicycles, motorcycles, taxis, buses, automobiles, the street car and sometimes their feet to cross eight of Portland's bridges and capture their flags. Players determine their own routes and arrange for three types of transport per turn by placing their transport coordinator pieces. Bridges vary with respect to the transportation types available. [more]

Formula 1
Alfredo Genovese & Ari Emdin; Ghenos Games; 2-8; 45
Speed is based on the current gear level which the player shifts each turn. Taking curves faster than the posted gear will force the player to use only the outer lane or even go off the track and resume from first gear. Six tire cards at received at the start of play which can be played to increase speed without changing gear, but these also have consequences for tire wear. Going into the pit yields sixe more cards. There is also power booster that can give extra movement according to a roll of the dice, but with the risk of blowing out the high gear. Slipstreaming and weather are also modelled. [more] -

Geschenke für den Radscha
Florian Isensee; Isensee Verlag; 2-4; 30-45
In "Gifts for the Raja" you are a courtier to a raja, not just any raja, but one desperately in need of presents. Prezzies! So get a move on! Endlessly you travel through the desert looking for the usual magic lamp and flying carpet, which even if you find it you won't bother to use. Problem is that the wind blows and your path home disappears. Not to mention that other courtiers would be all too happy to relieve you of your burdens. Board features a large, square grid on which players place tracks in their pieces which are not only differently-colored, but in a boon to the color blind, differently shaped, viz. triangles, circles, hexagons and squares. You can always travel one space for free, but to go more than that you have to pay out your pieces; encounter another player piece and you replace it with your own. Acquiring the magical items requires paying one of each of the four player piece types. [more]

Till Meyer & Dagmar Frei; Spieltrieb; 2-6
In the near future vehicles are powered with electricity and by photovoltaic cells. Players race in a circular pattern without a board. On each turn they decide whether to accelerate or brake, but need to be careful of energy consumption. The competition can throw nice things your way like "Kicks Butt", "Trauma Torpedoes" or "firecrackers from hell". [more]

Monster auf der Flucht
Andreas Pelikan; Heidelberger Spieleverlag; 2-5; 20
Players represent one of five monsters escaping their exploding home planet to find a new home and also each also secretly supports one other monster. The monster who gets furthest away does not score, but the second furthest scores 3 and the rest 2,1 and -1. [more]

Nationale 7 Lapalisse
Blackrock Editions; 2-4; 20-40
French game about traveling the historic road between Paris and the French Riviera. Seems to be about visiting three sites and then back on the road to get there there quickly amid all the traffic jams. It's possible to violate the traffic rules, but then beware the local constabulary. [more]

Water Lily
Dominique Ehrhard; GameWorks SàRL; 2-4; 20; 7+
Frog racing including an element of bluff. Players need to not go too fast as there are too few points, but not too slowly either. Nobody knows which player is playing which of the other colors. The frogs stack and only the top one may be moved, the distance depending on the height of the stack. In an unusual construction, a frog reaching the end slides under a cover and its final position determines its score.

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