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Dice Games

Dive! Diver! Die!
Terence Lei, Ng Edwin & Mark Tham; Black Dove Games; 3-5; 45
Also known as D3, about diving for treasure. Players represent these divers who must cooperatively plan the amount of air they want to share, their dive depth and duration. The deeper the dives, the more treasure available, but also the more dangerous. There are sharks, earthquakes and also other divers to worry about. Dice play a large role, even the amount of air used. [more]

Take it or leave it
Arno Steinwender & Christoph Puhl; Schmidt; 2-5;
Dice game in which players have task cards showing red, white and black dice which they must match. These cards specify an amount that the dice need to add up to or the type of dice needed, the more difficult the more points granted for finishing it. One player rolls all the dice and then players take turns drafting one die each. Each player also has the ability to alter the dice, once. Once this process is complete, dice are assigned to cards, red dice being considered wild. There are penalties for having unused dice. [more]

Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges & Alain Orban; Pearl Games/Z-Man Games; 2-4; 120
Recreates four centuries in the Renaissance history of the French city. Each player manages their segment of the population, represented by meeples. By placing these they receive dice in three colors which represent religious, military, and civil power. These dice they roll and then place onto public board cards (so that they can be different for each playing) which provide influence, money, points or ways to alter the dice. Includes 24 dice in four colors, 6 character cards (Henry I, The Florentine, Hugues de Payns, Thibaut II, Pope Urban IV and the writer Chrétien de Troyes) which represent secret end of game conditions which however all players participate in, 16 event cards (civil war, drought, etc.) and 9 activity cards (represented as professions, e.g. the blacksmith, the monk, the merchant, etc.). [more]

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