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Cooperative Games

Defenders of the Realm
Richard Launius; Eagle Games; 1-4
In a fantasy setting players each choose to play one of the King’s Champions: cleric, dwarf, eagle rider, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer or Wizard. By card play and special abilities, they try to defeat the enemy generals and their dark forces. [more]

Target Earth
Jacobo Cagigal; Gen-X Games; 1-4; 90
Players represent different nations of the globe attempting to stop an alien invasion. In all there are 30 nations; those not being controlled by players may decide to throw in their lot with the aliens. The side controlling the largest part of the earth after seven rounds wins. Components of a nation are bases, money, units and cards. Units fight against airborne and landed alien ships. Players also investigate new technologies and the nature of the alien life form. Alien activities are determined randomly each turn and become increasingly difficult as play goes on. There is an advanced mode in which each player has a secret agenda and can therefore gain sole victory, provided of course the humans have managed to win overall. [more]

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Spotlight on Games > Ludographies > Essen 2010