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Days of Decision
Board game by Australian Design Group

Allies Options

 0   Royal scandal, Prince seen with Lady
 1   Italo-French Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted
[1]  Italo-French Non-Aggression Pact Declined
 2   France provides Span with Military Aid
     (France and Spain come to economic agreement)
 3   CW offers economic pact with oil producing Countries
     (Chamberlain offers unilateral disarmament as sign of goodwill)
 4   CW signs economic pact with Turkey:  Greece shocked
     (Turko-British Mutual Assistance Agreement)
 5   USSR offers economic pact with Balkans
     (Stalin offers unilateral disarmament as sign of goodwill)
 6   French offers economic pact with the Benelux Countries
     (Blum offers unilateral disarmament as sign of goodwill)
 7   PURGE!  Stalin purges army
 8   China launches limited Assault on Japan
     (US offers Military Aid)
 9   France extends Maginot line
     (Dramatic increase in French Navy using foreign credits)
10   Stalin secretly supports Nationalists
[10] USSR supports Republic
11   Chamberlain secretly supports Nationalists
[11] CW supports Republic
12   President Roosevelt announces upgrading of Naval and Air Forces
     (President introduces bill to Congress for US to enter League of Nations)
13   Blum reluctantly announces increase in military expenditure
     (France strengthens the Little Entente with Economic and Military support)
14   Sino-Japanese Pact offered/accepted
[14] Sino-Japanese Pact declined
15   CW armed support provided to Franco
[15] Russian armed support provided to Republic
16   French troops occupy Rhineland
     (France demands use of Rhenish resources:  US denounce move)
17   Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted
[17] Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact Declined
18   France & the Commonwealth guarantee Poland
     (The CW offers financial credits to Poland) 
19   France & the Commonwealth guarantee Rumania and Greece
     (France offers financial credits to Rumania & Greece)
20   "We will support Nationals until our last drop of Blood"
[20] "We will support Republic forever" -- Stalin
21   Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted
[21] Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact Declined
22   USSR gears up War production
     (Stalin announces creation of Armour Corps)
23   China gears up war production
     (Commonwealth provides military support)
24   Increase in War Production by CW
     (British increase Navy with US loan)
25   Blum reluctantly increases military expenditure
     (Benelux countries request military links with France)
26   New Industrial Policy heavily favours Military:  Dramatic aircraft output
27   US increases defence spending by $552 Million
     (Roosevelt increases Navy))
28   The CW and France announce a closer Military Liaison
     (Chamberlain announces total re-org of economy)
29   CW & France back Czechoslovakia
30   Rapport in China
31   Commonwealth closes Suez and Gibraltar to 'unfriendly forces'
     (The CW provides military aid to France)
32   WAR!  Russia declares war on Japan
     (Offers Military support to China)
33   France declares War on Italy 
     (Britain provides military support to France)
34   USSR declares War on Finland
[34] USSR declares all-out War on Finland
35   France declares War on Spain
     (Britain provides Military Support)
36   USSR declares War on Rumania
[36] USSR declares all-out War on Rumania
37   USSR declares War on Poland
[37] USSR declares all-out War on Poland
38   French initiate policy of "Helping our Friends"
39   USSR declares War on Persia
[39] USSR prepares for War against Iraq
40   France acedes to Italian demands
41   China surrenders to Japan
     (US provides economic support)
42   USSR surrenders to Japan
     (US provides economic support)
43   USSR declares limited War on Turkey
[43] USSR declares all-out War on Turkey
44   IT'S WAR!  CW and France declare war on Germany

Axis Options

 0   Italian trains running on time
 1   Italo-French Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted:  US delighted
[1]  Italo-French Non-Aggression Pact Declined
 2   Italian peace treaty signed with Yugoslavia
     (Mussolini disarms as sign of Goodwill:  Yugoslavia reciprocates)
 3   Japan opens trade links with Europe:  Signs Dutch Oil Agreement
     (Japan demobilises army:  US approves)
 4   Germany signs economic pact with Turkey:  Greece shocked
     (Germany signs military pact with Turkey:  Greece stunned)
 5   Hitler supports Bulgarian land claims against Rumania
[5]  Hitler supports Rumanian land claims against Bulgaria
 6   Hitler supports Hungarian land claims against Rumania
[6]  Hitler supports Rumanian land claims against Hungary
 7   Axis Anti-Cominterm Pact signed:  USSR disapproves
 8   WAR!  Japan launches limited Assault on China:  USA warns Japanese
     (Hitler gives aid to Japanese)
 9   Germans build Siegfried line:  Benelux countries applaud defensive attitude
10   Hitler supports Spanish Nationals:  Foreign Minister promises aid
[10] Hitler supports Spanish Republic:  Foreign Minister promises aid
11   Swedish Economic Agreement signed
     (Germany modernises Swedish Army:  Finnish PM Concerned)
12   Oil Agreement with Rumania:  Hungary disappointed
     (Military Agreement with Rumania:  Bulgaria shocked)
13   Increase in War Production to 17% of GDP:  "We will not remain weak"
     (Hitler plans German Navy at 35% of British Navy)
14   Sino-Japanese Pact offered/accepted:  Stalin outraged
[14] Sino-Japanese Pact declined:  US rebuffed
15   Aircraft and Tanks provided to Franco
[15] Aircraft and Tanks provided to Republic
16   German troops occupy Rhineland
     (Hitler offers military support to Benelux Countries)
17   Japo-Russian Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted
[17] Japo-Russian Non-Aggression Pact Declined
18   PACT!  Hitler offers non-aggression pact with Poland
     (Moratorium on Army Build-Up)
19   PACT!  Hitler offers non-aggression pact with Czechoslovakia
     (Moratorium on Army Build-Up)
20   "We will support Nationals until our last drop of Blood"
[20] "We will support Republic forever" -- Mussolini
21   PACT!  Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact Offered/Accepted
[21] Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact Declined
22   Germany and Italy announce Pact of Steel:  Albania invaded by Italy
     (Mussolini offers economic pact with Balkan states)
23   Japan increases production from 1 to 2 per turn
     (Japan-US Oil agreement ratified)
24   New Industrial Policy heavily favours Military:  Dramatic tank output
     (Hitler announces creation of SS Corps)
25   Italian industry increases "We will not be left behind in the arms race"
     (Italy announces Naval Build-Up)
26   Speer appointed Production Minister:  Total re-org of economy mooted
     (Himmler announces creation of Waffen SS Army)
27   Japan increases production to wartime footing
     (Japan builds up Navy with foreign credits)
28   Germany and Italy announce closer Military Liaison
     (Germany provides Military aid to Italy)
29   Hitler demands Sudetenland
     (Germany proposes Balkan Pact)
30   Czechoslovakia occupied:  Memel occupied:  Hungary occupies Ruthenia
     (Czechoslavakia invaded)
31   Austrian Anschluss:  Plebiscite gives 97% support to Hitler
     (Hitler incorporates Austrian Army into the Wehrmacht)
32   WAR!  Japan declares War on USSR
     (Offers Military support to Russian Front-line states)
33   WAR!  Italy declares War on France
     (Hitler offers Mussolini military support:  US President worried)
34   Italy declares War on Yugoslavia
     (Hitler offers Mussolini Military Support)
35   Italy declares War on Spain:  Portugal shocked
     (Hitler offers Mussolini Military Support)
36   Italy declares War on Greece
     (Hitler offers Mussolini Military Support)
37   Hitler declares War on Poland
     (Baltic closed to unfriendly shipping)
38   Hitler declares War on Netherlands
     (Baltic closed to unfriendly shipping)
39   Hitler declares War on Belgium
     (Baltic closed to unfriendly shipping)
40   SURRENDER!  Italy surrenders to France
41   SURRENDER!  Japan surrenders to China
     (US provides economic support)
42   Japan surrenders to USSR
     (US provides economic support)
43   KRIEG!  Germany declares war on USSR
44   KRIEG!  Germany declares war on UK and France

Historical Options

Showing what options were played by the Axis and Allies historically. The Notes section describes the options played and any minor countries which change status in either the Pro, Controlled or Camp sections.

Year Turn      Axis   Allies    Notes

1936 Jan/Feb 0 0
Mar/Apr 16 0 Rhineland
May/Jun 11 0 Swedish Agreement
Jul/Aug 0 0 [Spanish Civil War begins]
Sep/Oct 10 10S Spanish Aid
Nov/Dec 7,15 15S Anti-Cominterm, Spanish Aid [Spain-Republican: +11] [Spain-Nationalist: -11]
1937 Jan/Feb 13 0 German Gear-Up [Spain-Nationalist: -12]
Mar/Apr 2 0 Yugoslavian Treaty
May/Jun 20 13,7 Spanish Aid, French Gear-Up, Purge [Spain-Republican: +12]
Jul/Aug 8 0 Japan attacks China
Sep/Oct 23S 12 Japanese Gear-Up with US Agreement US Gear-Up [Spain-Republican: +11]
Nov/Dec 12 0 Rumanian Agreement
1938 Jan/Feb 0 24 CW Gear-Up [Denmark: -8]
Mar/Apr 31S 0 Anschluß [Austrian marker removed] [Spain-Republican: +12] [Spain-Nationalist: Axis Camp]
May/Jun 25 23 Italian & Chinese Gear-Up
Jul/Aug 0 0
Sep/Oct 29 0 Germany demands Sudetenland
Nov/Dec 24 27,26 German, US, CW Gear-Up [Czechoslovakia: +11] [Sweden: -10]
1939 Jan/Feb 0 0
Mar/Apr 30S 18,19 Invasion of Czechoslovakia [marker removed] Guarantee Poland, Rumania, Greece [Spanish Civil War ends in Nationalist victory] [Spain-Nationalist: -6] [Denmark: -6] [Greece: +9]
May/Jun 22 4 Pact of Steel, Turkish Agreement [Bulgaria: -8] [Finland: -8] [Greece: +6] [Poland: +9] [Portugal: -8]
Jul/Aug 21 21 Russo-German Pact [Spain Nationalist: -8]
Sep/Oct 37 44 Germany attacks Poland [marker removed] CW/France begin General War [Spain-Nationalist: -7] [Yugoslavia: -8]


The Allies guarantees make much more sense in Spring of '39 after Hitler has invaded Czechoslovakia than they do in Spring of '36. Looking at this makes me think maybe there should be a lot more pre-requisites. On the other hand, I suppose they could have come to such agreements in any case -- it just would have been harder. Some way to increase CW effectiveness in the face of German agression and lessen it when that is not apparent might make the game more realistic. I did my best in trying to follow history. There is no indication on the cards whether the option was historically "played" Primary or Secondary. If anyone has different information on any of this, I'd like to know. Also, I had to do some research on the following questions and came up with answers as follows (feel free to dispute my findings):
  1. When did the Spanish Civil War end? March of '39.
  2. Did Japan really attack the USSR in 1938? No. [card indicates yes]
  3. Did Hitler incorporate the Austrian army into the Wehrmacht? Yes.
  4. Did Hitler invade Czechoslovakia as well as invade Sudetenland? Yes.
Interesting to see history mirror our games in some ways like Axis (but not Allied) full support of Nationalists, duration of Spanish Civil War, lots of zeroes in the Allied column, not many French options played, etc. Here is how the minors ended up. I was surprised and disappointed to discover that Germany does not control all the minors that she controls at the outset of World in Flames. Either (1) the designers feel Germany gets to play options between the outset of General War and war with the USSR (which is the time when these minors actually come into play) or (2) the game isn't a very good simulation or (3) I've made an error somewhere. Any thoughts? Maybe we should allow playing options even after General War? Note that we already sort of need to do that for England/CW and Germany to declare war on each other (also Japan and China).
15 	Allied Camp		Czechoslovakia, Poland
14	Allied Controlled
   V -2
13	Allied Controlled
12	Allied Controlled
   V -1
11	Pro-Allied
10	Pro-Allied
   V -1
 9	Pro-Allied		Yugoslavia
 8	Pro-Allied
   V -1
 7	Allied Influenced
 6	Allied Influenced	Greece
 5	Allied Influenced
 4	Allied Influenced	
   V -1
 3				Netherlands, Turkey
+0				Persia
   <> -1
-2				Belgium, Rumania
   ^ +1
-4	Axis Influenced		Norway
-5	Axis Influenced		Denmark
-6	Axis Influenced		Iraq
-7	Axis Influenced		Spain, Hungary
   ^ +1
-8	Pro-Axis		Portugal, Bulgaria
-9	Pro-Axis 		
   ^ +1	
-10	Pro-Axis
-11	Pro-Axis		Finland, Sweden
   ^ +1
-12	Axis Controlled		
-13	Axis Controlled		
   ^ +2
-14	Axis Controlled
-15 	Axis Camp		Austria

Also ...

Since the time this piece was written, Australian Design Group has replaced Days of Decision with Days of Decision II.
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