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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 2: Foreign Entanglements
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Dan (16) claims Secretary of State for Aaron Burr.
Ben (11) claims Envoy for John Marshall.
Charles (7) claims Treasury for Thomas Jefferson.
Andrew (6) claims Secretary of War for Benjamin Franklin.
El (6) does not claim, there being no more offices.

President Madison's first full term:
Issue 1: Napoleon Seeks Help
The president wishes to refuse Napoleon so as to convince him to sell Louisiana instead. Special Envoy John Marshall lacks the ability to get the job done, however, so the president's faction expends 1 IP and the envoy's faction expends one as well.
Reserves -15 (-57). Louisiana Purchase complete. Popularity gain of 3 for the president and envoy.

Issue 2: British Attacks on Shipping
The president feels pressure to fight the still hated British. Secretary of War Franklin is amenable. Each spends 1 IP.
Reserves -20 (-77). Public Support 2 to L (4L). 1 IP to Hamilton. Maine and Michigan can never become states and when these issues appear they are removed from the game. President and secretary each earn 2 popularity.

Issue 3: Bill of Rights
The president wants to pass this popular proposal.
President earns 3 popularity.

Tariff: II
The president suggests increasing the tariff because of concern over the size of the debt. Treasury Secretary Jefferson is amenable.
Revenue increases +10 (now at +25). One popularity earned by Madison and Jefferson. Public Support 2 toward L (5L).

Issue 4: State Admission: Ohio (OH - 3 votes)
As the Northwest Indian War pre-requisite has not been met, this card is placed in the next era's deck.

Issue 4: State Admission: Tennessee (TN - 4 votes)
The president admits.
Tennessee is placed next to Kentucky and the Carolinas. Popularity gain of 1 for the president.

Charles on behalf of Secretary Jefferson adds the revenue amount, 25, to reserves, which are now at -52. Since reserves are higher than -100, there is no Economic Crisis Check.

Action: Panic of 1797
Played by Ben, Reserves are adjusted -2 (-54). Public Support 1 toward center (4L). President loses 1 popularity.

The nominees of each party are the party leaders, the most popular statesman on each side.
Conservative: Alexander Hamilton
Liberal: James Madison

Running mates:
Conservative: Charles C. Pinckney
Liberal: George Clinton

Cube placements:
Madison VA
Burr NY
Hamilton VA
Pinckney NC
Madison MD
Burr NE
Hamilton PA
Pinckney TN
Madison PA
Burr cannot place
Hamilton MD
Pinckney GA
Madison KY
Hamilton VA
Pinckney KY
Madison NC
Hamilton NJ
Pinckney cannot place
Madison NJ
Hamilton DE
Madison DE
Hamilton NE
Madison GA
Hamilton cannot place
Madison TN

Hamilton 108
Madison 92
Burr 50
Pinckney 34

Hamilton is elected president. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

Madison would become vice president, but as an incumbent president, retires instead, converting his popularity to 15 victory points for Dan. Burr becomes vice president and receives 1 popularity.

Each player gets 1 IP.
As party leaders Hamilton and Jefferson each get 1 IP on their cards.
IP granted for abilities listed on cards: Burr 1, Hamilton 1.
Ben draws Coalition Building and Sabotage a Negotiation. Keeps Coalition Building. Patrick Henry dies.
Charles draws Rufus King and Expose a Spy. Keeps Rufus King. Plays Rufus King.
Dan draws Albert Gallatin and Make an Important Speech. Keeps Albert Gallatin. Plays Albert Gallatin.
El draws Dominate the President. The action card deck is exhausted so the Generation II action deck is added to the Generation I discards. Second draw is Expose a Spy. Keeps Expose a Spy.
Andrew draws Republic of Texas and The Hand of Time. Keeps Republic of Texas. Plays Republic of Texas on behalf of George Clinton. Clinton receives 2 popularity. Public support 1 to L (5L).

Newspapers: Hamilton leaves the conservative cube alone. Jefferson moves the liberal cube to the right, earning 2 support for the liberals (7L).

The Round, beginning with the president:
Ben: Hamilton spends 1 IP to Whip Up Support. Rolls 3 to move public support 1 to C (6L).
Hamilton spends 2 IP to move up a conservative newspaper cube.
Charles: No activities.
Dan: No activities.
El: No activities.
Andrew: Spend 1 IP for Franklin to make a speech. Result is 4 for no effect.

Auction (bidding begins with player left of the president):
Charles passes.
Dan passes.
El passes.
Andrew passes.
Ben passes.

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