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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 1: Finance Matters
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Andrew (16) does not draft, having no conservatives out of office.
Dan (16) does not draft, having no conservatives.
Ben (11) claims Envoy for John Marshall.
El (9) claims Secretary of War for John Quincy Adams.
Charles (8) claims General for William Henry Harrison.

President Washington's first term:
Issue 1: State Admission: Kentucky (KY - 4 votes)
The president admits.
Kentucky is admitted and placed on the map next to Virginia. Washington receives 1 popularity.

Issue 2: Create National Bank
The president wishes to pass this in order to earn 2 influence.
President gives 1 influence (IP) to Hamilton so that he can make it happen. President earns 2 IP on his card. The issue card goes into the Resolved Issues box.

Issue 3: Pay Off War Bonds
The president wants to pass this to avoid losing popularity and public support.
President expends 1 IP so that Secretary Hamilton can make it happen. Reserves -52. 2 IP to Washington who is the C party leader (C statesman with the most popularity). 2 IP to Jefferson who is the L party leader (L statesman with the most popularity). President earns 2 IP on his card. The issue card goes into the Resolved Issues box.

Tariff: I
Washington asks Treasury Secretary Hamilton to pass Tariff I to have more money in case of expensive issues. Hamilton agrees. Revenue increases +40 (now at +10). Two popularity each are earned by Washington and Hamilton.

Event: The Hand of Time
Vice President Adams dies. The office remains vacant.

Event: The Hand of Time
President Washington dies. Andrew earns 3 victory points for the three popularity on his card. The 3 IP on the card are lost. Since there is no vice president, players add up the Congressional votes of non-office-holding statesmen and the new president is the statesman from that party not already having an office who has the most Congressional votes.
Liberals: 26
Conservatives: 5
It is a tie between James Madison and James Monroe, both in Dan's faction. Of course Dan does not spend any IP to resolve this and James Madison becomes the new president, not receiving any popularity for being the accidental president.

Since the new president is not of the same party as the deceased president, there is now a new draft of offices, though no popularity is gained for these replacement appointments.

Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Dan (16) claims Secretary of State for Aaron Burr.
Ben (11) claims Secretary of Treasury for John Marshall.
Charles (8) claims Envoy for Thomas Jefferson.
Andrew (16) claims Secretary of War for Benjamin Franklin.
El (9) takes General from William Henry Harrison for Andrew Jackson, a more capable military man.

Issue: Land Act of 1804
The president and treasury secretary want to pass this one.
Treasury Secretary Marshall expends 1 influence to resolve the issue. Revenue increases by 5 (now at 15). Public Support 2 toward L (2L). 1 IP to Marshall. Popularity gain of 3 each for the president and secretary.

Ben on behalf of Secretary Hamilton adds the revenue amount, 10, to reserves, which are now at -42. Since reserves are higher than -100, there is no Economic Crisis Check.

The nominees of each party are the party leaders, the most popular statesman on each side.
Conservative: Alexander Hamilton
Liberal: James Madison

Running mates:
Since Public Support is with the Liberals, the Conservative candidate announces his running mate first.
Conservative: John Marshall
Liberal: George Clinton

Players take turns placing cubes, starting in their home states and extending out from there. The order is

  1. the presidential candidate having public support
  2. the vice presidential candidate having public support
  3. the other presidential candidate
  4. the other vice presidential candidate
Because the 12th Amendment has not yet been ratified, there are two places available in each state.

Cube placements:
Madison VA
Burr NY
Hamilton NY
Marshall VA
Madison MD
Burr NE
Hamilton PA
Marshall KY
Madison PA
Burr can no longer place
Hamilton MD
Marshall NC
Madison NJ
Hamilton NJ
Marshall GA
Madison DE
Hamilton DE
Marshall can no longer place
Madison KY
Hamilton NE
Madison NC
Hamilton can no longer place
Madison GA

Madison 88
Hamilton 85
Marshall 53
Burr 50

Madison is elected president. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

Hamilton becomes the vice president and receives 1 popularity.

Each player gets 1 IP.
As party leaders Hamilton and Jefferson each get 1 IP on their cards.
IP granted for abilities listed on cards: Burr 1, Hamilton 1.
Dan draws Abigail Smith and Dominate the President. Keeps Abigail Smith. Plays Abigail Smith on James Monroe.
El draws The Hand of Time and Theory of Judicial Review. Keeps Theory of Judicial Review.
Andrew draws Coalition Building and Make an Important Speech. Keeps Coalition Building.
Ben draws Dolley Todd and The Hand of Time. Keeps The Hand of Time. Plays The Hand of Time. Patrick Henry dies.
Charles draws Make an Important Speech and Elbridge Gerry. Keeps Elbridge Gerry. Plays Elbridge Gerry.

Newspapers: no cubes to move

The Round, beginning with the president:
Dan: Burr spends 1 IP to Whip up Support. Rolls 1 for no effect.
Faction spends 1 IP to create a liberal newspaper cube.
El: Jay spends 1 IP from to make a speech. Rolls 5. Spends 1 more to reach 6 and gain 1 pop.
Andrew: No activities.
Ben: Hamilton spends 1 IP to Whip Up Support. Rolls 1 for no effect.
Hamilton spends 1 IP to start a conservative newspaper cube.
Charles: Jefferson spends 1 IP to Whip up Support. Rolls 5. 1 to L (now at 1L).
Jefferson and faction spends 2 IP to move liberal newspaper cube up.

Auction (bidding begins with player left of the president):
El passes.
Andrew passes.
Ben bids 1.
Charles passes.
Dan passes.

Ben wins, pays 1, then spends 2 to move the conservative newspaper up by one.

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