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Cycle Racing Games
Fri Jun 19 05:01:07 UTC 2009

This site's reviews of the most popular games about bicycle racing. As others are reviewed they will be added here.
1970s            1979: Homas Tour (Rob Bontenbal, Homas Tour)
(returned in 1991 as Demarrage! and Um Reifenbreite and again in 2002 as Um Reifenbreite)
1980s            1986: 6-Tage Rennen (Walter Toncar, Holtmann V.I.P.)
1990s            1991: Devil takes The Hindmost (Terry Goodchild, Fiendish Games)
1996: Breaking Away (John Harrington, Fiendish Games)
2000s            2008: Leader 1 (Alain Ollier & Christophe Leclercq, Ghenos Games/Rio Grande)
But while it's a "best of" list, this just scratches the surface of all such games. For a complete list, including over 150 titles, visit