Railroads and Miners: A Variant for Silverton
Railroad Ownership of Mines Considered Harmful:

By Tom Anderson, Rick Heli and Phil Vogt
Last updated 4/23/97
Rule Changes:

Each player represents one of two types of corporation – the Mine Corporation (MC) or the Railroad (RR).

At the start of the game, put surveyor and prospector counters into a hat, one for each player. The counters should be evenly split between surveyors and prospectors. If the total number of counters is odd, the extra one should be a surveyor. Each player chooses a counter. Those choosing surveyors will be Railroad (RR) players. Those choosing prospectors will be Mining Company (MC) players.

Each RR player in the Advanced game receives 8 points to allocate to surveyors. RR players begin with $10K. Railroads may survey and lay track. They may own trains and snowplows. They may buy freight from an MC at a mutually agreed price and must sell it immediately. They may use their surveyors to claim passenger routes. They may abandon or reclaim track. They may sell or trade track, plows, and trains only among themselves and not to MC's. They may not do anything an MC can do.(except win ; ))

Each MC player in the Advanced game receives 9 points to allocate to prospectors. MC players begin with $5K. Mine Corporations may prospect and work claims. They may sell freight to an RR at a mutually agreed price. They may sell or trade claims only among themselves and not to RR's. They may not do anything an RR can do.

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