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Perry Rhodan
Tue Jun 10 17:45:40 MDT 2014

Planet-based Technology
Sometimes drawing technology cards from a deck seems unfair; the cards you want just never seem to appear. You might feel the ones you can access are inferior, or you're just in the mood to try something else. This variant can help with that.

Changes to setup:

  1. Remove all of the technology cards – Container, Fusion Drive, Hyperjump Inward, Hyperjump Outward, Orbital Station, Replenishment – from the two player decks.
  2. Take one of each of the six types, shuffle them, and place one card face up per planet.
  3. Then take the rest of the technology cards and stack them on top of their matching cards.

Changes to the rules of play:

Three-Player Support
Perry Rhodan is limited by the fact that it only supports two players. But now its inventor has provided a three-player variant.
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