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Main Differences from Britannia

There are now some extra unit types:

Elite - move 3, hit better on attack (denoted by hand symbol)
Knight - move 2, hit better, need 2 hits to kill, cost 6
Cavalry - move 4, hit better on attack, cannot be bought
Castle - cannot move, take 3 hits to kill, cost 8
Several nations have transformations à la the Romans to Romano-British. Sometimes the new nation belongs to a different player. If so, there is often a minimum number of units that must be left on the board when the first nation is about to transform; if not, for every unit that is short, the responsible player loses 1 VP.

The amount of growth needed to get a new infantry is now 4. Nations which have a back side to the growth counter can now save up to 8. Some can buy Knights (cost 6) and Castles (cost 8). The amount of growth provided by each area depends now on the area rather than on the area type -- see the red number displayed in each area.

Submitted nations now get to keep 50% (rounded up) of their income. The nation that is subjecting them gets the other half. They also get to keep 50% of the VP -- figure this by adding up all the VP and then dividing by 2. The subjecting nation gets 50% also -- figure this by counting the submitted nation's areas as if the subjector owned them, adding it up and divide by 2.


You can now play under a variant known as "Barbaric". This supplements all of the pseudo-historical victory point awards with rewards for nations for holding the areas with the largest incomes and other bonuses.

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