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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 4: France Fries
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Ben (16) claims Secretary of State for Daniel Webster.
Dan (15) claims Secretary of War for Aaron Burr.
Charles (12) claims Secretary of Treasury for Thomas Jefferson.
El (6) claims Envoy for John Quincy Adams.

President Hamilton's second term:
Issue 1: France Demands Support
Having helped the United States in its revolution, now France is asking for help against its enemies even as it struggles through its own reovlution. The president is not willing to spend the money or have the effects so chooses to ignore it.
Public support 2 to C (2C). 3 IP to Jefferson.

Issue 2: Northwest Indian War
The president would like to resolve, but alas the general, who is in his faction, only has an ability of 1 and Ben has only 2 IP left whereas the difficulty of the war is 4, so this issue fails. Pinckney resigns the office. The only other possible candidate, Andrew Jac,son assumes it and decides to resolve the war, spending 2 iP.
Jackson gains 2 popularity.

Issue 3: Quasi-War with France
The young nation is getting caught up in the old struggle between France and Britain, neithero f whom wants the country to trade with the other. The president decides this is too expensive and chooses to negotiate, sending John Quincy Adams who spends 1 IP to resolve.
Reserves -10 (-39) Public Support 2 to C (4C).

Issue 4: Assume State Debts
The president decides to solve in order to get the popularity and keep the public support. However, Secretary Jefferson does not agree and the measure fails.
Public Support 1 to L (3C). Popularity loss of 1 for the president and secretary.

With this card the Era A issues are exhausted and the Era B issues are shuffled in to the Era A discards. However, the election is still conducted with the Era A vote values as this was the era of last issue card drawn.

Charles on behalf of Secretary Jefferson adds the revenue amount, 25, to reserves, which are now at -14. Since reserves are higher than -100, there is no Economic Crisis Check.

President Hamilton, having served two terms, will no longer run.

Conservative: John Marshall
Liberal: Thomas Jefferson

Running mates:
Liberal: Elbridge Gerry
Conservative: Rufus King

Cube placements:
Marshall VA
King NY
Jefferson NC
Gerry NE
Marshall KY
King PA
Jefferson TN
Gerry cannot place
Marshall MD
King NJ
Jefferson GA
Marshall DE
King cannot place
Jefferson GA

Marshall-King 74
Jefferson-Gerry 68

President Hamilton retires, earning 13 VP for Ben.

Marshall is elected president. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

Rufus King becomes vice president and receives 1 popularity.

Each player gets 1 IP.
As party leaders Marshall and Jefferson each get 1 IP on their cards.
IP granted for abilities listed on cards: Burr 1.
Ben draws Martin Van Buren and Henry Clay. Keeps Martin Van Buren. Plays Martin Van Buren.
Charles draws Winfield Scott and Secession. Keeps Winfield Scott. Plays Winfield Scott.
Dan draws Theory of Nullification Applied and Hartford Convention. Keeps Theory of Nullification Applied.
El draws The Hand of Time and Panic of 1825. Keeps The Hand of Time. Plays The Hand of Time. Benjamin Franklin dies, earning 4 VP for Andrew. Since Andrew has lost his last statesman and has none in hand, the player having the most is required to give him one. In this case Charles decides to give him Elbridge Gerry.
Andrew draws Make an Important Speech and Theory of Nullification Applied. Keeps Make an Important Speech.

Newspapers: Jefferson moves the liberal cube right, earning 3 support. Marshall moves the conservative cube down to earn 2 support (2C). Marshall leaves the other cube alone.

The Round, beginning with the president:
Ben: Marshall spends 1 IP to Whip up support. Roll is 1 for no effect.
Charles: Jefferson spends 1 IP to Whip up support. Roll is 6. Now public support is 0.
Jefferson spends 1 IP to start a liberal newspaper cube.
Dan: Jefferson gives Dan's faction 2 IP. Burr spends 1 IP to Whip up support. Roll is 6. Now public support is 2L. Burr spends 2 IP to move a liberal newspaper cube up.
El: No activities.
Andrew: No activities.

Auction (bidding begins with player left of the president):
Charles bids 1.
Dan passes.
El passes.
Andrew passes.
Ben passes.

Jefferson spends 2 IP to move a liberal newspaper cube up.

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