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25 October 2013
Although the game already includes many cards, this Avalon Hill game really ought to have had a few more so as to properly handle the random encounters and ongoing situations they create. For example, each turn you do not have a specific place- or character-oriented encounter you have the possibility of a random encounter. First you roll a die to see if you have one and then if you do you roll a die to see which of six kinds it is. These six possibilities are not presented on the board or in any player aide, however. A nice solution is to forget the idea of a table and instead, a player who has a random encounter finds out what it is by simply drawing a card. A card has the further advantage of providing all of the rules that go with the encounter. This is part of what is presented here, the card frequencies matching that of the dice probabilities. To keep this from getting too predictable as the deck runs out, one card includes a "Reshuffle" instruction.

As some encounters are ongoing, such as a horse or hound companion, additional cards you can hang on to while they are in effect provide the information about how they affect play. The same goes for some ongoing monster effects such as Demon Dazed and Dragonbound.

Finally, the game provided no clear indicator of whether an opponent was playing a Wizard, Sorcerer or Druid, a factor which becomes increasingly important as the game nears its end. Three cards of each type display this information. In addition they include a convenient list of all of the spells a player may cast at each of the levels.

It's hoped that use of these cards will make your playings flow more quickly and with less need to look up rules.

108 cards (color PDF)

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Created: 25 October 2013

Spotlight on Games > Variants