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Talisman Variant Characters
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Strength 2
Craft 4
Alignment Neutral
Start City
  1. For 1G, you can make a potion which either adds 2 to Strength once (only usable once per player turn) or gives you another spell (if Craft allows).
  2. Can heal 1 life per 2G at the end of any turn.
  3. May automatically steal the Alchemist if you land on the player who owns him instead of a normal encounter.
  4. The Alchemist in the City will automatically give you 1G, even if you turn nothing into gold.
Strength 4
Craft 2
Alignment Evil
Start City
  1. Instead of attacking, you may "capture" another player when you land on him, allowing you to take a follower. When you have a capture, you need not move from the current space. The captured player is trapped until he rolls a 4-6 or you decide to leave. Each turn the player remains captured, you take another follower instead of normal encounter.
  2. You begin the game with a Sword in your possession.
  3. You may add 1 to your roll in the Graveyard.
Strength 1
Craft 6
Alignment Neutral
Start Temple
  1. You may hold one more spell than your Craft allows.
  2. You begin the game with 3 spells.
  3. You may roll again when when encountering the Witch, Enchantress or Warlock. You must accept the result of the second roll.
  4. You may train your followers. Each may contribute one point of Craft unless the follower contributes Craft already.
  5. When you land on the Sorcerer, he grants you a spell free of charge.
Strength 3 (card is in error)
Craft 1 (card is in error)
Alignment Neutral
Start Village
  1. You begin the game with an Axe.
  2. You may "entrap" other characters when you land on them. Roll 1 die. If the total is higher than the character's Strength or Craft (your choice), you may take the follower of your choice.
  3. You are never affected by the Maze.
  4. At the start of your turn, if you are in the City or Village, you may "construct" any of the items available from the Blacksmith at a cost of one less gold than normal. This is in place of your normal turn.
  5. You are always considered to be protected from spells as if you carried the Amulet. You may acquire spells, but you not cast them.
Strength 3
Craft 3
Alignment Evil
Start Crags
  1. When you land on a Dragon, you may take it as a follower. May use to add to combat strength or fly (teleport) anywhere in the Outer or Middle regions. Discard after teleporting. You may have only one Dragon follower at a time.
  2. You are always safe in the Crags and Chasm.
  3. You may to add 1 to your die roll in the Cave.
Strength 2
Craft 4
Alignment Neutral
Start Ruins
  1. You begin the game in possession of a Mule from the Purchase Deck.
  2. Whenever you acquire a Sword, Axe, Helmet, Shield, Armor, Mule, Water Bottle or Talisman (except by Market Day), you automatically receive another of the same item from the Purchase Deck.
  3. When you purchase any item from the Blacksmith, the cost is one less than normal.
  4. The encounter part of your turn precedes movement. Thus, you first draw cards or encounter characters in a space and then move. After movement, you do not have an encounter until the beginning of your next turn. On the first turn, you encounter the Ruins space.
  5. When you encounter another character during your turn, instead of engaging in combat, you may give the character one Object and take the Object of your choice from him. The other player must accept the deal.
  6. When you draw an adventure card causing you to lose your turn, you still take the movement portion of your turn as usual.

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