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Suggested Variant Rules for the 1997 card game by Stefan Dorra and Goldsieber

As mentioned in a Game Report review ...

The scoring is the game's biggest problem. In the eighth hand, unless some of the players happen to be tied, it is guaranteed that one (in a three-player game) or two (in a four-player game) players will have no shot at winning, because their partners have higher scores than they do.
As a fix for this problem, the following is suggested: players continue to score points as before, but in addition, add to their individual scores the number of points taken individually.

Marker Variant
As an additional variant, instead of using the markers supplied with the game, borrow colored markers from another game (e.g. Mü und Mehr) and assign each player a different color. These will serve as a constant reminder of how each player has voted in the making of the game.

Also ...
Republished with changes as: Mu and Lots More
Original Rules: The Game Cabinet
Italian version:Un'Altra Cosa, no. 15. (February 2004)

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