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Filthy Rich

Variant for the board game

Goal of the Variant

The idea that one can only start a business if some special opportunity comes along doesn't seem to tally very much with reality...

Rules for the Variant

Play the rules as written except for the following changes:

  1. The businesses should all be removed from the deck and laid out in the open.

  2. Reduce the hand size to three.

  3. On your turn you get 2 actions, which can be any combination of the following except that you may only launch 1 business per turn:
    1. Launch a Business: You may launch any business that you like so long as it isn't already in use.
    2. Play a card.
    3. Collect $1.

  4. After your turn, draw cards to restore your hand to 3 cards.

There are a lot more variants for this game at the Mark Jackson's blog
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