Suggested Variant Rules for Assassin
the board game by Avalon Hill


The game seems to have too much waiting time with nothing to do and is too long overall.
Setup Changes:
Players may now use the following cards as they are, or, instead, as Long Distance Riders: 20km cards
50km cards
Gusts of Wind
Now reduce the deck size of 100-500 km cards so that the number of distance cards is equal to the number of vehicles, including the vehicle cards added above. Try to remove nearly equal numbers of each type.
Play Changes:
  1. Airplanes More Flexible.

    Airplanes are no longer required to follow the red lines and may instead fly to any city on the map.

  2. Destinations More Flexible.

    Played destinations are no longer required to be adjacent to the player's current location. A player may continue through intermediate cities to reach the destination. However, an Express still only takes a player to an adjacent city. Upon arriving, the player discards the Express and mileage card and must then find a new vehicle to continue the journey.

  3. Assassins.

    After using the assassin, a player rolls a die. On an even result, he keeps the assassin card; on an odd result, the assassin card MUST be the card the player passes to his left to conclude his turn.

  4. Removing Players from the Game.

    Players killed by assassin are out of the game.

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