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Easily Missed Rules for the game by Thomas and Carol Mosbø (Avalon Hill)
Sat Nov 12 00:13:36 UTC 2011

3.71 Players must begin in a COMMON space.
5.2 A Random encounter (achieved by rolling 1-3 on the red die) is not the same as a Specific encounter (with something which is actually on the map).
6. Every hex in the Dragon's Lair is a SPECIAL SPACE.
6. May not move a boat on the turn of boarding. May not leave a boat if it has moved during the turn.
6. May only enter the center of the secret circle to meet Rüktal via a movement roll of 1-3.
6. Nowhere does it state that a player may always move at least one hex.
Specific Encounters
7. Players always receive a task when meeting their mentor unless being healed or when they are Rank 4.
7.2461 Sorcerers may not ask Wizards for gems unless with Master Sorcerer, Hamdrel or another Level 4.
7.353 Rank 0 players roll on the Rank 4 table for Hamdrel's gifts.
7.354 Visiting Hamdrel, may roll there on 3 successive turns, then must leave the hex, then can return to roll for 3 more successive turns, then must leave the tile.
7.381 At Shrineheart Abbey, Mentor contact varies and depends on class:
Wizards: draw cards until Wizard found
Druids: Rüktal
Sorcerers: 1-2: Megmoran; 3-4 Meligor; 5-6 Melekok
7.302 During an encounter of players ranked 1-3, if the die roll is "5", if all are at the same level, the one having more task cards than others is considered to be at the highest level and thus the one to give away task cards. If the number of task cards is also tied, no task cards change hands.
7.3041 When the result of a demon encounter is in the range 1-5, a second demon also arrives, in a RANDOM space of the SAME territory. However, if it would land in a water space, it goes to a RANDOM space instead or if it lands where there is already a demon, it simply does not appear.
7.37 Star Crest may only be entered as part of a Task or Event Card, if a player is automatically transported to it, or on the turn after visiting and leaving it.
Random Encounters
8.1 No random encounters anywhere on Hamdrel's tile. No encounters on Dragon's tile.
8.41 May only have 1 animal at a time (second replaces first). Transportation causes loss of animal.
8.43 Unicorns allow movement to Star Crest, but not to center of Sacred Circle. Of course you still need a Task or Event before you are permitted to go to Star Crest.
8.44 Winged Horses allow movement to Star Crest, but not to the center of Sacred Circle or the Dragon's Lair. Of course you still need a taskTask or Event before you are permitted to go to Star Crest.
8.442 Winged horses abandon players who encounter a dragon.
8.46 A hound does not benefit sea movement.
9.0 You needn't wait to finish that element of a task if the object or character needed is already in the same hex when its task card is drawn.
9.5 No limit to the number of tasks a player may hold.
9.6 It's possible to complete more than 1 task per hex per turn.
Casting Spells
11.21 Movement spells are cast during the Movement Phase.
11.2111 When determining boat range, only count water spaces.
11.223 Dragon Taming spell. Roll to dispel/tame before rolling an encounter. On 1-3 dragon reveals Secret Wizard.
11.224 Roll to escape a trap before determining the effects of the trap, e.g. you might know that it will transport you, but won't know exactly to where.
When Evil Attacks
12.1 Even if players don't move, they still roll encounters.
12.11, 12.14 At end of each fortnight, immediatedly after a player is transported to a RANDOM space, place a demons on a random space of the players' tile. It attacks if it lands on the player.
12.41 If a player is transported to a specific nonexistent hex, he goes to a random dragon's lair hex instead.
12.44 If an impossible task is drawn, remove from game and draw another.
The Sacred Gems
13 Upon reaching Rank 4, no more tasks drawn, no points gained or lost.

Thanks for the contributions of Chris Lopez.