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Spellmaker – Summary
by Gametime Games
Wed Mar 24 15:12:26 PST 1999

Giant defeats Prince and lower except Toadstools
Prince defeats Dwarf and lower
Dwarf defeats Frog and lower
Frog defeats Toadstool
Toadstool defeats Giant

Spells can only be cast on pieces in magical domains, i.e. the domains which have names. All spells can refer to one's own or another player's pieces.

Transfer Spells
Single Transfer
If a piece you want to move is in a named domain, play a card of the same color and type and move it to the first named domain along whichever path you choose (thus, it moves at most 2 domains).

Double Transfer
Same as above, but requires 2 cards of same color and type and can move up to 4 domains.

Triple Transfer
3 cards and up to 6 domains.

Quadruple Transfer
4 cards and up to 8 domains.

Transform Spell
Transform a piece from 1 type to another. Play 1 card to match the existing piece and another to match what the piece should turn into. Both must be the same color.

Vanish Spell
Play a card to match a piece and a Null card and the piece is removed from the board.

Materialize Spell
Play a card to match a piece and a Null card and the piece is placed on any named domain.

Cancel Spell
Null cards may be used to cancel any spell, including Cancel Spells. One Null card must be played for each card in the spell to be cancelled. If the last player to complete Cancel Spell is the player whose turn is next, that player loses his turn.