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Summary of Intrigue Cards

Helping first-time players be on equal terms with the more experienced ones.


(R): Revolution Expansion Kit only.
(R+1): there is an additional card of this type in the Revolution deck.
(x2): there are 2 of these cards in the deck.

Health Cards

Bee Hormone Cure - reduce SP by 5
Flu Epidemic - modify all health rolls by -1 (x2) (R+1)
Miracle Drug - remove one level of illness
Release from Sanatorium - for one phase (x2) (R+1)
Severe Winter - +5 SP in Siberia (R)
Specialist - helps one health roll
Visit the Sanatorium - send politician with roll >= 13 (x2) (R+1)
Wrong Diagnosis - force health re-roll and modify by +-2

Job Specific Cards

Blackmail - party chief must acede to your promotion demand (x2)
Disarmament Talks Go Badly - weakens foreign minister
Drought Ruins Harvest - weakens economy minister
Five Year Plan Alteration - weakens faction controlling economy minister (R)
Informants - KGB head can find out one minister's IP (R)
KGB Head's Son Defects - weakens KGB head
Lenin's Testament - nominate Lenin's successor (R)
NKVD Reveals Plot - KGB head can steal a card (R)
New Siberian Oil Field - strengthens economy minister
Pravda Speaks Out - ideology chief decides IP ties
US Grain Deal Falls Through - breaks foreign minister


Alibi - exempts an assassin or spy accusation
Bodyguard - lower assassination roll by -3 (R)
Clemency - party chief can pardon anyone deposed (R)
General Amnesty - rehabilitation costs only 1 SP (R)
Great Bureaucrat - disregard a Weakness (R)
Great Patriotic War - release those in Siberia (R)
Hero of the Soviet Union - go to the People instead of Siberia (R)
Rehabilitation by the State President - free return from Siberia
Intrigues Assassination Attempt - roll greater than the purge no. (R+1)
Brilliant Eulogy - temporarily increase IP (R)
Deal - sell 2 IP for cards (R)
Izvestia - double SP penalty for condemnation (once) (R)
KGB Head Reveals Dossier - removes all IP on one politician
Meteoric Rise - promotes youngest politician (R)
New Official History - faction loses up to 6 IP (R)
New Spokesman at Party Congress - transfer 3 IP (R)
Nyet! - change vote or age 10 SP (R)
Power Play - randomly determined faction reveals random IP
Reign of Terror - +3 to purges (R)
Repay Old War Debt - temporarily increase IP (R)
Rising Star in the Party - candidate goes to 2nd level (R)
Support of the Masses - vote twice (R)
Worldwide Recession - additional IP declaration phase (R)
Your Agents Are Everywhere - you choose IP declaration order (R)

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