Schieber Jass

Game for four, partners sit opposite.
Play is counter-clockwise.
Cards are dealt out in threes.
First player, "forehand" is the one who draws the seven of flowers and will deal the next hand. After this, "forehand" is the player to right of the dealer.

Ranking and Point Values of Cards
Non-Trump SuitPoint ValueTrump SuitPoint Value
Ace11Under 20
Six 0Six 0

There is also a 5-point bonus for the last trick, making 157 points in all.
Game to 3000 points.
After the deal, forehand either chooses a contract or "shoves" the responsibility to the partner. In the latter case, the partner either chooses a contract or shoves it back to forehand. In the latter case, forehand must choose a contract.

Possible Contracts
SuitsScoring MultipleNotes
AcornssingleThis suit is trump
FlowerssingleThis suit is trump
ShieldsdoubleThis suit is trump
BellsdoubleThis suit is trump
ObenabetripleNo trump. An 8 counts 8 points.
UndenufequadrupleNo trump with suits inverted. Suit order is 6 (highest), 7, 8, 9, 10, Under, Ober, King, Ace (lowest). An 8 counts 8 points.

Forehand leads the first trick.
In No Trump games, follow suit when possible. If not possible, play any card.
In Trump games, player has the choice of following suit or playing a trump. If unable to follow suit, may play any card except ...
Undertrumping. If a non-trump was led and later trumped, no player is allowed to play a lower trump unless unable to play any other card.
It is never required to play the Under of trumps.
Weis. During the first trick, just before laying a card, each player announces their Weis. The team with the most valuable one will get to score all of the Weis that they have while the opponents receive nothing.

Type of Weis (lowest to highest)Points
sequence of three cards in suit 20
sequence of four cards in suit 50
sequence of five or more cards in suit 100
four tens100
four obers100
four kings100
four aces100
four nines150
four unders200

The method of announcement is simply to say what type(s) you have. This should reveal which is the most valuable. But if there is a tie, then both players say what their high card is, the higher card wins. If still tied, the trump suit takes precedence over non-trumps. If still tied, the player who will play to the first trick first wins.
The same card cannot be used in two different combinations.
A sequence of seven scores no more than a sequence of five (though it beats it).
As sequence of eight (or nine) can be treated as a sequence of five and one of three (or four).
The players do not show

Also: A player holding both the King and Ober of the trump suit announces this as the second of them is played and scores 20 points multipled by the scoring multiple.


Players receive points for:
  1. King and Ober.
  2. In tricks.
  3. 5 points for taking the last trick.
  4. 100 point bonus for taking all of the tricks.
  5. Weis.
Multiply all points by scoring multiple.
Winners are first to cross the 3000 mark. If both sides cross at the same time, grant the points in the order given above. If players wish, may calculate score after each trick.

Also ...

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