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Helden in der Unterwelt Quick Reference
Fri Feb 13 19:00:10 UTC 2009

Marker Types:

Fighting a Marker: Duels (intra-player combat): Life: Winning: Game Sequence:
  1. Add a map tile. If your tile has an open exit, you may draw a new tile and place it adjacent to your tile, orienting any arrow in the same direction as that on the "Styx" tile. If the tile cannot be placed so that an exit lines up with the current room, place it anyway, isolating the new room from the rest of Hades. If after all tiles have been placed there are any markers that cannot be reached, rotate the tile so that it can be reached from at least one side (this occurs before the hero moves on that turn). If there are several possibilities, rotate the tile clockwise until the condition is satisfied.
    If the tile is not a passageway (has a distinct path marked on it), then a PA marker is drawn and placed on it, face down.
  2. Move. If you want to move and placed a new tile this turn, you must move onto it and since it has an unrevealed PA that ends your movement. Otherwise, you can keep moving, including backtracking, until you hit a PA, enemy (red or gray edge) or run out of movement points.
  3. Take Actions. Actions you can take, in order, are
    1. Combat Enemy or Duel Opponent (at most one)
    2. Use the place (at most once)
    3. Encounter a green marker (at most once)
    4. Accept task (at most one)
    5. Fulfil task(s)
    6. Resolve treasure(s)
  1. Put the "Styx" tile in the middle of the table (and in the solitaire game, 4 life points on it).
  2. Each player chooses a hero. Their special notes:
    Bard - may ignore any red-bordered marker
    Centaur - cannot carry armor or wear sandals
    Gladiator/Amazon - can re-fight a lost combat at cost of 1 life.
    Gnome - can add two skill values before rolling any test. Any difficulty modifier is only applied once. Use the dice number from any one of the skills. When fighting an Enemy with a gray spot, can do this only if the two skills are tied for least number of experience cubes.
    Shaman - can add 1 vs gray spot creatures and has +1 for non-combat magic.
  3. Players put correct amounts of gold and life points on their hero sheets.
  4. Place corresponding figures on the "Styx" tile.
  5. Set out the Damned One's board.
  6. Place the 5 special weapons and the Damned One marker on it. Unless playing Solitaire, put a black cube on the Damned One as a reminder to add it to his strength when he enters Hades.
  7. Create draw piles of face down "PA" markers, treasure markers and tiles.
  8. The round black markers and 2 "Tor zum Hades" markers are not needed (used only for combining the game with Return of the Heroes).
Solitaire Scoring: