Am Rande des Gletschers
Fate Card Translations
Cards which can be used against other clans during their hunt.
Der große Sturm: The Great Storm
Another clan has a difficult Hunt because of bad weather. It receives -1 modifier to its Hunting roll.
Der Streit der Jäger: Hunter's dispute
Another clan's hunting grounds overlap your own. You can get the other clan's Prey after their Hunt. To do that, both sides roll a die. If you roll higher, you steal the Prey card.
Die zerbrochene Waffe: Broken Weapons
Another clan's weapon breaks during the Hunt; the weapon is discarded. After that the clan calls off its Hunt.
Cards which can be used during your own hunt or to defend against dangers.
Das Opfer für die Geister: Sacrifice to the Spirits
The shaman performs a ritual against evil spirits. For this ritual he must sacrifice a Prey card. A Fate card used against the clan is warded off or any loss by an Earthquake is prevented.
Die erfolreiche Jagd: Successful Hunt
The clan has a lucky hunt. The Hunting roll is valued as a 6, No Fate card can be played against this hunt.
Cards which you can use at the end of your own turn against other clans. Eventual losses by Fate cards are chosen by the stricken player himself. The only exception is the Raid ["Der Überfall"] card; here the attacking player can choose the victim of his attack.
Das Raubtier: Predator
A predator ambushes another clan. If no Herb is used the attacked clan loses one Clan card.
Der Aasfresser: Carrion Eater
A carrion eater attacks another clan's cave. The clan rolls the die:
1-2: Nothing is stolen.
3-5: Any one Supply card is stolen.
6: Two Supply cards are stolen.
Der Überfall: Raid
You attack another clan and try to steal their supplies:
1-2: Nothing is stolen.
3-5: Any one Supply card is stolen.
6: Two Supply cards are stolen.
Der Zorn der Götter: Wrath of the Spirits
The Spirits are enraged about another clan. Its artifact is cursed and cannot be used during the next round (flip Artifact card face down for one round).
Die Große Wanderung: The Great Migration
Another clan's hunting grounds are depleted. It must leave its living area and look for a new cave. During the next round the Clan may not take any action. A clan attacked by this card is not allowed to hunt or to collect Herbs. Also, it may not play a Fate card at the end of the turn. Its Cave card is turned over until the end of his next turn. The three Hunt cards are disclosed nonetheless because the player is still allowed to take any Weapon or Artifact card. An Event card is also resolved normally.
Die verdorbenen Kräuter: Spoiled Herbs
Another clan's Herbs are spoiled. The clan must discard any one Herb card.

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