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This version of the card contains information on the variant expansion powers IX and Bene Tleilaxu.


A. These 25 cards can be played only in battle.
1. 4 Projectiles -- used as a weapon during battle.
2. 4 Shields -- defends your leader against any projectile used by your opponent in battle.
3. 4 Poisons -- used as a weapon during battle.
4. 4 Snoopers -- defends your leader against any poison used by your opponent in battle.
5. 1 Lasgun -- a special weapon. There is no defense against a lasgun, i.e., it automatically kills an opponent's leader. But, should you or your opponent play a shield in the same battle, a nuclear explosion occurs and all tokens and spice (even those not involved in the battle) in the territory are lost to the tanks as well as all leaders played (no spice is paid for them). All treachery cards played in the battle must be discarded.
6. 3 Cheap Hero(ines) -- played in place of a leader in battle (this is the only time a player may play 3 cards in a battle: cheap hero, weapon, and defense). The cheap hero has no value to add to your total. Must be discarded when played.
7. 5 Worthless Cards -- Kulon, Trip to Gamont, La La La, Baliset and Jubba Cloak. They have no value in play. Played in place of a weapon, defense or both. This is the only way they may be discarded from hand. (Optional Rule) Bene Gesserit may use a worthless card as a Karama Card. .sp B. These 8 cards may be played at certain times during the game and then must be discarded.
1. 2 Truth Trances -- played at any time against any player. Forces that player to answer truthfully any one "yes" or "no" question concerning the game that you ask him.
2. 1 Weather Control -- played at the start of a storm round, it enables the player to control the storm that round and move it from 0 to 10 sectors in a counterclockwise direction.
3. 1 Hajr Card -- played during a player's movement round enables that player to make an extra on-planet group move, subject to the normal movement rules.
4. 1 Ghola Card -- played at any time. It allows the player either to immediately recover one leader from the tanks without payment, or to revive up to 5 tokens frm the tanks to his reserves.
5. 1 Family Atomics -- played just after the storm has been dialed, but before it has been moved (optional rule -- played just after storm movement marker is revealed), by a player who has one or more tokens on the Shield Wall or in a territory adjacent to it. It destroys the Shield Wall (and all tokens there) so that the Imperial Basin, Arrakeen and Carthag are no longer protected from the storm. Once played, the card is placed off the board by the Shield Wall to indicate that it has been permanently destroyed.
6. 2 Karama Cards -- When played can do any one of the following:
a. Prevent other players from using some of their advantages once as explained below.
1. prevents the Atreides from seeing the future, once; or (optional rule) prevents the Atreides from using Kwisatz Haderach once.
2. prevents the Harkonnen from taking a second free treachery card, once; or (optional rule) prevents Harkonnen from capturing a leader once.
3. prevents the Bene Gesserit from accompanying one shipment; using the 'voice' once; or (optional rule) using worthless card as a Karama card once.
4. prevents the Fremen from controlling a worm once (their tokens in the territory are destroyed and taken to the tanks); or (optional rule) from counting Fedaykin bonus in one battle.
5. enables a player to bid for and buy one treachery card without paying for it; or (optional rule) prevents the Emperor from counting Sardaukar bonus in one battle.
6. enables a player to land tokens from off-planet reserves at the Guild cost (half rate). The payment goes to the spice bank and not to the Guild. This takes the place of that player's normal shipment for that round. Or (optional rule) prevents the Guild from taking his move when he wants. He must make his move in his proper turn in the movement sequence.
7. Prevents Bene Tleilaxu from reviving any leader once or forces Bene Tleilaxu to answer truthfully about his combat leader once.
8. Prevents Ix from placing Storm freely, once, or forces Ix to pay spice to supply his units in combat, once.
b. (Optional Rule) Allows players to use a special power suited to their character once.
1. Harkonnen -- You may use a Karama card to take without looking any number of cards, up to the entire hand of any one player of your choice. For each card you take you must give him one of your cards in return.
2. Atreides -- You may use a Karama card to look at any one player's entire battle plan.
3. Guild -- You may use a Karama card to stop one off-planet shipment of any one player.
4. Bene Gesserit -- You may use any 'worthless' card as a Karama card.
5. Fremen -- You may use a Karama card in the spice phase to cause a worm to appear in any territory that you wish. The worm is not drawn from the spice deck. A worm cannot devour tokens if not in a desert territory.
6. Emperor -- You may use a Karama card to revive up to three tokens or one leader for free.
7. Bene Tleilaxu -- You may revive for your own use any other player's leader currently in the axolotl tanks and thereafter use him as your own leader. This may be done irrespective of how many of the original owner's leaders have been lost (may only be used once per game).
8. Ix -- You may play a Karama card as a Projectile, Shield, Poison, Snooper or Lasgun card and not declare which until both Battle Wheels have been revealed, once.
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