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Die Macher
Second Edition
Sequence of Play for the board game by Hans-im-Glück

5.2.1 Choose Starting Player: Make secret bids and reveal. Highest Bidder chooses starting player.
5.2.2 Program Commission Conference: Discard any unwanted card and restore hand back to three cards.
Player may discard one face up program card and replace it with one from hand.
5.2.3 Shadow cabinet: each player in turn places Shadow cabinet card or cards (max 1 per Region per turn). Disclose all cards.
Carry out 1 action per card.
5.2.4. Form Coalitions: Voluntary Coalition, at least 2 cards in common, Forced Coalition, at least 3 cards in common.
5.2.5. Buy Media Counters: Cost 4000 per marker. Place marker or pass.
If control of media, change 1 Opinion card -- Opinion card with doubling tile may not be changed.
5.2.6. Place organization markers: Cost 1000 per marker. Place markers, max 4 per Region.
5.2.7. Commission Opinion Polls: 1 poll auctioned per Region. Highest bidder gets card.
If published, player gets up to 2 results from card. If player has media control, no negative results for that player. If poll not published, roll dice for party membership.
5.2.8. Convert Party Organization into votes: Conversion follows formula Organization markers x factor, Factor = Trend + Number of agreements between Party policy and regional opinion.
If the factor is zero or negative, 1 vote per 2 markers.
If an absolute majority, change 1 opinion card.

5.3.1 Decide numbers of seats: Convert organization markers into votes, votes convert into seats per Region card.
5.3.2. Decide election: Party (Coalition) with the most seats wins. If equal, party with the most votes wins.
5.3.3. Results of Election Victory:
5.3.4. Increase Party Membership: Increase Party Membership as indicated by the number of matching opinion cards and Party Program cards.

5.4.1. Turn over Opinion cards: Reset just finished election board.
Turn over 1 Opinion card per board.
5.4.2. Special Cases: 1st Round: Receive Party membership x 1000.
3rd Round: Receive Party membership x 1000.
5th Round: Place tile "Party basis pays 5th Round" next to the 5th Round board.
Receive Party membership x 1000.
7th Round: Place "No coalition" tile, next to the board for the final round.
When setting up board for final round, place two cards face up.
5.4.3. Pay out election expenses: Vote result, Number of votes x 1000:
5.4.4. Contributions: Select Contribution card and play it:

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