The Con Game: Sequence of Play

last updated Mon May 17 23:55:14 PDT 1999

Winning the Game: Earn $100,000 or have the most money at the end.

Sequence of Play

  1. Each player does all their actions, expenses coming at the end, proceeding clockwise
  2. All players accrue income
  3. Depletion Checks Each player rolls 2d6. If result is less than the number of distributors the player has, they sell out of a random product. If the result is the least popular product, then the product affected is the most popular product instead. Invert the game to show it is out of production and the counter is placed back in the production phase of the production track.

    It may be reprinted on the next turn at a cost break of one less quality level.

    If not reprinted immediately, loses one popularity level for each turn not on the market (maximum drop is 2 levels below base price).

    As an alternative, the player may produce a revised edition by moving the game to the start of the track, but one row closer to the center. This permits improved artwork, etc.

    Note: magazines always deplete automatically.

  4. Conventions (summer turns only)
EmploymentStarting CashIncomeActionsHand size
Part Time$5,000$2,500
Full Time$10,0000

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