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Civil War
Quick Rules Summary for the Victory Games board game

Sequence of Play
1. Reinforcement Phase
2. Command Phase
3. CSA Commerce Raider Phase
4. Blockade Effects Phase
5. Action Phase
6. Command Point Table Use Phase
7. Rally Phase
8. End Phase (remove Alert Markers)

State Values:
Alabama8 Kentucky14
Florida5 Missouri12
Georgia11 West Virginia10
North Carolina12 Trans-Mississippi
South Carolina6 Arkansas6
Tennessee16 Louisiana9
Virginia16 Texas3

Summary of Those Confusing Naval Rules
Transports: River (U), Ocean (U)
Ironclads:River (C, U), Ocean (U), Raiders (C)

NSP's end movment when they
-are sunk
-perform amphibious landing
-perform combined land/naval combat
-debark an SP

Union Sea Lift Capacity
-spend a point for each SP using sea movement
-spend a point for each SP using ocean transport

Sea Movement (sorta like strategic movement)
-FROM a coastal hex or nav. river in MD, DE, NJ, PA TO Union-controlled hex
-may not move adjacent to enemy Fort(ress) or NSP

Amphibious Movement (sorta like a tactical movement & amphib)
-FROM a coastal hex or river hexside TO enemy-controlled hex
-after resolving combat vs. forts and ironclads,
attack: SP's + ironclads + transports
defend: 1 + SP's + City(1) + Fort(1) + Fortress(2) -use normal CRT, but ignore terrain shifts -attacking force may modify die roll by TCR of top ground *and* top naval leader

Combined Land/Naval Combat (navy pounding the shore to help the army)
-ground & naval units attack in the same hex
-must begin adjacent
-first NSP's sail & fight naval defenses
-then ground units move in
-land combat w/ NSP's added in, but not to exceed ground SP's
-losses taken in order:
-attacking SP's
-demoralization only to ground forces

Naval Combat (how ships & forts attack one another)
-may occur in 3 cases:
1. Forts/Fortresses can attack when an amphibious landing is made against them
2. Forts/Fortresses can attack when NSP's sail adjacent
3. NSP's vs. NSP's (in same hexside)

Miscellaneous Notes:
-Naval leaders make only 1 leader loss check per pulse.
-Control of Port boxes can be gained by control of hexes listed in box

CSA Commerce Raids
-CSA player rolls 2 dice for each Raider
-result is no. of US merchantmen sunk
-unless result >= 12, then Raider sunk
-Union may spend Naval CP's to simultaneously increase all rolls on a 1-1 basis

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