October 31, 2004

A Player's Turn:

  1. Pick up a card (turn up a new one) & move Alexander to a point on the nearest available matching triangle OR
    Play a hand card to move Alexander as above and discard any other card.
  2. Place walls so that Alexander's route is fully covered.
  3. Perform 2 actions:
    1. Take Card - a face-up card or the top of the deck. After there should be 2 face up cards.
    2. Occupy a Province:
      • Place at least 1 governor on a symbol in the province.
      • Discard a card for all other symbols in the province.
    3. Take Over Another's Province:
      • For governor in the province, must discard 2 cards matching his symbol.
      • Then Occupy the Province as above.
      • Player who had to vacate receives half (rounded up, chosen by the victor) the cards used.
    4. Collect Taxes:
      • Only once per turn.
      • Must discard a card matching one of your governor's spaces.
      • All players collect taxes where they have only 1 governor per province.
      • Each vacant space in a province counts 1 VP.
    5. Remove 1 Own Governor (no card required).


  1. Place Alexander on the marked starting point (at the top left).
  2. Shuffle the cards and deal one face-down to each player.
  3. Turn over 2 cards.
  4. Choose a starting player.


  1. When the active player does not have sufficient black boundary walls to mark the path and must take red walls in order to do so, OR
  2. When one or more players score more than 100 points.
In the first situation, the player still executes his two additional actions. The winner in both cases is the player with the most points.