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Murder at the Abbey Summary April 1, 2002
Cells Randomly draw a card from the cell's owner. Only 1 monk in a cell at a time, except cell's owner may always enter, throw whoever is there into Penance and get their card back from them (or a random one if no longer holding it).
Chapter Hall The only place you may make an Accusation or Revelation.
Confessional Randomly draw a card from the last player who was in this confessional (as indicated by the die face). Then turn the die to show your color. Only one pawn at a time. May not move directly from one confessional to the other.
Crypt Pick up a cross. Later you may play it to take an extra turn right after your normal turn. Can only hold 1 cross at a time.
Library Can only enter once per game and only if holding fewest Suspect cards (ties are okay except if every last player is tied). Draw a Library card and read it.
Parlor Draw a suspect card if any are left, otherwise, force another player to show you one of his cards. You can specify at most 2 conditions about which card is shown.
Scriptorium Take a Scriptorium card. If it has a star on it, you may keep it for later use. Otherwise, read aloud. If card shows a die, roll a die to see which player is affected.
Mass After 4 rounds, all monks must attend in the Chapel. Each player gives Suspect cards equal to the die pips to the left hand neighbor. Then an Event is drawn and read. Then the Bishop is given to the last player of the former round.
Penance Players service penance lose a turn in the chapel and cannot answer others' questions. If having to serve penance just before Mass, serves it the first turn after Mass instead.
Revelation In the Chapter Hall you state one attribute of the guilty monk, i.e. one of bearded, hairless, novice, brother, father, Dominican, Franciscan, Benedictine, hooded, bareheaded, thin, fat. Not allowed to say what the monk is "not", e.g. "not a novice" would be illegal. Not allowed to say what someone else has already said. If correct, at end earn +2; if wrong, lose 1.
Accusation In the Chapter Hall you state the name of the guilty monk. If no one can show the card proving you wrong, the game is over and you have earned +4 points. Otherwise the game continues, but you lose 2 points.
Other You can't start and end in the same space.