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The First War
Print and Play Game

An empire-building game for 2 players in which they utilize discovered terrain, four types of pieces and technology cards to their utmost efficiencies. Conflict is entirely deterministic, depending on position and availability of forces, but technology, terrain and reinforcements are determined by varying levels of randomness. In particular, players have some control over which technologies they decide to pursue and something of a breeding program that confers control over the types of reinforcements that appear.

The First War is a new PrintNPlay game
What's needed

Constructing the game
  1. Print the 10-page rules of play.
  2. Print the 1-page player aide twice.
  3. Print the 1-page population track twice.
  4. Print the 3 pages of cards on to the name badge stickers, twice.
  5. Stick all of these name badge stickers onto playing cards.
If making a box, you may wish to print this letter-sized cover on self-stick paper.
Created: 27 July 2014
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