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Print 'n' Play Game
September 7, 2013
P o l e i s
In this board game of ancient colonization for 2-5 players, pilot your ship of colonists to an unknown Mediterranean shore and establish colonies in fortuitous locations. Establish a colony as soon as possible or pursue the ideal location. Establish close to others to enhance trade, or remain safe and remote. Re-invest to grow your colonies or pursue those of others. Send your ship home or use it in the new waters. Create more colonies or thrive safely behind strong walls. Negotiate the path between speedy growth and the disruption it causes.

Apart from the Adriatic, nearly every vacant Mediterranean coastline in ancient times was colonized by one group of Greeks or another. In the game you may play the tyrannical Corinthians; the belligerent Spartans; the Euboean explorers; or the thrifty Phocaeans, founders of ancient Marseilles and famed as the best seafarers of all the Greeks. Or you may even play the Phoenicians, whose seafaring and trading abilities are still legend to this day. The setup is always different and each side has different characteristics, making for a novel and refreshing experience every time.

Making the Game
1. Print the following PDFs:
a. Rules (10 color pages)
b. Sea Tiles (1 color page)
c. Sea and Plains Tile (1 color page)
d. Plains Tiles (1 color page)
e. Acropolis and Mountain Tiles (1 color page)
f. Ocean and Mountain Tiles (1 color page)
g. Mountain Tiles (1 color page)
h. Player Cards (1 monochrome page)
i. Achievement and Disaster Cards (9 color pages)
j. Information Sheet (1 monochrome page, or 1 per player)
k. Ships (1 color page)

2. Provide 10 six-sided dice (or at least 2)

3. 150 pawns or cubes, 30 each in five colors (or at least 30 per player)

4. Provide some way of tracking funds. We prefer Poker chips.

5. Cut out the tiles, ships and cards.

Congratulations, if you have completed all of the above, just read the rules and you're ready to go. Happy gaming!

Sample cards

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Created: September 7, 2013