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Quick Rules
Goal of the Game Collect 6 plus cards of one color. Reveal immediately to end the round.
Setup - Each player receives 6 cards face down.
- 5 cards are placed faced up on the table.
Course of the Game There are 4 different options which can be played in various orders.
Exchange a Card Each player may once per round swap 1 card from his hand for 1 card on the table. This ends his turn.
- Minus cards may only be exchanged for plus cards of the same color!
Play a "Benny the Village Dog" Card - The player discards the "Benny" card and says that he would like new cards on the table.
- He draws a new card from the deck to replenish to 6 cards in hand.
- The cards on the table are discarded.
- 5 new cards from the deck are revealed.
- It is the player's turn again.
Play a "Tim the Shearer" Card The player plays the "Tim" card and loudly calls "Mömmen".
- He draws a new card from the deck to replenish to 6 cards in hand.
- If he wants he can now exchange a card. SPECIAL CASE: If he puts a minus card on the table, he can take in exchange any table card he likes.He is not required to exchange it for a plus card of the same color!
- The other players must now, as their only options, take a minus card into hand and put onto the table either a plus card, a "Tim" or a "Benny" card. A minus card may not be laid down. When every opponent has taken a minus card, or there are none left on the table, play resumes as normal.
- May not be played if no minus card on the table and player does not put a minus card there.
Pass- If a player does not want to exchange, he can simply pass.

Special Cases- When "Tim the Shearer" is played, the player can then exchange a minus card from his hand for the card of his choice from the table.
- If 3 or more minus cards are on the table, a player can exchange the table cards for 5 new ones from the deck. This is not required, however.
- If all players have passed without taking any other option, the cards on the table are exchanged for new ones.
End of the Round When a player has managed to collect 6 plus cards of the same color, the round is over. The points are counted and recorded.
Counting Points - Each player selects a color. Count the points in this color as indicated on the cards.
- Each plus card of other colors subtracts one point.
- Minus cards count the indicated minus value, independent of their color.
- "Tim the Shearer" and "Benny the Village Dog" cards each subtract 3 points.
- After the points are recorded, the cards are shuffled and a new round begins.
Winner Whoever reaches 100 points first wins the game.