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Inventing the Future

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In this game players race to invent the flying car, teleportation and time travel. Whoever can best manage the bottlenecks of research, development and production stands to earn everlasting glory, fame and power. To accomplish this, they assemble teams to perform these tasks and add specialist teams who provide more powerful abilities. At the same time they must keep the engine going by raising both public and private funding.

How it works
Each round six dice are rolled and players draft them, marking the corresponding intersection of number and color on their boards. They make make at most one choice per row. After five rounds, players execute the action phases, their type and order having been determined via the same process.

Phases include Hiring, Funding and Payday. Unlike other games, this last may not be a happy event for some players as it requires them to make sure each of their teams is funded, or they must lose teams. But the most important phase of all is Progress, during which, using their teams, players attempt to realize the inventions. But getting there is not easy. At the start of play no one knows exactly what the requirements will be. They are only discovered as new milestones are reached.

The player who manages to navigate these conflicting challenges most successfully, who has prepared best for every eventuality, and above all, who has timed events perfectly, will triumph.

Making the Game
1. Print the following:
a. one color copy of the cards (one page PDF)
b. one color copy per player of the player board (one page PDF)
c. one copy of the game instructions (four pages, HTML)
d. (optional) one copy of example of play (four pages, PDF)
e. one of column A or column B
2-6. one color copy of the counters   (one page PDF) Dice
2. Provide 10 six-sided dice, 2 each in black, green, white, blue and red.

3. Assemble:

  • 30 small "team" cubes, 10 each in white, blue and red (add 5 more in each color for each player beyond two up to a total of 25+25+25=75)
  • 2 small green income cubes per player
  • 18 large "specialist" cubes, 3 each in green, blue, purple, black, yellow and gray

4. Provide each player with a set of 4 pawns, which should all be the same, and distinct from those of others. (Strictly speaking, only 3 pawns are needed; the fourth is merely to identify each player's color.)

5. Provide 5 transparent winks (chips) per player. These could instead be cubes of any size and color, if preferred.

6. Provide some way of tracking funds. We prefer Poker chips. You could use pennies, washers, etc. You need 40 units.

7. Provide a small item to serve as a start player marker.

8. Create the cards and the scoring track by cutting along the white dotted lines.
9. If you printed the counters, mount and cut them out as well.

Congratulations, if you have completed all of the above, just read the rules and you're ready to go. Happy gaming!

Just for fun, click here for an alternate "cover".
Created: May 10, 2013