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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 8: Hot in the South
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Dan (18) claims Secretary of State for James Knox Polk.
Ben (11) claims Secretary of Treasury for Martin Van Buren.
El (10) claims Envoy for Henry Clay.
Charles (7) claims Secretary of War for Winfield Scott.
Andrew (3) claims Chief Justice for Elbridge Gerry.

President Burr's first term:
Issue 1: Financial Panic
Because both of the pre-requisites for this issue (De-funding the Bank of the USA and Specie Circular) did not occur, this issue does not either and is discarded.

Issue 1: State Admission for Alabama (AL - 5 votes)
The president admits.
Burr gains 1 popularity. The new state takes its place adjacent to Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Issue 2: Extension of Slavery Crisis
The president would like the popularity and attempts to solve. However, Andrew, holding the Chief Justice has the right to cancel. Dan offers a Coalition Building card and 1 IP if he does not and the deal is made, Burr spending 4 IP.
Tension -1 (0). Burr gains 3 popularity.

Issue 3: First Seminole War
General Jackson is equal to the task, spending 2 IP.
The president and general each earn 2 popularity.

Issue 4: Internal Improvements
The president would like to solve, but now lacks the necessary IP, so it fails.
Public support 2 to C (4C).

Ben on behalf of Secretary Van Buren adds the revenue amount, 24, to reserves, which are now at 42. Since reserves are higher than -100, there is no Economic Crisis Check.

Conservative: John Quincy Adams
Liberal: Aaron Burr

Running mates:
Liberal: James Monroe
Conservative: Charles C. Pinckney

Cube placements:
Adams NE
Pinckney NC
Burr NY
Monroe VA
Adams cannot place
Pinckney TN
Burr PA
Monroe KY
Pinckney GA
Burr OH
Monroe MD
Pinckney AL
Burr NJ
Monroe DE
Pinckney MS
Burr cannot place
Monroe cannot place
Pinckney MS
Pinckney LA
Pinckney AR
Pinckney MO

Burr-Monroe 122
Adams-Pinckney 105

Burr is re-elected president. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

James Monroe is re-elected vice president and receives 1 popularity.

Each player gets 1 IP.
As party leaders Adams and Burr each get 1 IP on their cards.
IP granted for abilities listed on cards: Burr 1, Van Buren 1.
Dan draws Coalition Building and Jessie Benton. Keeps Jessie Benton. Plays Jessie Benton on behalf of James Knox Polk.
El draws Dominate the President and Panic of 1847. Keeps Panic of 1847. Plays Make an Important Speech. Adams gains 1 IP. The Action deck is re-shuffled because it has become exhausted.
Andrew plays Make an Important Speech. Gerry gains 1 IP. Andrew draws The Hand of Time and Panic of 1825. Keeps Panic of 1825. Plays Panic of 1825. Reserves -4 (38). Public support 2 towards center (2C). Burr loses 1 popularity.
Ben draws Dominate the President and Coalition Building. Keeps Coalition Building.
Charles draws The Hand of Time and Theory of Nullification Applied. Keeps Theory of Nullification Applied.

Newspapers: Burr leaves the cube alone. Adams moves a conservative cube right earning 3 support moves the other down for 2 more (7C).

The Round, beginning with the president:
Dan: No activities.
El: No activities.
Andrew: Gerry spends 1 IP to Make a Speech. Roll is 1 for no effect.
Ben: Pinckney spends 1 IP to Make a Speech. Roll is 5; spends 1 IP to gain 1 popularity.
Charles: No activities.

Auction (bidding begins with player left of the president):
El passes.
Andrew passes.
Ben passes.
Charles passes.
Dan passes.

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