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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 14: Treaties
Ben plays Coalition Building.
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Ben (7) claims Secretary of State for Martin Van Buren.
El (6) claims nothing, having no eligible candidates.
Charles (4) claims nothing, having no eligible candidates.
Andrew (2) claims nothing, having no eligible candidates.
Dan (2) claims nothing, having no candidates.
Ben (7) claims Envoy for John Tyler.
El (6) claims Secretary of War for Henry Clay, there being no conservative candidates.
Charles (4) claims Treasury Secretary for Abraham Lincoln, there being no conservative candidates.

President Fillmore's first term:

Issue 1: Indian Removal Act
The president wants to resolve. War Secretary Clay spends 2 IP to do so, giving 2 IP to Dan not to cancel it with the Supreme Court.
Public support 2 to C (6C). 3 IP to Fillmore. Popularity gain of 1 for Fillmore and Clay.

Issue 2: State Admission for Florida (FL - 3 votes)
The president spends 1 IP to admit.
Fillmore earns 1 popularity. The state takes its place adjacent to Georgia and Alabama.

Issue 3: Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Secretary of State Van Buren is willing to solve, spending 1 IP
Popularity gain of 1 for Fillmore and Van Buren.

Event: The Hand of Time
War Secretary Clay dies, earning 9 points for El. The office is taken by Zachary Taylor.

Issue 4: Oregon Treaty
This is the last card in the Era C issues deck. The president would like to solve this and Secretary of State Van Buren is amenable, spending 3 IP with 1 IP from the president to fight for the 54th parallel.
Popularity gain of 2 for Fillmore and Van Buren.

Charles on behalf of Secretary Lincoln adds the revenue amount, 24, to reserves, which are now at (-139). Since reserves are lower than -100, there is an Economic Crisis Check. As a result, the President loses 3 popularity and his party loses 3 Public support (3C).

Conservative: Millard Fillmore
Liberal: Martin Van Buren

Running mates:
Van Buren: James Buchanan
Fillmore: Jefferson Davis

Cube placements:
Fillmore NY
Davis MS
Van Buren PA
Buchanan PA
Fillmore NE
Davis TN
Van Buren MD
Buchanan KY
Fillmore CA
Davis NC
Van Buren VA
Buchanan IL
Fillmore can no longer place
Davis AR
Van Buren NJ
Buchanan MO
Davis TX
Van Buren DE
Buchanan IN
Davis LA
Van Buren can no longer place
Buchanan IA
Davis AL
Buchanan WI
Davis GA
Buchanan MN
Davis FL

Fillmore-Davis: 154
Van Buren-Buchanan: 140

President Fillmore is elected in his own right. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

Jefferson Davis is elected vice president and receives 1 popularity.

Additional points from popularity on statesmen at the end:
Andrew: 7
Ben: 16
Charles: 2
Dan: 3
El: 7

Final score:
Dan: 73
Ben: 48
Charles: 46
El: 32
Andrew: 20

The Presidents:

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