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Founding Fathers
Note: this describes the original print-and-play edition, but apart from the graphics, changes in the latest Game Crafter edition are minor.
Turn 10: The Yellow Rose
Charles plays Coalition Building.
El plays Coalition Building.
Congressional Votes and Division of Spoils:
Dan (18) claims Secretary of State for James Knox Polk.
Charles (13) claims Secretary of War for Winfield Scott.
El (13) claims Treasury Secretary for Henry Clay.
Ben (11) claims nothing, having no eligible statesmen.
Andrew (3) claims Envoy for William H. Seward.

President Monroe's first term:
Issue 1: State Admission for Michigan (MI - 3 votes)
Because a previous issue was not resolved, this card is out of the game.
Burr gains 1 popularity. The new state takes its place adjacent to Ohio and Kentucky.

Event: The Hand of Time
Charles C. Pinckney dies. Ben plays The Hand of Time. Chief Justice Elbridge Gerry dies, earning 4 VP for Andrew. The office stand vacant for now.

Issue 1: Monroe Doctrine
President Monroe decides to solve this one.
Monroe and Secretary of State earn 1 popularity.

Issue 2: Adams-Onis Treaty
President Monroe decides to solve this one. Secretary Polk spends 1 IP to do so.
Reserves -5 (-23). Monroe and Polk gain 2 popularity. Era B has completed and now the Era C issues are added. This will change vote amounts in upcoming elections as well.

Issue 3: State Admission for Texas (TX - 4 votes)
The president admits, spending 2 iP.
Monroe gains 1 popularity. The new state takes its place adjacent to Arkansas and Louisiana.

Issue 4: Mexican-American War
Monroe does not have the option to negotiate, so opts to fight. Secretary of War Scott and General Jackson are agreeable. Monroe spends 1 IP and Jackson the other to solve.
Reserves -97 (-120). 1 IP to Monroe. Public support 1 to C (11C). Monroe, Scott and Jackson each gain 3 popularity. Monroe now suggests passing a tax on salt and sugar, but Treasury Secretary Clay demurs.

El on behalf of Secretary Clay adds the revenue amount, 24, to reserves, which are now at (-96). Since reserves are higher than -100, there is no Economic Crisis Check.

Because the conservatives have achieved single party dominance, only their four most popular candidates are considered. Any statesman of this party who does not run for president may run for vice president.
James Knox Polk - 13 Popularity (Dan)
Daniel Webster - 6 Popularity (Ben)
John Quincy Adams - 5 Popularity (El)
Rufus King - 3 Popularity (Charles)

Running mates:
Polk: Millard Fillmore
Webster: John Tyler
Adams: Millard Fillmore
King: John C. Calhoun

Cube placements:
Polk TN
Fillmore NY
Webster NE
Tyler VA
Adams NE
King NY
Calhoun NC
Polk KY
Fillmore PA
Webster can no longer place
Tyler OH
Adams can no longer place
King PA
Calhoun VA
Polk OH
Fillmore MD
Tyler NC
King MD
Calhoun KY
Polk IN
Fillmore NJ
Tyler TN
King NJ
Calhoun IN
Polk AL
Fillmore DE
Tyler AL
King DE
Calhoun GA
Polk IL
Fillmore can no longer place
Tyler MS
King can no longer place
Calhoun IL
Polk GA
Tyler AR
Calhoun MO
Polk MO
Tyler LA
Calhoun AR
Polk MS
Tyler TX
Calhoun LA
Polk MS
Calhoun TX

Calhoun 104
Tyler 101
Polk 99
King 87
Fillmore 87
Adams 36
Webster 36

Since no candidate has a majority, the tiebreaker mechanism is invoked. Only the top three finishers are eligible: Calhoun, Tyler and Polk.

One by one each state is considered. The state's votes are decided by the statesmen who come from that state. Each statesman casts his Congressional votes for the nominee of his choice. The candidate who receives the most Congressional votes wins the state. If the votes in a state are tied, that state is not counted. States which have no associated statesman in play are not counted. The nominee who wins the most states wins.

NY: Seward casts 2 votes for Calhoun; Van Buren casts 4 for Tyler; King casts 1 for Calhoun; Fillmore casts 1 for Calhoun. State is tied.
NE: Webster casts 5 for Tyler; Pickering casts 1 for Calhoun; Pierce casts 1 for Polk; Adams casts 2 for Calhoun. Tyler: 1.
VA: Monroe 5 for Polk. Polk: 1.
NC: Calhoun 4 for Calhoun. Calhoun: 1
PA: Buchanan 1 for Calhoun; Gallatin 4 for Polk. Polk: 2.
IL: Lincoln 3 for Calhoun. Calhoun: 2
GA: Crawford 3 for Polk. Polk: 3.
TN: Polk 1 for Polk; Jackson 2 for Calhoun. Calhoun: 3.
MS: Davis 1 for Polk. Polk: 4.
KY: Clay 5 for Calhoun. Calhoun: 4.

Final standings: Calhoun: 4
Polk: 4
Tyler: 1

If there is a tie for the most states, the Chief Justice player decides who wins. However, this office is vacant.

If the Chief Justice office is vacant, the tied nominee with the most popularity wins. Since Calhoun's popularity is 1 and Polk's 13...

James Knox Polk is elected president. His card gets 3 popularity and an elected marker.

John C. Calhoun is elected vice president and receives 1 popularity.

James Monroe retires, earning 14 victory points for Dan.

Each player gets 1 IP.
As party leaders Polk and Jackson each get 1 IP on their cards.
IP granted for abilities listed on cards: Van Buren 1.
Dan draws Dred Scott Decision and Hartford Convention. Keeps Hartford Convention. Polk plays Make an Important Speech to gain 1 IP.
El draws Secession and Coalition Building. Keeps Coalition Building.
Andrew draws Make an Important Speech and Make an Important Speech. Keeps Make an Important Speech. Plays Make an Important Speech. Seward gains 1 IP.
Ben draws The Hand of Time and The Hand of Time. Keeps The Hand of Time. Plays The Hand of Time. Albert Gallatin dies.
Charles draws Dominate the President and Coalition Building. Keeps Coalition Building.

Newspapers: Jackson leaves the cube alone. Polk moves one conservative cube down earning 1 support (12C) and leaves the other alone.

The Round, beginning with the president:
Dan: No activities.
El: Adams spends 1 IP to make a speech. Roll is 4 to no effect.
Andrew: Seward spends 1 IP to Make a Speech. Roll is 6 to gain 1 popularity.
Ben: Webster spends 1 IP to make a speech. Roll is 1 to no effect.
Charles: Scott spends 1 IP to make a speech. Roll is 1 to no effect.

Auction (bidding begins with player left of the president):
El passes.
Andrew passes.
Ben passes.
Charles bids 1.
Dan passes.

Scott spends 1 IP to make a speech. Roll is 1 to no effect.

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