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3 August 2009 . . .

When you run a website you also tend to get a lot of statistics and percentages. There are also third party sites such as Alexa that attempt to estimate these numbers. The latter turn out to be wildly at variance with the actual ones.

For numbers fans, I thought some of these numbers might be fun to share. The following are for the just completed month of July 2009:

Visitors and Hits Ranked By Days of the Week:

  1. Monday
  2. Friday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Sunday
  7. Saturday
Visitors and Hits Ranked by Time of Day (US Central Time): It appears many of you are reading the site at work. Naughty, naughty!

Visitor Operating Systems

Visitor Browsers Seems some browsers like to be mysterious these days. Internet Explorer "appears" to be still ruling the roost. Oh well, I suppose many have no choice.

How You Reached the Site

Unclear whether the stats are treating Bing as a search engine yet.


by Rick Heli