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RANDOM MUSINGS on the fin-de-millénaire games scene . . .

15 March 2008 . . . For all those curious about how to pronounce the titles of German games, a brilliant new website has the solution. This text-to-speech converter lets you set the dial to German, type in a German phrase and then sit back and listen for its correct pronunciation. You can find Oddcast here. Try it on some common gaming expressions like "Spiel des Jahres", "Im Jahr des Drachen" or "Kakerlakensalat". If you want to hear a hard ones, try "Adel Verpflichtet", "Pfeffersaecke" or "Geruechte Kueche". You can also sometimes get proper names like "Kramer" or "Knizia" to work as well. By the way, it also handles French and a twenty other languages as well. This could be especially useful for all of the video- and podcasters out there.

Until next time, Happy Speaking and Gaming!


by Rick Heli