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Index to Game Reviews in Magazines
Thu Jun 27 10:54:10 PDT 2002

The following magazines are included:

	Code	Magazine Name
	----	-----------------
	B	The Boardgamer
	C	Counter
	DPR	Die Pöppel-Revue
	FG	The Fantasy Gamer
	F&M	Fire & Movement
	G	The General
	M	Moves
	S	Strategist
	S&T	Strategy and Tactics
	SB	Spielbox
	SG	The Space Gamer
	TGR	The Game Report
	VIP	The VIP of Wargaming
	W	The Wargamer
	WII	The Wargamer, volume II

The issue number follows the magazine code.

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Note that the SPACE GAMER magazine printed indexes for itself as well:

SG 40 indexed issues 15-39
SG 50 indexed issues 15-49
SG 62 indexed issues 50-61
A list of game name abbreviations used


'Swoggle								TGRJun'92
12 O'Clock High								F&M72
1776									F&M75
1809									F&M42
1812									M52
1825 Unit Two								C12
1849									C5
1862									F&M68
1862									F&M71
1914									F&M70
1940									S&T80
1942									F&M68
1944									F&M71
2-5-8									S&T78
20-Sided Polyhedra Dice(PA)						FG6
200 Jahre Montgolfieren							S347
20th Maine								M52
20th Maine								S&T79
221 B. Baker Street							VIP2
2nd Edition Paranoia For Pack(PA:PAR)					SG83
4th Dimension								SG35
50 Mission Crush(C)							F&M76
6 Billion								M102
76 Patrons(S:T)								SG36
8th Army								F&M40
8th Army								F&M43
A View to a Kill(S:007)							SG76
AADA Vehicle Guide(S:CW)						SG71
ABM(C)									SG43
APBA Baseball(C)							SG79
ASW Forms								F&M68
Aachen									F&M40
Abenteuer im Wichtelwald						SB6/2000
About Face(B)								F&M73
Abstracts								TGRJun'92
Abyss(S:T&T)								SG33
Ace of Aces								S&T82
Ace of Aces								SG45
Ace of Aces Balloon Buster						WII25
Ace of Aces Flying Machines						W29
Ace of Aces Flying Machines						WII25
Ace of Aces Handy Powerhouse Series					WII25
Ace of Aces Handy Rotary Deluxe Edition					WII25
Ace of Aces Handy Rotary Series						WII25
Ace of Clubs(S:TS)							SG74
Aces High								WII25
Acre									M48
Action & Bumping Games(C)						SG41
Action Aboard(S:T)							SG47
Action In the North Atlantic(C)						F&M76
Action Off the River Plate(C)						F&M76
Action Stations(C)							F&M69
Action Stations(C)							F&M76
Action at Sevastopol							WII25
Acute Paranoia(S:PAR)							VIP4
Ad Astra(PBM)								SG77
Adel Verpflichtet							TGRMay'93
Advanced Cassiopeian Empire(RPG)					SG76
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual II(S:AD&D)			FG6
Advanced Squad Leader							G32-2
Adventure Board(PA)							SG59
Adventure Class Ships, Vol. I(PA:T)					SG49
Adventure Class Ships, Vol. II(S:T)					SG65
Adventure in Time(C)							SG49
Adventure(AG)								SG31
Adventurer(RPG)								SG45
Adventurers(M)								SG60
Adventurers(M)								SG71
Adventures in High Fantasy(S:HF)					SG51
Adventures of Indiana Jones(RPG)					SG73
Aerotech(RPG)								SG78
Afghanistan								F&M75
Africa									M108
Afrika									DPR1/01
After Pearl(C)								F&M76
After the Holocaust							SG11
Aftermath(RPG)								SG43
Against the Cult of the Reptile God/N1(S:AD&D)				FG1
Age of Chivalry								F&M88
Agribizz								S&T81
Air Bridge to Victory							F&M74
Air Force								F&M72
Air Force/Dauntless Expansion Kit					F&M72
Air Raid Pearl Harbor(C)						F&M76
Air Superiority								WII25
Air-Eaters Strike Back							SG44
Airbridge to Victory							F&M73
Airmail Pilot(C)							SG36
Airwar '80								SG37
Akalabeth(C)								SG36
Al Cabohne								C12
Al Cabohne								DPR1/01
Alaric the Goth								SG43
Albuerra								S&T79
Alexander der Grosse							C5
Alien Base(S:SO)							SG48
Alien Conflict(PBM)							SG65
Alien Mercenaries(M:T)							SG70
Aliens									F&M68
Alkemstone(C)								SG48
All Things Dark and Dangerous(M)					FG2
All the King's Men							S&T79
All the World's Monsters, Vol. III					S&T80
Alma Mater(RPG)								SG58
Alone Against the Dark(S:COC)						SG77
Amazon Mutual Wants You(S)						SG50
American Civil War Figures(M)						VIP4
American Dream								S&T80
American Megafauna							M106
American Revolution							F&M75
Amoeba Wars								SG42
Amulett, Das 								DPR1/01
Amycus Probe(S:T)							SG47
Ancients								F&M70
Ancients								F&M88
Angle Tangle								S&T78
Angmar(S)								SG61
Angmar:  Land of the Witch King(S:MERP)					SG73
Annihilator/One World							S&T78
Another Fine Myth(B)							SG79
Ant Wars								SG66
Ants(C)									SG37
Anzio Beachhead								F&M68
Apocalypse								SG39
Apocalypse Warriors(M)							SG76
Apple Lane(S:RQ)							SG35
Apple-oids(C)								SG42
Arabian Nightmare:  The Kuwait War					F&M72
Arcade Dungeon(C)							VIP4
Arcanum(RPG)								SG74
Archer's Goon(B)							SG79
Arcola									M52
Arcola									S&T79
Ardor(S:RM)								FG6
Arduin Adventure(RPG)							SG52
Arduin Character Sheets Combined Pak(PA:D&D)				SG31
Arena Combat(PBM)							FG1
Arena of Death								SG38
Argon Gambit/Death Station(S:T)						SG42
Arkham Evil(S:COC)							SG64
Arkham Evil(S:COC)							SG71
Armada									M49
Armadillo Autoduel Arena(S:CW)						SG67
Armageddon								F&M71
Armor Supremacy								S&T79
Armor at Kursk:  The Battle of Prochorovka				SG37
Armory's Buyer Guide to Fantasy Miniatures				FG4
Armory(B)								SG72
Arms Law(S)								SG33
Army Group North							F&M33
Army of the Potomac							F&M40
Army of the Tennessee							F&M40
Arnhem Bridge								F&M40
Arsenal 2060								DPR1/01
Art of Wargaming(B)							F&M70
Artifact								S&T81
Artifact								SG31
As Big as the Ritz(B)							SG82
Ashes of Empire								M106
Aslan Mercenary Ships(S:T)						SG57
Aslan(S:T)								SG70
Aslan, Droyne K'kree(M)							SG46
Assassin								S&T80
Assassin's Knot(S:D&D)							SG71
Assassin's Quest(PBM)							SG33
Assault									F&M43
Asteroid Pirates							SG53
Asteroid Zero-Four							SG31
Asteroids(C)								SG46
Astrogator's Chartbook(PA:T)						SG38
Asylum & Other Tales(S:COC)						FG5
At the Gates of Moscow, 1941(C)						F&M74
Atlantic Balloon Crossing(C)						SG37
Atlas of the Imperium(S:T)						SG73
Attack Force								SG61
Attack Force(C)								SG39
Attack Sub								F&M76
Attack of the Mutants							SG41
Attack of the Mutants							SG43
Attila									C11
Attila									M105
Attila									S347
August Fury								F&M68
Auru Poku								C11
Austerlitz:  Battle of the Three Emperors				M53
Autoduel Champions(S:CW:CHA)						SG66
Autoduel(C)								SG78
Avengers Assembled(S:MSH)						SG70
Axis & Allies								F&M73
Axis & Allies								SG72
Axis & Allies								WII25
Axis and Allies								VIP3
Azteca									M105
B-1 Nuclear Bomber(C)							SG33
B-17:  Queen of the Skies						F&M72
B-24(C)									F&M76
Babel									C12
Bad Medicine for Dr. Drugs(S:SW)					SG72
Balance of Power(C)							SG81
Bali									DPR1/01
Balkan Front								F&M75
Balloon Race								S347
Balmy Balloonists							C12
Balmy Balloonists							DPR1/01
Balmy Balloonists							S347
Bananaquest								SG39
Bandit Kings of Ancient China(C)					F&M74
Bannockburn								M49
Banzai:  Death Sortie of the Yamato(C)					F&M76
Barbarian Prince							SG47
Barbarians								SG40
Bard's Tale(C)								VIP4
Barnstorming(AG)							SG54
Baseball's Greatest Moments						S&T81
Basic Role-Playing(RPG)							SG41
Bataan									F&M71
Battalion Commander(C)							VIP5
Battle Above the Earth(S:V&V)						SG73
Battle Cry								C11
Battle Cry								F&M71
Battle Damage:  Code Red(PA)						SG60
Battle Group(C)								F&M71
Battle Hymn								F&M71
Battle Over Britain							F&M42
Battle Stations								F&M44
Battle Stations(C)							F&M76
Battle for Andromeda							SG11
Battle for Midway							F&M67
Battle for Midway(C)							F&M76
Battle for Normandy(C)							F&M74
Battle for the First Panzer Army					F&M44
Battle of Antietam(C)							VIP5
Battle of Borodino							M53
Battle of Brandy Station						F&M88
Battle of Britain							F&M71
Battle of Britain							F&M72
Battle of Britain							F&M74
Battle of Britain 1990, The						F&M72
Battle of Britain(C)							F&M76
Battle of Britain, The							F&M72
Battle of Champion's Hill						F&M88
Battle of Chancellorsville						F&M88
Battle of Kelly's Ford							F&M88
Battle of Nations							M53
Battle of Salamanca							F&M29
Battle of Second Bull Run						S&T79
Battle of Shiloh							F&M43
Battle of Vittoria							F&M29
Battle of the Atlantic (C)						F&M76
Battle of the Bulge(C)							F&M74
Battle of the Hundred Days						M52
Battle over Britain							F&M72
Battle over Britain							M49
Battle:  The Game of Generals						S&T81
BattleLine								M102
Battlecars								SG71
Battlecruiser(C)							F&M76
Battledroids								SG75
Battlefield:  Europe							F&M72
Battlefront(C)								F&M74
Battlegroup(C)								F&M74
Battlegroup(C)								VIP5
Battlehawks 1942(C)							F&M76
Battleline								DPR1/01
Battles for the Ardennes						W33
Battles in Normandy(C)							F&M74
Battleship Bismarck(C)							F&M76
Battleship(C)								F&M76
Battlestar Galactica							SG73
Battlesuit								SG63
Battlesystem(PA:D&D,AD&D)						VIP2
Battletank:  Barbarossa for Stalingrad(C)				F&M74
Battletech(RPG)								SG78
Battlewagon								F&M29
Beachhead								F&M71
Beachhead								SG31
Beast of Burden(M)							SG47
Beastmaker Mountain(S:D&D:AD&D)						SG58
Beda Fromm								S&T78
Beirut '82								F&M66
Beirut '82:  Arab Stalingrad						F&M66
Belter									SG27
Beltstrike(S:T)								SG70
Beneath Apple Manor(C)							SG35
Berzerk(AG)								SG56
Best of Boardgaming(B)							SG39
Best of Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, Volume II(S:T)		SG53
Best of Ral Partha:  Demons, Trolls, Orcs and Goblins, Angels, Elves(M)	FG5
Best of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, Volume I(S:T)	SG40
Bestiary(S:CHA) 							SG79
Beyond the Crystal Cave/UK1(S:AD&D)					FG1
Beyond the Wall of Tears(S:T&T)						SG72
Beyond(S:T)								SG42
Bifrost(RPG)								SG57
Big City								C5
Big Deal								DPR1/01
Big Rubble(S:RQ)							FG4
Big Shot								DPR1/01
Bill Budge's Space Album(C)						SG33
Bismarck, The North Sea Chase(C)					F&M76
Bitter End								VIP4
Black Rock Castle							DPR1/01
Black Sword Strikes, The(S:STRM)					SG82
Black Tower(M)								FG2
Black Tower(S)								SG46
Blackout Tic Tac Toe							S&T82
Blade of Allectus(S:DQ)							SG40
Blazing Camels								C12
Blitzkrieg								WII25
Blitzkrieg in the Ardennes(C)						F&M74
Blizzard Pass(S:BD&D)							FG1
Blood Royale								SG82
Blood on the Streets(MR)						VIP3
Bloodstone Pass(S:AD&D)							VIP2
Bloodtree Rebellion							S&T79
Bloodtree Rebellion							SG27
Bloody 110								F&M69
Bloody 110								F&M70
Bloody April								M49
Bloody Buna								F&M71
Bloody Ridge								F&M71
Blue Angels								F&M66
Blue Frog Tavern(S:T&T)							SG50
Blue Max								F&M39
Blue Max								WII25
Blue Max(C)								W29
Blue Max, The 								WII25
Blut & Feuer							DPR1/01
Boarding Party								SG64
Bohnanza-Erweiterungssset						DPR1/01
Bomber									F&M72
Bonaparte in Italy							M52
Bongo									C12
Book of Adventure Games(B)						SG70
Book of Mars(S)								SG54
Book of Ruins(S:AD&D)							SG41
Books of Blood(B)							VIP5
Boom									S&T83
Border Crossing(S:E,DI,MSPE)						SG73
Borderlands								SG58
Borodino								WII25
Brandy Station(GMT)							F&M88
Brandy Station(Rand)							F&M88
Brandy Station(TSR)							F&M88
Break in at Three Kilometer Island(S:V&V)				SG44
Breakthrough in the Ardennes(C)						F&M74
Bree and the Barrow-Downs(S:MERP)					SG73
Breeder Bombs(S:MSH)							SG70
Bridge 4.0(C)								VIP2
Britannia								B3-1
Broadsides and Boarding Parties						SG72
Broadsword(S:T)								SG52
Buch der Forscher, Das							DPR1/01
Buck Rogers:  Battle for the 25th Century				SG85
Buffalo Castle(S:T&T)							SG9
Bug-Eyed Monsters							SG68
Bulge									M52
Bunnies & Burrows(RPG)							SG10
Burgundy Pit(S)								SG48
Burma									F&M71
Burning Chrome(B)							SG82
Bushido(RPG)								FG6
Button Men: Fantasy							M104
By the Sword								SG58
C.V.									F&M29
C.V.									F&M67
CA									F&M70
CV									S&T79
Caesar:  The Battle of Alesia						M48
Café International - Das Kartenspiel				DPR1/01
Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen(PA:COC)					SG80
Call of Cthulhu Miniatures(M)						SG73
Call of Cthulhu Miniatures(M)						SG76
Call of Cthulhu(RPG)							SG49
Call of Cthulhu(RPG)							SG80
Call of Cthulu Adventurers(M)						FG1
Camelot 3000(B)								SG83
Campaign Series Grid Sheets(PA)						SG35
Campaign for North Africa						F&M69
Campaign for North Africa						M49
Can't Stop								S&T82
Candidate								S&T82
Capitol									DPR1/01
Capitol(PBM)								SG74
Captain's Edition Harpoon						F&M68
Captif d'Yvoire(S:T&T)							SG74
Car Wars Expansion Kit #10(S:CW)					SG79
Car Wars Expansion Set 6(PA:CW)						SG74
Car Wars Expansion Set 7(S:CW)						VIP3
Car Wars Reference Screen(PA)						SG66
Carcassonne								C11
Carcassonne								DPR1/01
Carcassonne								M108
Cardboard Heroes Champions Set 3:  Enemies(PA:CHA)			SG73
Cardboard Heroes(CH)							SG38
Carolus Magnus								M106
Carrier									F&M73
Carrier Battles								F&M67
Carrier Force								F&M43
Carrier Force(C)							F&M76
Carrier Strike								F&M67
Carrier War								F&M74
Carrier War								F&M75
Carriers at War(C)							F&M76
Cartagena								C12
Cartagena								M108
Castle									SG46
Castle Book I(S:D&D)							SG39
Castle Caldwell and Beyond(S:D&D)					VIP2
Castle Perilous(RPG)							SG47
Cat's-Paw(S:MSH)							VIP3
Catacombs of Chaos(PBM:RPG)						SG57
Catacombs of the Bear Cult(S:T&T)					SG54
Catapult Run(S:AD&D)							SG74
Caves and Caverns(S)							SG60
Caves of Olympus(C)							FG5
Celestial Dragon(M)							SG75
Centurion								F&M71
Cerberus								SG33
Champions II(S:CHA)							SG62
Champions III(S:CHA)							SG70
Champions(RPG)								SG43
Champions(RPG)								SG73
Champions, Revised(RPG)							SG65
Chancellorsville(AH)							F&M88
Chancellorsville(COA)							F&M88
Character Role Playing(PA)						SG49
Charge to Glory								F&M44
Chariot									F&M71
Chase into Space(B)							SG83
Chessmaster 2000(C)							SG78
Chicago, Chicago							F&M76
Children of the Night(M)						FG5
Chill Black Morn Manor							SG76
Chill Master's Screen(PA:CHI)						SG71
Chill(RPG)								SG75
Chill:  Adventures into the Unknown(RPG)				SG71
China Incident								F&M71
China War								M49
Chinatown								C5
Chinese Civil War							S&T79
Chinesischen Mauer, Die und Troia					DPR1/01
Chitin:  I								SG17
Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook(S:C&S)					SG44
Chivalry & Sorcery(RPG)							FG6
Chivalry & Sorcery(RPG)							SG44
Chopper Command(AG)							SG56
Christians and Lions							FG4
Chrononauts								M107
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat(C)						F&M76
Circle of Ice(S:T&T)							SG35
Circus Maximus								G32-2
Citadel Miniatures(M)							SG76
Citadel of Blood							SG37
Citadels								C5
Cities of Harn(S:H)							SG71
Cities(S)								SG81
Cities:  A Gamemaster's Guide to Encounters and Other Rules		SG33
Citizens(M)								SG57
Citizens, Mercenaries, Patrons(M)					SG40	
City Book I(S)								SG54
City States of Arklyrell						FG4
City of Carse(S)							SG35
City of Sorcerers							SG71
City of Terrors(S:T&T)							SG33
City of the Sacred Flame(S:RPG)						SG73
Citybook II(S)								FG6
Cityfight								M49
Citytech(RPG)								SG78
Civil War(C)								F&M67
Clash of Steel								F&M43
Clash of Wills(C)							F&M74
Claw Law(S)								SG56
Cleopatra Gambit(S:TM)							SG74
Clockwork Mage(S:AD&D)							SG76
Close Combat 2								G32-2
Cloud Nine								S347
Cloudland(S:D&D)							SG73
Clue									VIP2
Code of Bushido								F&M75
Cold War								F&M44
Colonial Conquest(C)							SG77
Colonies in Revolt, The							F&M75
Combat									F&M29
Combat Cards								F&M44
Combat Leader(C)							F&M40
Combat Leader(C)							F&M74
Command HQ(C)								F&M74
Command at Sea								F&M70
Companion Pieces:  Fantasy Furnishings(PA)				SG57
Companions' Hexagonal and Grid Mapping System(PA)			SG50
Compleat Adventurer(S:D&D)						SG72
Compleat Alchemist(B)							VIP4
Compleat Alchemist(S)							SG72
Compleat Spell Caster(S)						SG72
Compleat Tavern(S)							SG39
Complete Brigadier(MR)							F&M33
Complete Wargames Handbook(B)						S&T83
Complete Wargames Handbook(B)						SG31
Computer Acquire(C)							SG45
Computer Ambush(C)							F&M74
Computer Baseball(C)							SG79
Computer Bismarck(C)							F&M76
Conan Miniatures(M)							SG73
Conan RPG(RPG)								VIP3
Conan Unchained(S:D&D)							SG73
Conflict 2500(C)							SG45
Conflict(C)								F&M69
Conflict:  Europe(C)							F&M75
Conquest of the Empire							F&M44
Conquest of the Empire							SG72
Consulting Detective							VIP2
Convoy(S:CW)								SG76
Cops, Crooks and Civilians(CH)						SG64
Coral Sea								F&M67
Corsairs								C12
Corsairs								M108
Corsairs of Cythera(S:D&D:YRS)						SG49
Corsairs of the Turku Wastes(S:T)					SG52
Cortes									F&M88
Cosmic Ark(AG)								SG59
Cosmic Balance(C)							SG59
Cosmic Encounter							SG37
Cosmic Encounter Expansions Sets 6 & 7(S)				SG44
Cosmic Encounters 							M104
Count(C)								SG45
Creature That Ate Sheboygan						M49
Creatures Fair and Fell(S:YRS)						FG5
Creatures and Treasures(S:R)						SG76
Creatures that Ate New York						SG50
Crescendo of Doom							M51
Crete									M49
Crime Lords(PBM)							SG51
Crimson Dragon Miniatures(M)						SG73
Crisis at Crusader Citadel(S:V&V)					SG63
Croissant(M)								VIP5
Croix de Guerre								F&M88
Cross of Iron								M49
Crossfire:  Operation Seyavino						F&M88
Crown of Arthain(C)							SG49
Crucis Margin(S:T)							SG46
Crusade in Europe(C)							F&M74
Cry Havoc								SG71
Cry Havoc Additional Scenarios						VIP3
Crystal Caverns(C)							SG64
Cthulhu by Gaslight(S:COC)						SG79
Cubus									C11
Cults of Prax(S:RQ)							SG27
Cults of Terror(S:RQ)							SG42
Curse of the Chthonians(S:COC)						SG73
Curse on Hareth(S)							SG62
Custer's Luck								VIP4
Cyborg(PBM)								SG49
Cytron Masters(C)							SG59
D&D Monster and Treasure Assortment Levels 1-9(PA:D&D)			SG36
D&D Outdoor Geomorphs Set One:  Walled City(PA:D&D)			SG41
D&D Player Character Record Sheets(PA:D&D)				SG35
D'r Af									C12
DC Heroes(RPG)								SG76
Dagorlad and the Dead Marshes(S:MERP)					SG73
Dallas:  The Television Role-Playing Game(RPG)				SG42
Damocles(S:TMP)								SG62
Daredevil Adventures Vol. 2, No. 1(S:DD)				FG1
Daredevil Adventures, Vol. 2. No. 2, The Menace Beneath the Sea(S:DD)	SG70
Daredevil Adventures-Supernatural Thrillers Issue(S:DD)			SG73
Daredevils(RPG)								SG61
Dargon's Dungeon(S:T&T)							SG43
Dark Ages								F&M71
Dark Ages								F&M71
Dark Clouds Gather(S:AD&D)						VIP2
Dark Cults								SG72
Dark December								M48
Dark Emperor								VIP5
Dark Horse Miniatures(M)						FG4
Dark Horse Miniatures(M)						SG73
Dark Nebula								S&T80
Dark Nebula								SG33
Dark Passage								F&M29
Dark Stars								SG42
Darkling Ship(S:T)							SG63
Darkover								S&T79
Das Boot(C)								F&M76
Das Jahrtausendquiz							SB6/2000
Das Spiel								C11
Dawn Patrol								WII25
Dawn of DNA(S:V&V)							SG71
Dawn of the Dead							SG40
Days of Decision							F&M70
Days of Decision							F&M73
Dead of Winter								F&M73
Deadline(C)								VIP3
Deadly Power(S:D&D)							SG72
Death Duel with the Destroyers(S:V&V)					SG52
Death Test 2(S:TFT)							SG33
Death in Dunwich(S:COC)							SG71
Death in Dunwich(S:COC)							SG73
Death in Spades(S:GB)							SG70
Death on Tour(S:CHI)							VIP4
Death on the Reik(S:WH)							SG82
Deathmaze 5000(C)							SG47
Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon(S:T&T)					SG11
Decision at Gettysburg(C)						WII25
Decision at Kasserine							F&M39
Decision in the Desert(C)						F&M74
Deep Space Navigator							SG67
Defender(AG)								SG57
Deluxe Diplomacy							F&M88
Deluxe Traveller(RPG)							SG44
Demand of Honor(S:STRPG)						SG75
Demon Attack(AG)							SG53
Demon's Run								SG54
Demonlord								SG46
Denkste									DPR1/01
Derby									C12
Desert Falcons(S:AS)							F&M67
Desert Fox(C)								F&M74
Desert Rats(C)								F&M74
Desert Shield Fact Book(B)						F&M72
Desert Steel								F&M73
Desert Victory								F&M74
Designer's Edition							SG38
Destroyer Escort(C)							F&M76
Destroyer(C)								F&M76
Destroyers II(M)							SG66
Devil's Domain(S:V&V)							SG76
Dia de los Muertos							C12
Dia de los Muertos							M107
Diadem									SG46
Die Space-Schweine							DPR1/01
Dimension Demons							SG36
Dino									C11
Dinosaurs(M)								SG65
Direct Conflict in Dimension Six					S&T78
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency(B)				SG84
Dive Bomber(C)								F&M76
Divine Wind								F&M68
Dnieper River Line(C)							F&M29
Dnieper River Line(C)							F&M74
Doctor Faust								C11
Doge									C11
Doge									DPR1/01
Doge									M108
Dogfight								WII25
Dominique								S&T81
Donkey Kong(AG)								SG59
Doomed Victory:  Borodino						F&M70
Doro Nawa								F&M71
Double Arena(S:CW)							SG70
Double Star								S&T78
Down with the King							SG48
Dr. No(007)								SG71
Dr. Ruth's Game of Good Sex						VIP4
Dr. Who									SG38
Dragon Delta								M105
Dragon Killers(M)							SG73
Dragon Lord(S:C&S)							SG72
Dragon Lords Figures:  Ninja and Samurai Adventurers(M)			SG75
Dragon Lords(M)								FG6
Dragon Pass								SG40
Dragon Rage								SG63
Dragon Tree Spell Book(S:D&D:AD&D)					SG47
Dragon's Eye(C)								SG48
Dragon's Gold								M107
Dragon's Hall(S:AD&D)							SG54
DragonQuest(RPG)							SG31
Dragonharper(B)								SG79
Dragonlords								SG45
Dragonquest(C)								SG44
Dragonriders of Pern							FG4
Dragonriders of Pern							SG75
Dragons of Flame(S:D&D)							SG73
Dragons of Glory							SG80
Dragons of Underearth							SG55
Dragons of War(S:AD&D)							VIP2
Dragons of Winter Night(B)						VIP3
Dragons(B)								SG44
Dragonslayer								SG46
Dragoon vs. Hussar(MR)							VIP4
Dreadnoughts(C)								F&M76
Dreamlands(S:COC)							SG79
Dresden									M53
Drive into Germany							F&M44
Drive on Stalingrad							M49
Drive on Stalingrad							W33
Droids(RPG)								SG64
Druid's Blood(B)							SG85
Duck Pond(S:RQ)								SG36
Duel									SG76
Duel Arcane								SG39
Duel Magical								SG51
Duelmasters(PBM)							SG75
Dungeon									SG38
Dungeon Drawings(PA)							SG41
Dungeon Floors(PA)							SG49
Dungeon Geomorphs(PA:D&D)						SG41
Dungeon Master:  The Disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III(B)	VIP4
Dungeon Masters Adventure Log(PA)					SG33
Dungeon Raiders(M)							SG73
Dungeon Tiles(PA)							SG41
Dungeon Trap Handbook(S)						SG47
Dungeon of King Lout(S)							SG53
Dungeon(C)								FG1
Dungeon(PA)								SG31
Dungeonland(S:AD&D)							FG6
Dungeons and Dragons Master Rules(RPG)					VIP2
Dunjonquest(C)								SG31
Dwarves(S:D&D:AD&D)							SG58
Dwellers in the Crucible(B)						VIP5
Eagle Day								F&M72
Eagles(C)								W29
Early Pacific Battles							F&M67
Earthshaker!(S:D&D)							VIP2
Earthwars(PBM)								VIP4
Earthwood(PBM)								FG1
East & West								F&M29
East Midville(S:CW)							SG70
East Wind Rain								F&M68
Eastern Front(C)							F&M74
Ebbe & Flut								DPR1/01
Eben Emael								M49
Edelweiss								F&M68
Eden									DPR1/01
Edison & Co.								M105
El Salvador								F&M42
Elf Chariot(M)								SG56
Elfenland								M104
Elfquest(RPG)								FG6
Elfquest(RPG)								VIP2
Eliminator(AG)								SG59
Elves of the Silvan Brotherhood(M)					FG3
Emerald Tablet(MR)							SG37
Empire I:  World Builders(C)						SG51
Empire Strikes Back(AG)							SG55
Empire of Karo(S:A)							SG73
Empire of the Overmind(C)						SG49
Empires in Arms								F&M41
Empires in Arms								W29
Empires of the Ancient World						C12
Empires of the Ancient World						S347
Empyrean Challenge(PBM)							SG33
Enchanted Treasures(S)							SG47
Enchanter(C)								SG73
Encounters								SG57
Encounters in the Corelian Quadrant(S:T)				SG35
Encounters in the Phoenix Quadrant(S:T)					SG31
Encyclopedia Harnica 3-11(S:H)						SG74
Encyclopedia Harnica(S)							FG6
Enemies III(S:CHA)							SG73
Enemies(S:CHA)								SG47
Enemy Within, The(S:WH)							SG82
Epoch(C)								SG48
Equal Rites(B)								SG85
Erbtante, Die 								C11
Escapades								S&T82
Escape from Altassar							SG61
Escape from the Deathstar						F&M70
Espionage(RPG)								SG67
Eternal Curse(C)							SG58
Eternal Soldier(C)							SG85
Europe Ablaze(C)							F&M76
Europe Ablaze(C)							VIP5
Europe Aflame								F&M73
Europe at War								F&M73
Europe at War								VIP3
Evergreen								C5
Evil Lord(M)								SG41
Evil Ruins(S:D&D)							SG72
Evo									M107
Excalibur(C)								FG5
Excalibur(C)								W33
Exodus:  Ultima III(C)							FG5
Expedition to Zhodane(S:T)						SG47
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks(S:AD&D)					SG36
Expert Dungeons & Dragons(RPG)						SG38
Eylau									F&M69
Eylau									S&T81
Fürsten von Florenz, Der						SB6/2000
F'Deck Fo's Tomb(S)							SG52
F-51 Mustang(C)								F&M76
FCI Consumer Guide(S:T)							SG52
FS1 Flight Simulator(C)							SG31
FTL:  2448(RPG)								SG65
Face of the Enemy(S:SF)							SG76
Falaise Pocket								VIP4
Fall Gelb(C)								F&M74
Fall of Manjukuo							F&M71
Fall of Tobruk, The							F&M76
Family Business								TGROct'92
Famous Monsters(M)							SG44
Fantastic Personalities(S)						SG52
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde(S:D&D)					SG33
Fantastische Ballonreise						S347
Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book(PA)					SG31
Fantasy Figures(M)							FG2
Fantasy Land								SG45
Fantasy Lords Blister Pack Series(M)					SG71
Fantasy Lords(M)							FG1
Fantasy Lords(M)							SG62
Fantasy Masters' Codex 1981(PA:TFT)					SG41
Fantasy Masters' Screen(PA:TFT)						SG41
Fantasy Masters(M)							SG62
Fantasy Squares Grid Sheets and Mappers Aid Template(PA)		SG48
Fantasy Trip Character Record Sheets(PA:TFT)				SG58
Fantasy Wargaming(FRP)							SG56
Fast Carriers, The							F&M67
Fast Food Franchise							C12
Fatal Alliances								F&M88
Fate of the Sky Raiders(S:T)						SG60
Federation Space							SG49
Fellowship of the Ring							SG71
Feudal Lords(PBM)							FG5
Fez I:  The Valley of Trees(S:D&D:AD&D)					SG58
Field Guide to Encounters(S)						SG55
Field of Fire(C)							F&M74
Field of Honor								SG55
Fifth Corps								SG39
Fifth Frontier War(S:T)							SG46
Fifty Starbases(PA:T)							SG43
Fight for the Sky							F&M72
Fight in the Skies							WII25
Fight on the Beaches							F&M44
Fighter Command								F&M72
Fighter Command(C)							F&M39
Fighter Command(C)							F&M76
Fighting Ships(S:T)							SG46
Final Challenge(S:AD&D)							SG76
Final Conflict(C)							SG64
Fire Brigade(C)								F&M74
Fire in the East							F&M44
First Flight(B)								SG83
First Over Germany(C)							F&M76
First and Second Citadel Compendia(MAG)					SG75
Fistful of Laughs, A(S:TOON)						SG85
Fistful of Turkeys							SG41
Flat Top								F&M67
Fleet Med(C)								F&M76
Fleetwatch(S:T)								SG47
Flextiles(PA:CHA)							SG70
Flight									S&T78
Flight of the Stag(S:T)							SG46
Flohzirkus								C11
Flower Power								DPR1/01
Flying Circus								WII25
Flying Fortress I							F&M72
Flying Fortress II							F&M72
Flying Saucers(C)							SG39
Flying Tigers(C)							F&M76
Folklore Creatures of the Night(M)					SG75
For Your Information(007)						SG70
For the People								C5
Force									S&T78
Force Eagle's War							F&M69
Force Eagle's War							F&M70
Force Eagle's War in Iraq						WII25
Force(S:V&V)								SG65
Forces of Fantasy(S:WH)							SG73
Forest Lords of Dihad(S:TFT)						FG3
Forest Wars of the Haven						SG31
Forever War								SG69
Forms and Charts(PA:T)							SG66
Formula Motor Racing							M107
Fragments of Fear(S:COC)						SG79
Frank's Zoo								M102
Frederick the Great							F&M75
Fredericksburg II							F&M88
Free City of Haven(S)							SG45
Free City of Krakow(S:TW2000)						SG76
Freedom in the Galaxy							M49
Freedom in the Galaxy							M51
Freedom in the Galaxy							SG31
Friedland 1807								M53
Fringeworthy(RPG)							SG65
Frogger(AG)								SG58
From the Deeps of Space(S:V&V)						SG72
Frontiers of Alusia(PA:DQ)						SG42
Fugue State(B)								SG82
Fulda Gap								F&M72
Fungi from Yuggoth(S:COC)						FG6
Furioso(S:D&D)								SG42
Fury of the Norsemen							SG38
Future World(RPG)							SG51
Future Worlds(RPG)							SG83
GATO(C)									VIP2
GEV									SG17
GI Assault Team(M)							SG65
GI:  Anvil of Victory							F&M33
GURPS Autoduel(S:CW:GURPS)						SG83
GURPS(RPG)								SG79
GURPS, 3rd Edition(RPG)							SG85
GURPS:  Autoduel(S:GURPS)						SG81
GURPS:  Fantasy(S:GURPS)						SG81
Galactic Adventures(C)							SG66
Galactic Attack(C)							SG43
Galactic Conflict(PBM)							SG63
Galactic Empires(C)							SG31
Galactic Gladiators(C)							SG59
Galactic Trader(C)							SG38
Galaxy Invasion(C)							SG35
Galaxy Wars(C)								SG43
Galaxy(C)								SG61
Galaxy: The Dark Ages							C11
Galaxy: The Dark Ages							M104
Galloping Pigs								M106
Gamemaster Catalog(B)							SG37
Gamemaster's Screen for Champions(PA:CHA)				SG51
Gamemaster's Shield and Reference Tables(PA:TMP)			SG49
Gamesmen of Kasar(S:T&T)						SG62
Gaming Universal(MAG)							SG70
Gamma World Referee's Screen and Mini-Module(PA:GW)			SG51
Gangsters								B3-1
Gazala 1942								F&M41
Gela Beachhead								F&M40
Gem and the Staff(S:D&D)						SG71
General Quarters, Parts I and II					S&T69
Generic Adventuring(C)							VIP4
Generic Gangster Chase Game						SG45
Geopolitique 1990							F&M41
Geopolitique(C)								W33
Geptorem(S:T)								SG41
Gerüchte Küche								C12
German Raider Atlantis(C)						F&M76
Germany 1985(C)								F&M39
Gespensterjagd								DPR1/01
Gettysburg:  High Tide of the Confederacy				F&M33
Ghost Chase								M108
Ghost of Lion Castle(S:D&D)						SG75
Ghostbusters								SG77
Giganten								C5
Glasnost								F&M70
Glimmerdrift Reaches(S:T)						SG42
Global War								F&M73
Globbo									SG70
Glory Hole Dwarven Mine(S)						SG54
Glossary of the Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armor(B)	SG73
Gnadenlos								DPR1/01
Gnolls(M)								SG75
Goal Line Stand								S&T83
Gods, Demigods & Heroes(S:D&D)						SG9
Godsfire								SG11
Godsfire								VIP5
Gold Train								C11
Golden Heroes(RPG)							VIP3
Goldfinger II - The Man with the Midas Touch(S:007)			SG76
Goldfinger(007)								SG71
Golf Masters								C11
Gondor									SG17
Gorp									SG38
Grand Master of the Martial Arts					SG53
Grand Moves South							F&M42
Grand Prix(AG)								SG54
Grass									S&T81
Grass									TGRFeb'93
Grav Armor								SG55
Grav-Ball								SG60
Great Medieval Battles							M49
Great Redoubt								M53
Great Redoubt								S&T79
Great Super-Villain Contest(S:CHA)					SG69
Griffin Island(S:RQ)							SG80
Griffin Mountain(S:RQ)							SG48
Grimtooth's Traps Too(S)						SG61
Grimtooth's Traps(S)							SG43
Guadalcanal								F&M71
Guadalcanal								F&M88
Guderian(C)								F&M74
Guerilla								S&T82
Guidebook to Middle-Earth(S:MERP)					SG73
Gulf Strike								F&M40
Gunboat(C)								F&M68
Händler von Genua, Die 						DPR1/01
HIL Sector Blues:  A Campaign Pack for Paranoia(PAR)			SG79
Halali									DPR1/01
Halali!/Tally Ho!							M104
Hall of the Fire Giant King(S:AD&D)					SG44
Halloween Party								DPR1/01
Halls of Montezuma(C)							F&M74
Hamburger Hill								F&M69
Hamburger Hill								WII25
Hammer of Thor								SG43
Hammer's Slammers							SG75
Hammer's Slammers(B)							SG83
Handbook of Traps and Tricks(S)						SG43
Hannibal								F&M43
Hannibal								W33
Hannibal, the Italian Campaign						W33
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage						G32-2
Hans Dampf								C11
Hare and Tortoise							M104
Harn(S)									FG4
Harpoon									F&M29
Harpoon Editor(C)							F&M70
Harpoon Modules(S:HARP)							F&M67
Harpoon(C)								F&M67
Haunted House(AG)							SG54
Haven, the Free City(S:RPG)						SG73
Hazard -- IPSP/ISIS Official Map 7(S:2044)				SG48
Heart of Oak:  Naval Miniatures for the Age of Fighting Sail		SG71
Hedbanz									TGROct'92
Hell Rail								M108
Hell on Wheels(S:CW,BC,HW2000)						SG70
Hell's Highway								F&M39
Hellcat Ace(C)								F&M76
Hellfire Warrior(C)							SG38
Helltank								SG49
Helltank Destroyer							SG60
Hera & Zeus								M105
Heroes Unlimited(RPG)							SG72
Heroic Expedition(S)							SG50
Heroic Fantasy(PBM:RPG)							SG57
Herr der Ringe, Der 							SB6/2000
Hex									M52
Hexagony								S&T82
Hexagony								SG33
Hexenrennen								DPR1/01
Hexpressions(PA)							SG42
High Bohn								DPR1/01
High Crusade								SG71
High Fantasy(RPG)							SG51
High Ground								F&M75
High Guard, 2nd Edition(S:T)						SG48
High Risk!								VIP4
High Stakes								S&T80
Highway 2000								SG53
Hillmen of the Trollshaws(S:MERP)					SG73
Hillmen of the Trollshaws(S:MERP)					SG76
Hilly Billy								C11
Himmelsstürmer							S347
History of the World							G32-2
Hitler Turns Against the Soviet Union					VIP3
Hitler's Counterstroke in France					VIP5
Hitler's War								F&M73
Hof Gap									SG39
Hollow Legions								F&M69
Holy Agrik!  Gods of Harn(S:H)						SG82
Holy Roman Empire							F&M44
Homeworld, Mechanoid Invasion Book 3					SG60
Hooker and Lee								F&M88
Horizons End!(PBM)							VIP2
Hornet Leader								F&M75
Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island(S:COC)				SG73
Horror on the Hill(S:D&D)						FG6
Hot Spot								S&T78
Hot Spot								SG27
House Divided								W33
House Divided, A (second edition)					F&M66
House on Hangman's Hill(S:AD&D)						SG52
Hovertank								C5
Hovertank								W29
Hovertank 2								C11
How Much For Just the Planet?(B)					SG84
How to Sell Your Wargame Design(B)					SG35
Hui Spinne								C11
Human Adventure(C)							SG47
Hyborean War(PBM)							SG77
Hydronauts(S:T)								SG46
Hyper Battle								SG45
I Will Fight No More							S&T78
I.C.B.M.								SG43
I.S.C.V. King Richard(S:T)						SG42
I.S.C.V. Leander(S:T)							SG41
I.S.P.M.V. Fenris and S.F.V. Valkyrie(S:T)				SG41
I.S.P.M.V. Tethys(S:T)							SG40
IISS Ship Files(S:T)							SG48
IJN									F&M70
IT									SG35
Ice Hockey(AG)								SG54
Icewar									SG18
Ilhedrin Book(S:AD&D)							SG53
Iliad									S&T69
Iliad									S&T83
Illuminati Expansion Set 3						SG76
Illuminati Expansions I & II						SG68
Illuminati(PBM)								SG72
Im Zeichen des Kreuzes							DPR1/01
Imperator								F&M88
Imperial Data Recovery System(PA:T)					SG50
Imperial Marines(M)							SG69
Imperial Striker Force(M)						SG56
Imperium Romanum							F&M29
Imperium Romanum							S&T78
In Harm's Way(C)							F&M76
In the Service of Saena Sephar(S:HF)					SG54
Incognito								DPR1/01
Incredible Victory							F&M67
Indian Ocean Adventure							F&M67
Infernal Devices(B)							SG84
Inferno(S:AD&D)								SG31
Infidel(C)								VIP3
Infinite Conflict(PBM)							SG76
Intermedium								S&T82
Interstellar Wars							SG66
Into the Eagles Nest(C)							F&M74
Into the Ruins(S:A)							SG43
Introduction to Traveller(RPG)						SG44
Intruder								S&T80
Invaders from Space(C)							SG45
Invasion Force(C)							SG36
Invasion:  America							F&M74
Invasion:  Earth(S:T)							SG48
Invid Invasion(B)							SG84
Iranian Rescue Mission:  Why It Failed(B)				VIP3
Iron Cross								F&M68
Iron Horse								SG69
Iron Wind(S)								SG36
Ironbottom Sound							F&M70
Ironclads								M49
Ironclads								S&T79
Isengard and Northern Gondor(S:MERP)					SG73
Ishmael(B)								VIP2
Isis & Osiris							DPR1/01
Island War								F&M71
Island Worlds, The(B)							SG82
Island of Dr. Apocalypse(S:V&V)						SG59
Isle of Dread(S:ED&D)							SG38
Ivanhoe									DPR1/01
Ivinia(S:H)								SG76
Iwo Jima								F&M71
Iwo Jima 1945(C)							F&M74
Jabbertalky(C)								SG48
Jack the Ripper								VIP2
Jackpot									S&T78
James Bond 007(RPG)							SG67
Java									C12
Java									M105
Java									SB6/2000
Jena-Auerstadt								M53
Jerusalem!								F&M66
Johnny Reb(MR)								F&M39
Johnny Reb(MR)								F&M40
Jonril:  Gateway to the Sunken Land(S)					SG61
Journey									SG31
Journey to Sorrow's End(M)						SG71
Journey to the Center of the Circle(S)					SG49
Journey to the Rock(S:D&D)						VIP2
Journey, Mechanoid Invasion Book 2					SG59
Jubilee Dieppe 1942							F&M88
Judge Dredd(RPG)							SG67
Junta									SG33
Jupiter Mission 1999(C)							SG70
Justice, Inc.(RPG)							SG72
K'Kree(S:T)								SG71
K'kree Military in Vacc Suits(M)					SG57
KABAL(RPG)								FG5
Kaboom(AG)								SG55
Kamikaze								F&M67
Kampfgruppe(C)								F&M74
Kaves of Karkhan(C)							FG2
Keep on the Borderlands(S:AD&D)						SG37
Kelly's Ford								F&M88
Keytown									C11
Keytown									DPR1/01
Khalkin-Gol								F&M71
Kick-Off Soccer								S&T81
Kill the Commie Bastards!!!(RPG)					SG83
Killer Angels								F&M43
Killing Time(B)								VIP2
King Arthur Companion(S:KAP)						SG77
King Arthur Pendragon							SG77
King Kong(AG)								SG58
King of Kings								F&M67
King of Kings								F&M72
King of the Elves							M102
King of the Mountain							SG36
Kingdom of Menglana(S:H)						SG82
Kings & Castles								C11
Kings & Things								SG82
Kings and Castles							SG38
Kirchen, Kulte, Ordenskrieger						DPR1/01
Kirovograd								F&M39
Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser Deck Plans(S:STRPG)				SG70
Klingons -- Sourcebook and Character Generation Supplement(S:STRPG)	SG70
Klondike Adventurer(C)							SG61
Knatsch									DPR1/01
Kniffelduell								DPR1/01
Knight Hawks(S:SF)							SG67
Knight Life(B)								SG79
Knight of Diamonds(C)							SG76
Knights									M107
Knights and Knaves							S&T78
Knights and Knaves							SG37
Knights and Magick(M)							SG42
Knights and Magick(MR)							SG35
Knights of the Air							WII25
Knights of the Desert(C)						F&M41
Knights of the Desert(C)						F&M74
Knights, Fighters and Men-at-Arms(M)					SG71
Knots									TGRMay'93
Korsun Pocket								S&T78
Kratz die Kurve								SB6/2000
Kreigsmarine								S&T81
Kriegsmarine(C)								F&M76
Krim									F&M72
Kula Kula								C11
Kung Fu 2100								SG44
Kursk									M49
Kursk									M51
Kursk Campaign(C)							F&M74
La Bataille D'Auerstadt							F&M75
La Bataille D'Auerstadt							M53
La Bataille D'Espagnol-Talavera						M53
La Bataille de Preussich Eylau, 1807					VIP5
La Bataille de Preussich-Eylau						F&M69
La Bataille de la Moskowa						M53
La Belle Alliance							M53
La Grande Armee								M52
Labyrinth(C)								SG38
Lafayette Escadrille(C)							W29
Lair of the Freebooters(S:RPG)						SG73
Land Beyond the Magic Mirror(S:AD&D)					FG6
Land of the Rising Sun(RPG)						SG36
Landlords(PBM)								SG76
Lands of Adventure(RPG)							SG71
Lands of Mystery(S:JI)							SG76
Laser Tank(MR)								SG35
Laserburn(M)								SG55
Last Battle								F&M69
Last Panzer Victory							F&M39
Last Starfighter:  Tunnel Chase						SG71
Lawrence of Arabia							F&M40
Le Grand Empire								M52
Leatherneck								F&M71
Lee at the Crossroads							S&T81
Legacy of Heorot(B)							SG85
Legacy of Llylgamyn(C)							SG72
Legend Begins, The							F&M75
Legend of the Sky Raiders(S:T)						SG50
Legion									F&M71
Legion of Gold(S:GW)							SG41
Legion of Super-Heroes Source Book:  Volume 1(S)			SG78
Leviathan(S:T)								SG38
Ley Sector(S:T)								SG36
Liberation at Riverton(TMP)						SG56
Library Data A-M(S:T)							SG46
Library Data N-Z(S:T)							SG60
Light Division								F&M72
Lightning Bolts & Lasers(S:SG)						SG73
Ligny									M53
Ligretto Junior								DPR1/01
Limits									DPR1/01
Line in the Sand, A							F&M74
Lion of Ethiopia							F&M67
Little Round Top							F&M33
Live and Let Die(S:007)							SG76
Lodz (Blitzkrieg in the East)						F&M43
Lomodo IVA(S:T)								SG48
London by Night(S:TCT)							SG72
Lonely Mountain								SG75
Long Lance(C)								F&M76
Look In!								C11
Lord of the Rings							C11
Lord of the Rings							M106
Lords and Wizards							S&T66
Lords of Creation(RPG)							FG6
Lords of Karma(C)							SG43
Lords of Middle Earth (Volume I:  The Immortals)(S:MERP) 		SG79
Lords of Underearth							SG38
Lost Conquistador Mine(S:BH)						SG60
Lost Worlds								FG3
Luftwaffe								F&M72
Luxor									DPR1/01
M-1 Tank Platoon(C)							F&M70
M.U.L.E.(C)								SG70
MSPE Character Folders(PA)						SG67
MacArthur:  the Road to Bataan						F&M71
Macchiavelli								B3-1
Mach - The First Colony(RPG)						SG69
Mage(S)									SG37
Magic Wood								S&T83
Magic Wood								SG35
Magic World(RPG)							SG51
Main Battle Area							VIP5
Make or Break								S&T78
Malawi									SB6/2000
Malaya									F&M71
Malaya and Burma							F&M71
Malefiz									SB6/2000
Malta Storm(C)								F&M76
Mamma Mia								C5
Man of War								F&M42
Man, Myth and Magic(RPG)						SG60
Manassas								F&M41
Mansion Murders(S:SHCD)							SG71
Maranantha -- Alkahest Sector(S:T)					SG49
March on India								S&T55
Mare Nostrum:  The War in the Mediterranean				F&M72
Marengo									M53
Margin of Profit(S:STRPG)						SG75
Marinagua(S:T)								SG49
Marine 2002								S&T79
Maritim									C11
Marooned on Ghostring(S:T)						SG48
Marooned on Ghostring(S:T)						SG50
Marooned/Marooned Alone(S:T)						SG46
Martigan Belt(S:SO)							SG45
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Fold-up Figures(PA:MSH)			SG75
Marvel Super Heroes Judge's Screen(PA:MSH)				SG71
Marvel Super Heroes(RPG)						SG70
Marvel Super Heroes:  Advanced(RPG)					SG78
Masks of Nyarlathotep(S:COC)						SG74
Master of te Desert Nomads(S:D&D)					SG71
Master of the Amulets(S:TFT)						SG49
Masters of Mind(S)							SG48
Masters of Mind(S)							SG50
Mathenauts:  Tables of Mathematical Wonder(B)				SG81
Mayday									SG18
Maze of the Riddling Minotaur(S:ED&D)					FG6
Mech War 2								M49
Mechanoid Invasion(RPG)							SG42
Mechwarrior(RPG)							SG78
Medici									S&T83
Medina									DPR1/01
Mekton									SG72
Mekton(RPG)								SG79
Men at Arms								F&M71
Mental Disorder								M105
Merc(RPG)								SG59
Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes(RPG)					SG67
Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes(RPG)					W33
Merchant Class Ships(S:T)						SG58
Merchant Prince(S:T)							SG53
Merchant Prince(S:T)							SG76
Merchants and Merchandise(S:T)						SG39
Meridian								M108
Mertwig's Maze								SG84
Meta-Trek(C)								SG37
Metamorphosis Alpha(RPG)						SG10
Metro									SB6/2000
Meuterer								DPR1/01
Micro League Baseball(C)						SG79
Micro-80 Pinball Machine(C)						SG40
Microsoft Adventure(C)							SG49
Microworld(C)								SG52
Mid-East Peace:  Relaxing Over World Tensions				F&M75
Middle Earth(S)								SG57
Middle Passage								FG6
Middle-Earth Role Playing(RPG)						SG73
Midnight on Dagger Street(S:AD&D)					SG73
Midway									F&M67
Midway Campaign(C)							SG45
Midway(C)								F&M76
Milestones(C)								SG40
Military in Cloth Armor(M)						SG57
Mind Masters(S:GW)							SG70
Mind War								SG27
Mindplayers(B)								SG82
Mindshadow(B)								VIP5
Mines of Keridav(S)							SG33
Missile Attack(C)							SG54
Mission Escape(C)							SG44
Mission to Zephor(S:T)							SG35
Mississippi Banzai							F&M72
Misty Wood(S:T&T)							SG52
Modern Naval Battles II							F&M69
Modern Naval Battles III						F&M72
Moebius(C)								SG78
Mond über Thelgrim							DPR1/01
Money									C5
Money Madness(C)							SG39
Monster File One(PA)							SG42
Monster Mash and Battleship(C)						SG41
Monsters of Myth and Legend(S)						SG75
Montgolfière							S347
Monty's D-Day								VIP2
Moonbase Clavius							SG52
Moondo, El 								DPR1/01
Moonshine								S&T82
Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure(S:D&D)				SG73
Morgan's Rifles								F&M29
Moria(S:MERP)								SG75
Moria:  The Dwarven City(S:MERP)					SG73
Morrow Project Role Playing Expansion(S:TMP)				SG63
Morrow Project Vehicular Blueprints(PA:TMP)				SG45
Morrow Project(RPG)							SG39
Mosby's Raiders								VIP3
Moscow Campaign(C)							F&M74
Moscow Option(B)							W29
Most Wanted -- Volume One(S:V&V)					SG70
MotorChamp								C11
Motorchamp								DPR1/01
Mountain of Mystery(S:D&D)						SG31
Movie Memory								TGRJun'92
Mr. Lincoln's War							F&M40
Murder in Irliss(S:HF)							SG53
Murder on Arcturus Station(S:T)						SG68
Murderworld(S:MSH)							SG72
Murfreesboro								S&T79
Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes(S:SF)					SG70
Myranor									DPR1/01
Mystery Rummy Case Number 1:  Jack the Ripper				C5
Mystery of the Snow Pearls(S:D&D)					VIP2
Mystic Wood								SG73
Mythology								SG31
NATO									F&M39
Nanorien Stones(S:D&D:AD&D)						SG58
Napoleon at Bay								M52
Napoleon at Bay								S&T69
Napoleon at Bay								S&T78
Napoleon at Leipzig							M53
Napoleon at War								M53
Napoleon at Waterloo							M53
Napoleon at Waterloo							SG50
Napoleon's Art of War							M49
Napoleon's Art of War							M53
Napoleon's Battles							F&M74
Napoleon's Italian Campaign						F&M39
Napoleon's Last Battles							M53
Napoleon's Last Campaign						M52
Napoleon's Later Battles						F&M88
Napoleon's Peninsula Campaign						F&M39
Napoleon's Russian Campaign						F&M39
Narvik									S&T81
National Liberation Front						F&M41
Naval War								S&T79
Navigator's Starchars(PA:T)						SG43
Nebula 19								SG45
Necromancer								SG71
Network(C)								SG31
Neuen Entdecker, Die							DPR1/01
Neutrons(C)								SG51
New World								F&M72
New World								F&M73
Ney vs. Wellington							M49
Ney vs. Wellington							M53
Nicaragua								F&M66
Night in the Netheralls(B)						SG79
Night of Conquest/Divine Intervention(S:T)				SG59
Nightmar Maze of Jigresh(S:EPT)						SG42
Nightmare House								FG5
Nine Doctrines of Darkness(S:D&D)					SG31
Nithus(S:T)								SG47
Noble's Book(S:KAP)							SG77
Nomadi									C11
Nomads of the World Ocean(S:T)						SG65
Nordkapp								F&M41
Normandy Campaign							F&M42
North Atlantic Convoy Raider(C)						F&M76
North Atlantic Convoy Raider(C)						SG35
Northern Mirkwood:  The Wood-Elves Realm(S:MERP)			SG73
Nuclear Destruction							S&T55
Nuclear Escalation							SG68
Nuclear War								S&T83
Nur Peanuts								DPR1/01
Nystalux(S:T)								SG41
O.K. Corral								SG33
Objective Kursk(C)							F&M74
Objective Schmidt							F&M73
Obstruction								S&T78
Octopussy(S:007)							SG71
Odysseus, Legendry and Mythology(RPG)					SG31
Odyssey									S&T83
Ogre									SG11
Ogre(C)									SG81
Okinawa									F&M71
Olympica								S&T69
Omega War								SG71
Only Apparently Real:  The World of Philip K. Dick(B)			SG81
Open Field Battle							S&T66
Operation Badr								F&M40
Operation Fastpass(S:TS)						SG70
Operation Keystone(C)							F&M76
Operation Konrad							F&M40
Operation Konrad							W29
Operation Lucifer(S:TMP)						SG72
Operation Market Garden							VIP2
Operation Market Garden(C)						F&M74
Operation Morpheus(S:A)							SG65
Operation Olympic							F&M71
Operation Overlord(C)							F&M74
Operation Pegasus							S&T80
Operation Pegasus							SG35
Operation Peregrine(S:SO)						SG70
Operation Rapid Strike(S:TS)						SG43
Operation Shoestring							F&M71
Operation Shoestring							WII25
Operation Shoestring:  The Guadalcanal Campaign, 1942			F&M71
Operation Shoestring:  The Guadalcanal Campaign, 1942			F&M73
Operation Solace							F&M69
Operation Thunderclap							VIP4
Operation Whirlwind(C)							F&M40
Operation Whirlwind(C)							F&M74
Opponents Unlimited(S:V&V)						SG63
Orb Quest(S:TFT)							SG62
Orcbusters(S:PAR)							SG78
Ordeal by Eshaar(S:T)							SG46
Oregon Trail								SG47
Organization Book 1:  The Circle and M.E.T.E.(S:CHA)			SG72
Orient Express(S:TS)							SG70
Origins of World War II							F&M73
Orion Ruse(S:STRPG)							SG72
Out Time Days(PBM)							VIP3
Outcasts(M)								SG73
Outcasts(M)								SG76
Outpost Gamma								SG44
Outreach								SG9
Outworlds:  A Starsector Atlas(S:SO)					SG46
Overkill(S:T&T)								SG31
Overlord(C)								F&M74
Overrun(C)								F&M68
Overrunning of the West							VIP3
Oxygame									SB6/2000
PBM Illuminati(PBM)							VIP4
PC Arcade(C)								SG66
PT-109(C)								F&M76
Pac-Man(AG)								SG53
Pacific Fleet								F&M68
Pacific Storm(C)							F&M76
Pacific War								F&M68
Palabra									TGROct'92
Palladium Book of Contemporary Weapons(B)				SG70
Palladium Book of Exotic Weapons(B)					SG73
Palladium Role-Playing Game(RPG)					SG74
Pangea									DPR1/01
Panzer									S&T79
Panzer Battles								M49
Panzer Blitz								B3-1
Panzer Command								F&M44
Panzer Grenadier(C)							F&M74
Panzer Leader								B3-1
Panzer Pranks								S&T80
Panzer Strike(C)							F&M74
Panzergruppe Guderian							S347
Panzerjagd(C)								F&M74
Paranoia Acessory Pack(S:PAR)						SG81
Paranoia(RPG)								SG72
Paratroop								M49
Parsector(C)								SG38
Pass the Gas								S347
Pass the Pigs								TGRMay'93
Passage to Cathay							SG73
Patton vs. Rommel(C)							F&M72
Pavis:  Threshold to Danger(S:RQ)					FG5
Pawns and Symbols(B)							VIP5
Pax Imperia								G32-2
Payoff									S&T78
Pearl Harbor								F&M68
Pearl Harbor								S&T79
Pearl Harbor (2nd Edition)						F&M68
Pellic Quest(PBM)							SG42
Peloponnesian War							W29
Penumbra								S&T80
Perquackey								TGROct'92
Personal Base Loads(PA:TMP)						SG48
Personal Data Files(S:T)						SG48
Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Night(M)			SG46
Personalities(M)							FG5
Personalities(M)							SG60
Personalities(M)							SG71
Peter the Great								F&M43
Phalanx									F&M71
Phantastical Phantasmagorical Monte Haul Dungeon(S)			SG51
Pharaoh(S:D&D)								SG54
Phase VII(RPG)								SG57
Pieces of Eight(S:S&C)							SG39
Pila									C11
Pinball(C)								SG36
Pinocchio								SB6/2000
Pipeline								TGRFeb'93
Pirate's Cove(C)							SG36
Pirate's Plunder							M108
Piratenbilliards							C11
Pirates and Plunder(RPG)						SG56
Pit									TGRMay'93
Planet der Wunder							SB6/2000
Planet in Peril(B)							SG83
Planetfall(C)								VIP3
Plateau Capital of Evil(S)						SG62
Player Character Records(S:AD&D)					SG44
Playing With Fire(B)							SG74
Plem Plem								DPR1/01
Plunder(S:RQ)								SG33
Plus One								S&T83
Point Blank								S&T82
Pony Wars Figures(M)							VIP3
Pool Position								C5
Population								C11
Pork Barrel(C)								SG42
Port Royal								SB6/2000
Port Xanatath(S:T)							SG36
Portals of Irontooth(S:AD&D)						SG52
Portals of Torsh(S:AD&D)						SG31
Portals of Twilight(S:AD&D)						SG50
Power At Sea(C)								F&M76
Powers & Perils(RPG)							FG6
PreStags								F&M71
President Elect(C)							VIP2
Presidential Campaign							S&T82
Prince of Thieves '81(S:TG)						SG47
Princes of Florence							M108
Prison Planet(S:T)							SG59
Prisoner(C)								SG55
Prisoners of Pax Tharkas(B)						VIP2
Privateer								SG39
Privateers & Gentlemen							W33
Pro-Stat Baseball(C)							SG79
Probe NCG(S:SO)								SG48
Prochorovka								S&T80
Professional Wrestling							SG33
Project Omega(M)							SG42
Proteus									TGRMay'93
Pursuit to Kadath(S:COC)						FG4
Pursuit to Kadath(S:COC)						SG71
Pyramid									SG73
Quagmire(S:D&D)								SG72
Quatre Bras								M53
Queen of Demonweb Pits(S:AD&D)						SG35
Queen's Gambit								M106
Queen's Park Affair(S:SHCD)						SG74
Quest of the Great Jewels(PBM)						SG76
Quest(B)								SG71
Questworld(S:RQ:WOW)							FG1
Quick Wit								TGRMay'93
Quick and Dirty Guide to War(B)						VIP2
Quirks									SG36
Quo Vadis								S&T78
Räuberjagd								SB6/2000
RA									C5
RAF									F&M72
RAFM's 25mm Siege Equipment(M)						F&M33
RDF Sourcebook								SG80
Race to the Meuse							F&M43
Ragnarok								SG46
Rahasia(S:BD&D)								SG73
Raid on Iran								SG36
Raiders of the Lost Ark(AG)						SG61
Ral Partha's 25mm Colonials(M)						F&M33
Ral Partha(M)								VIP5
Ramspeed								F&M29
Ranger									F&M73
Rangers of the North(S:MERP)						SG75
Ranina									C11
Rapture Effect(B)							SG85
Ravenloft(S:D&D)							SG72
Ravenscrag(S)								SG45
Reach for the Stars(C)							SG69
Reach for the Stars(C)							SG77
Realms of Sword and Thunder(PBM)					SG73
Recon									SG70
Red Baron								WII25
Red Devils								M49
Red Empire								F&M70
Red Phoenix(B)								F&M72
Red Star/White Eagle							F&M67
Red Star/White Eagle							S&T79
Red Storm								F&M39
Reign of the Red Dragon(C)						SG66
Reise zum Horizont							DPR1/01
Remember the Alamo							F&M33
Renaissance Wargaming Figures(M)					VIP4
Renaissance of Infantry							F&M71
Reptiliads(M)								FG2
Republic of Rome							F&M72
Rescue Raiders(C)							VIP5
Rescue from the Hive							SG48
Rescue on Galatea(S:T)							SG58
Research Station Gamma(S:T)						S&T81
Restormel(S)								SG50
Return of Werdna(C)							SG82
Revolt on Antares							SG44
Rhand's Apocalypse, Day 42:  The Destruction of the Imperial Guard	SG83
Rhand(S)								SG80
Richthofen's War							WII25
Riddle of the Griffon(B)						VIP3
Riddle of the Sphinx(AG)						SG58
Rift Trooper								SG11
Rigatoni Intriganti							C5
Ring of Steel								W29
Rings of Saturn(C)							SG46
Rings of Zilfin(C)							VIP4
Ringworld(RPG)								SG71
Road to Moscow(C)							F&M74
Road to Vicksburg							F&M88
Road(S:CW,BC,HW2000)							SG76
Roadstriker(S:MEK)							SG79
Roadwar 2000(C)								SG81
Robin Hood								C5
Robin Hood								M52
Robin Hood								S&T79
Robot Attack(C)								SG52
Robot War(C)								SG45
Robots									SG33
Rock of Stalingrad(C)							F&M33
Rogue 417(S:FW)								SG70
Rogue Moon of Spinstorm(S:T)						SG48
Rogue Moon of Spinstorm(S:T)						SG50
Rogue Trooper								SG82
RoleAids(S:D&D:AD&D)							SG58
Rolemaster(S)								FG1
Roman Civil War								F&M88
Rommel at El Alamein(C)							F&M74
Rommel at Gazala(C)							F&M74
Rommel's Panzers							S&T81
Rommel's War								VIP4
Rommel(C)								F&M74
Rommel:  Battle for Tobruk(C)						F&M74
Romulan Ship Recognition Manual(S:STRPG)				VIP3
Romulans(S:STRPG)							SG75
Round the Horn(C)							SG37
Route NL								C5
Royal Navy								F&M43
Royal Turf								DPR1/01
Ruffhouse								S&T82
Ruins of Chicago(S:TMP)							SG72
Rune Quest Deluxe Edition(RPG)						VIP3
RuneQuest Adventure Sheets:  Human(PA:RQ)				SG80
RuneQuest Adventure Sheets:  Nonhuman(PA:RQ)				SG80
Runemasters(S:RQ)							SG33
Runequest 3(RPG)							FG6
Runequest Borderlands(S:RQ)						SG56
Runequest(M)								SG57
Runequest, Boxed Edition(RPG)						SG35
Russia:  Great War in the East(C)					F&M74
S-G Simulations' Buildings(M)						F&M33
S.E.U.I.S.(C)								SG59
SORAG(S:T)								SG43
SS:  Amerika								F&M72
Sadowa									S&T66
Safari Ship(S:T)							SG70
Saga									SG46
Sailing Ships(M)							VIP4
Saipan									F&M71
Salvage Mission(S:T)							SG48
Samurai Blade								SG71
Samurai Sunset								F&M71
San Francisco								C11
San Francisco								S347
San Francisco								SB6/2000
San Marco								DPR1/01
Sanctuary								FG3
Sands of Fire(C)							F&M74
Santa Cruz								F&M67
Sapies(S:T)								SG48
Sauron									SG17
Savannah Cafe								M107
Scarfman(C)								SG54
Scharade								SB6/2000
Schattendieb								DPR1/01
Schnelle Schnecke							C11
Schotten-Totten								C5
Schweinfurt								F&M72
Scorpion Hall(S:RQ)							SG63
Scouts & Assassins(S:T)							SG41
Sea Command								F&M29
Sea Elves(S:ELF)							VIP3
Sea of Mystery(S:T&T)							SG49
Seapower and the State							F&M33
Search and Destroy							F&M73
Search for Spock							SG71
Search for the Crystal Sword(S)						SG62
Seawolf									F&M29
Second Empire								S&T69
Second Empire								S&T78
Second Front(C)								F&M74
Secret Agents								W29
Secret Wars(S:MSH)							SG75
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe(C)					F&M76
Secret of the Ancients(S:T)						SG70
Sector 57(S)								SG33
Security Station(S:TFT)							SG38
Seldon's Compendium of Starcraft I(S:SO)				SG50
Send in the Clones(S:PAR)						VIP4
Serpentine(C)								SG65
Settlers of Catan, The							M105
Sevastopol								M48
Seven Cities of Gold(C)							VIP2
Sewers of Oblivion(S:T&T)						SG51
Shade of the Sinking Plain(S:R)						SG72
Shadowkeep(C)								VIP3
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth(S:COC)						SG60
Shadows over Bogenhafen(S:WH)						SG82
Shadows/Annic Nova(S:T)							S&T81
Shamus(C)								SG68
Shard of Spring(C)							SG79
Shattered Alliance(C)							SG48
Shattered States:  The Game to Reunite the United States		F&M75
Sheridan's Ride								F&M29
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective					SG71
Shifti									S&T78
Shingen the Ruler(C)							F&M76
Ship Recognition Manuals:  The Klingon Empire and the Federation(PA)	SG68
Shipwrecked								M106
Shipwrecker(S:D&D)							SG72
Shooting Stars								SG37
Shootout at the Saloon							SG58
Shuttlewars								SG42
Sicily									F&M29
Sideshow								F&M70
Sieg in Afrika(C)							F&M74
Siege									F&M42
Siege									SG71
Siege Equipment and Siege Crews(M)					FG3
Siege Equipment(M)							SG58
Siege and Fortress(B)							SG81
Siege of Jerusalem							F&M66
Siege of Jerusalem							F&M67
Siege of Port Arthur							S&T55
Signal GK(S:T)								SG75
Silent Service(C)							F&M76
Silo 14(S)								SG67
Silo-14									W29
Silver Bayonet								F&M69
Simant(C)								F&M88
Simba Safari(S:T)							SG49
Simutek Package I(C)							SG36
Singapore								F&M44
Singapore								F&M71
Skiing(AG)								SG43
Skull & Crossbones(RPG)							SG35
Sky Galleons of Mars							SG83
Sky Shark(C)								F&M76
Slag(C)									SG38
Slave Pits of the Undercity(S:AD&D)					SG35
Slavers' Hold(S:TMP)							SG82
Slide 5									S&T82
Snapshot								S&T78
Snapshot								SG27
Sniper!									WII25
Sniper! Special Forces							F&M73
Snow King's Bride(S:RQ)							SG62
So Ein Zirkus								C12
Soldier of the Mist(B)							SG83
Soldiers of Fortune(CH)							SG65
Solitaire Cthulhu(S:COC)						VIP3
Solomani Rim(S:T)							SG56
Solomons Campaign							F&M68
Soloquest(S:RQ)								SG55
Sopwith									WII25
Sorcerer of Siva(C)							SG54
Sourcebook 2(S:C&S)							SG48
Southern Command(C)							F&M33
Southern Flank								F&M29
Southern Mirkwood:  Haunt of the Necromancer(S:MERP)			SG73
Sovereignty								F&M72
Space 1889								SG85
Space Battle(PBM)							SG50
Space Beans								M102
Space Cowboy(C)								SG70
Space Empires								SG47
Space Future								SG31
Space II(C)								SG31
Space Infantry(RPG)							SG71
Space Opera Ground and Air Equipment(M)					SG44
Space Opera Ground and Air Equipment(S:SO)				SG41
Space Opera Miniatures(M))						SG49
Space Opera(RPG)							SG33
Space Opera(RPG)							SG49
Space Patrol(RPG)							S&T66
Space Quest(RPG)							SG33
Space Raid								SG42
Space Warrior								SG38
Space and Sport Games(C)						SG35
Space(C)								SG31
Spacefarers Guideto Planets:  Sector Two -- Rourke's Diadem(S)		SG33
Spacefarers(MR)								SG46
Spades									C12
Spartan									F&M71
Spawn of Fashan								SG49
Special Forces								F&M76
Speed Circuit								S&T83
Spell Law(S)								SG62
Spellbinder								SG33
Spellcaster's Bible(S)							SG31
Spice Harvest								SG76
Spies									SG45
Spies!									F&M73
Spitfire								F&M72
Spitfire 40(C)								F&M76
Spitfire Ace(C)								F&M76
Split Second								TGRFeb'93
Sprung aus den Wolken
Squab Leader								F&M33
Squad Leader								B3-1
Squad Leader								M48
Störtebeker							DPR1/01
Stalingrad Campaign(C)							F&M74
Stampede(AG)								SG53
Star Ace(RPG)								SG75
Star Cluster One(PBM)							SG48
Star Commander								SG70
Star Commandos(M:MR)							SG33
Star Empires								SG83
Star Fleet Battle Manual(MR)						SG42
Star Fleet Battles							SG38
Star Fleet Battles Commander's Rulebook					SG66
Star Fleet Battles Commander's Rulebook Volume II			SG70
Star Fleet Battles Expansion 2						SG59
Star Fleet Battles Expansion 3						SG61
Star Fleet Battles Expansion Kit No. 1(S)				SG37
Star Fleet Battles Reinforcements(PA:SFB)				SG73
Star Fleet Battles Supplement #1					SG71
Star Fleet Battles Supplement 2:  X-Ships				SG76
Star Fleet Battles Volume II						SG71
Star Fleet Battles Volume III						SG76
Star Frontiers Metal Miniatures(M)					SG74
Star Frontiers(RPG)							SG60
Star Patrol Mission Master Pack(PA:SP)					SG49
Star Patrol(RPG)							SG47
Star Rovers, Module 1(RPG)						SG44
Star Saga:  One, Beyond the Boundary(C)					SG84
Star Sector Atlas 1:  The Terran Sector(S:SO)				SG45
Star Sector Atlas 2(S:SO)						SG70
Star Smuggler								SG60
Star Snatchers(B)							VIP4
Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan(M)					SG66
Star Trek II:  Starship Combat Simulator(S:STRPG)			SG71
Star Trek III								SG84
Star Trek III Sourcebook Update(S:STRPG)				SG70
Star Trek III Starship Combat Game					SG76
Star Trek III(S:STRPG)							SG79
Star Trek III.4(C)							SG36
Star Trek Ship Construction Manual(S:STRPG)				SG70
Star Trek:  The Adventure Game						SG76
Star Trek:  The Correspondence Game(PBM)				SG66
Star Trek:  The Role Playing Game Gamemaster's Screen(PA)		SG68
Star Trek:  The Role Playing Game, Second Edition(RPG)			SG71
Star Trek:  The Role-Playing Game(RPG)					SG64
Star Venture(PBM)							SG63
Star Viking								SG46
Star Warrior(C)								SG39
Star Warriors(M)							SG44
Star Wars(RPG)								SG83
Star Wars:  The Roleplaying Game(RPG)					SG80
Starblazers Feet Simulator						SG80
Stardragon(PBM)								VIP5
Starfighter(C)								SG61
Starfire II								SG35
Starfire III:  Empires							SG47
Starfleet Voyages(RPG)							SG63
Starfleet Wars(MR)							SG31
Starleader:  Assault(RPG)						SG61
Starline 2200(M)							SG66
Starlord(PBM)								SG49
Starlord(PBM)								SG63
Starmaster(AG)								SG55
Starquest								SG33
Starship Duel I 							SG72
Starship Duel II							SG72
Starship Lay-Out Sheets(S:T)						SG46
Starships & Spacemen(RPG)						SG18
Starships(PA)								SG43
Starsilver Trek(S:DQ)							SG62
Starts and Bars								F&M43
Starweb(PBM)								SG11
Stealer of Souls(S:STRM)						SG81
Steam Cannon(M)								FG1
Stellar Adventure(C)							SG39
Stellar Conquest							SG76
Stellar Track(AG)							SG54
Stephensons Rocket							M102
Sternenfahrer von Catan, Die						M102
Stimmvieh								C5
Stone of Sisyphus(C)							SG49
Stones of the Selt(S:D&D)						SG45
Storm Across Europe(C)							F&M74
Stormhaven(S:MSPE)							SG68
Strand-Cup								DPR1/01
Strangeworld								DPR1/01
Strategic Conflict(PBM)							F&M39
Strategic Conflict(PBM)							SG68
Strategie 2000								DPR1/01
Streets of Stalingrad							S&T80
Strike Aces								F&M66
Strike Team Alpha							SG33
Striker(MR)								SG53
Strobe									S&T83
Struggle for the Throne							SG71
Sturm Nach Osten							S&T80
Sub Battle Simulator(C)							F&M76
Successors								G32-2
Suche, Die 								DPR1/01
Sumer(C)								SG40
Sunday Drivers(S:CW)							SG62
Sundog:  Frozen Legacy(C)						SG77
Super Invasion/Spacewar(C)						SG35
Super Nova(C)								SG36
Super Squadron(RPG)							SG73
Super World(RPG)							SG51
Superheroes and Supervillains(M:MR)					SG42
Superman(AG)								SG31
Supervillains(RPG)							SG56
Superworld(RPG)								SG70
Supremacy								SG76
Surigao Strait								F&M70
Surigao Strait								S&T78
Surrender at Stalingrad(C)						F&M74
Survival Force(M)							SG76
Survival of the Fittest(S:AD&D)						SG39
Survival/The Barbarian							SG41
Survivor								M106
Suspended(C)								SG68
Swashbuckler								SG31
Sword Lords								SG46
Sword Worlds Military(M)						SG56
Sword and the Flame							F&M42
Sword and the Stars							SG43
Swordquest								S&T80
Swordquest								SG41
Swordquest:  Earthworld(AG)						SG61
Swords & Sorcerers(S:C&S)						SG45
Swords and Spells(MR)							SG11
Swords of the Undercity(S:AD&D)						SG80
Swordthrust(C)								SG43
Swordthrust(S:D&D)							SG72
T&T Survival Kit(PA:T&T)						SG43
T-Rex									M102
TAC(C)									F&M40
TV Wars									TGRFeb'93
Tabloid Teasers								TGROct'92
Taboo									TGRMay'93
Tabu									S&T83
Tac Air									F&M68
Tactical Armor Command(C)						F&M74
Tactical Assault Group(PBM)						SG81
Take Off Top(B)								SG83
Take Off(B)								SG83
Tales of Ulysse								M104
Tales of the Arabian Nights						SG76
Talisman								SG73
Talwaithe(PBM)								SG60
Tancred(S:T)								SG35
Tanks and Squads(C)							F&M33
Tarlkin's Landing(S)							SG49
Tarsus									SG68
Tau Ceti 2015 AD							SG36
Tavern(PA)								FG5
Taxman(C)								SG56
Technical Read-out(RPG)							SG78
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(M)						SG75
Tegel Manor(S:D&D)							SG53
Telengard(C)								SG58
Temple Book I(S)							SG41
Temple of Death(S:D&D)							SG71
Temple of Elemental Evil(S:AD&D)					VIP4
Tendix									C5
Tennis Masters								C11
Termiten Spiel								C11
Terra II(PBM)								FG6
Terror from the Stars(S:COC)						SG77
Terrorist(C)								SG31
Tet Offensive								F&M75
Tet Offensive, 1968							F&M76
Texas Revolution							VIP3
The Architects of Hyperspace(B)						SG84
The Black Tower(B)							F&M67
The Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-Earth(S:MERP)			SG73
The Fantasy Trip(RPG)							SG31
The Gallant Few								F&M74
The Great Brain Robbery							M104
The Keep(S:D&D)								SG72
The Man with the Golden Gun(S:007)					SG76
The Merchants of Amsterdam						M107
The Regiment(B)								SG79
The Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights				M107
The Smoke Ring(B)							SG81
The Watersdown Affair(RPG)						SG76
The Yeti Sanction(S:LOC)						SG76
Their Finest Hour							F&M72
Their Finest Hour(C)							F&M76
Their Finest Hour:  The Battle of Britain(C)				F&M73
There's Only One Winner							C11
Theseus and the Minotaur(C)						SG57
Theta Borealis Sector(S:T)						SG48
They've Invaded Pleasantville						SG42
Thieves Guild III(RPG)							SG44
Thieves Guild IV(S)							SG46
Thieves World(S:AD&D:AF:C&S:DQ:D&D:TFT:RQ:T:T&T)			SG45
Thieves of Bagdad							M104
Thieves' Guild II(S:TG)							SG43
Thieves' Guild(RPG)							SG43
Thieves' Guild(RPG)							SG73
Thin Red Line								M53
Thin Red Line								S&T79
Things(S:CHI)								SG71
Third Fleet								F&M70
Three Worlds(M)								SG71
Thrilling Locations(S:007)						SG76
Throne of Evil(S:D&D)							SG75
Through the Desert							M102
Thunder over Jotunheim(S:MSH)						SG76
Thundre-in Guns								SG71
Tichu									C11
Tigers in the Snow(C)							F&M74
Tikal									C5
Time Pirates								M107
Time Pirates								S347
Time Trap(S:MSH)							SG72
Time Traveler(C)							SG39
Time Tunnels								SG45
Time War								SG38
Time and Time Again(RPG)						SG76
Timelag									SG37
Timelords(RPG)								SG83
Timemaster(RPG)								SG75
Timeship(RPG)								SG70
Timetripper								SG31
Titan									SG33
Titan									SG58
Titan Strike								M49
Titan Strike								SG33
Title Bout								S&T79
Title Bout								S&T80
Tito									M52
TnT(MAG)								SG72
To Challenge Tomorrow(RPG)						SG72
To Serve and Protect(S:CHA)						SG84
To Tackle the T.O.T.E.M.(S:V&V)						SG76
To the Rhine(C)								F&M74
To the Wolf's Lair							F&M40
Tokyo Express								B3-1
Tokyo Express								F&M67
Tokyo Express								F&M70
Tollenkar's Lair(S:TFT)							SG31
Toon Strikes Again(S:TOON)						SG76
Toon(RPG)								SG72
Top Secret Administrator's Screen and Mini-Module(PA:TS)		SG54
Top Secret Agent Dossiers(PA:TS)					SG70
Top Secret(RPG)								SG67
Torch									VIP5
Torpedo									S&T78
Torpedo Fire(C)								SG41
Tortured Souls(MAG)							SG73
Toscana									M108
Toughest Dungeon in the World(S:T&T)					SG35
Tournament Tracks							S&T83
Tower of Azann								SG50
Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelob's Lair(S:MERP)				SG73
Tower of Indomitable Circumstance(S)					SG50
Towns of the Outlands(S)						SG45
Trader Captains and Merchant Princes(S:STRPG)				SG69
Traders & Gunboats(S:T)							SG38
Trading Team(S:T)							SG53
Trail of Tsathogghua(S:COC)						SG75
Trail of the Gold Spike(S:JI)						SG72
Trail of the Sky Raiders(S:T)						SG56
Trailblazer								SG50
Train Raider								C12
Traitor(S:TW)								SG55
Trajan's Treacherous Trap(PBM:RPG)					SG37
Transylvania								SG46
Traps and Treasures(CH)							FG1
Traumfabrik								C12
Traumfabrik								DPR1/01
Traumfabrik								M108
Traveller Adventure(S:T)						SG70
Traveller Book(RPG)							SG59
Traveller Dice(PA)							SG56
Traveller Figures:  Adventurers(M:T)					SG70
Traveller Miniatures(M)							SG48
Traveller Record Sheets(S:T)						SG36
Traveller Referee Screen(S:T)						SG36
Traveller Starter Edition(RPG)						SG67
Traveller:2300(S:T)							SG79
Treasure Vault(S)							SG73
Treasure Vault(S)							VIP2
Treasure of Unicorn Gold(S:TFT)						FG1
Treasury of Archaic Names(S)						SG33
Triad(S:TCT)								SG73
Trial by Fire(S:AD&D)							SG49
Trial of Strength							VIP2
Tricorder/Starship Sensors Interactive Display(PA:STRPG)		SG74
Trillion Credit Squadron(S:T)						SG46
Triplanetary								SG41
Triplanetary Variant V/2						SG9
Trojan War								SG45
Trollpak(S:RQ)								SG62
Trouble for Havoc(S:SW,CHA,V&V)						SG71
Truck Stop(S:CW)							SG63
True Colors								TGROct'92
Trumpet									TGROct'92
Tulan of the Isles(S)							SG41
Tunnels & Trolls, Fifth Edition(RPG)					SG27
Turbofire(S:CW,BC,HW2000)						SG70
Twilight 2000(RPG)							SG74
Typhoon of Steel(C)							F&M74
Tyranno Ex								B3-1
Tyre									M48
USAAF(C)								F&M76
USN									F&M68
USS Enterprise Deck Plans(PA)						SG68
Ultima IV:  Quest of the Avatar(C)					VIP4
Ultra-Warrior								SG44
Ultraforce(S:CW,BC,HW2000)						SG72
Ulysses									DPR1/01
Umbar(S)								SG61
Umbar(S:MERP)								SG73
Umbar:  Haven of the Corsairs(S:MERP)					SG73
Uncle Albert's Auto Shop & Gunnery Shop 2035 Catalog(S:CW)		SG76
Undead									SG45
Under Fire!(C)								VIP5
Under Fire(C)								F&M74
Under Southern Skies(C)							F&M76
Under the Wheel(B)							SG82
Unearthed Arcana(S:AD&D)						VIP3
Union Pacific								C5
Union versus Central							C5
Unitrays(PA)								FG5
Unitrays(PA)								SG68
Universal Terrain Stamps(PA)						VIP2
Universe Gamemaster's Screen & System World and Environ Logs(PA:U)	SG48
Universe II(PBM)							SG33
Universe(RPG)								SG44
Unknown Gods(S:D&D)							SG38
Up Front								F&M41
Up Front								G32-2
Up Periscope(C)								F&M76
Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars(S:T)					SG49
Usuthu!									F&M67
VODAC:  The Alpine Encounter(C)						SG73
Vagabondo								S&T83
Valkenburg Castle							S&T80
Valley of the Four Winds						SG37
Valley of the Mists(S:B)						SG54
Vampir									SB6/2000
Vampire Junction(B)							VIP5
Vampire Lestat(B)							VIP5
Vampyre									SG42
Vanguard Reaches(S:T)							SG39
Vanished(S:STRPG)							SG70
Vanishing Investigator(S:GB)						SG70
Vargr, Alien Module 3(S:T)						SG73
Vault of the Ni'er Queen(S:SO)						SG52
Vehicular Base Loads(PA:TMP)						SG48
Venezia									DPR1/01
Venture(AG)								SG58
Verdun									S&T69
Veterans(S:T)								SG68
Victorian Adventure(RPG)						FG6
Victory in Europe							F&M73
Victory in Normandy							F&M88
Victory in the Pacific							F&M68
Vietnam									F&M43
Vietnam									W33
Viking Gods								SG61
Vikings(S:RQ)								VIP4
Village Book I(S:D&D)							SG39
Village of  Hommlet(S:D&D)						SG35
Village of Twilight(S:CHI)						SG71
Villains & Vigilantes, Revised(RPG)					SG62
Vino									M102
Vittoria								S&T79
Viva!									S&T55
Vollkampf								DPR1/01
Vox Populi								M106
Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora						SG38
Voyage of the Valkyrie(C)						SG48
Voyager I(C)								SG67
WWII:  ETO								F&M73
Wabanti									C11
Wabbit Wampage								SG76
Wacht am Rhein								S&T78
Wagram									M53
Waldschattenspiel							DPR1/01
Walkabout								C11
War Machine(M)								SG57
War and Peace								M52
War and Peace								S&T79
War in Europe								F&M73
War in Russia(C)							F&M74
War in the Pacific							F&M68
War in the South Pacific(C)						F&M76
War of Wizards								S&T66
War of the Sky Galleons							SG11
War of the Sky Galleons							SG27
War of the Worlds							SG35
War on the Ice(C)							VIP5
Warborn-Parn(S:T)							SG46
Wargamers Encyclopediac Dictionary(B)					SG52
Warhammer(MR)								SG72
Warlock									SG38
Warlord Game								S&T66
Warlords(AG)								SG47
Warlords:  China in Disarray, 1916-1950					VIP4
Warp Factor(C)								SG39
Warp Force Empires(PBM)							SG83
Warp Force One(PBM)							SG33
Warp War								S&T66
Warring States								S&T78
Warrior Knights								SG79
Warrior Lords of Darok(S:TFT)						FG1
Warriors of the Green Planet						SG27
Warship Commander							F&M29
Warship(C)								F&M76
Waspwinter(S:T)								SG49
Waterloo								M52
Wavre									M53
Way Out West								C12
Way Out West								DPR1/01
We the People								B3-1
Weapon(PBM)								VIP3
Weapons and Assassins							FG4
Weapons and Castles of the Orient(B)					SG71
Weapons(S)								SG43
Wellington in the Peninsula						M52
Wellington in the Peninsula						S&T55
Wellington's Victory							M53
West Riding								C11
Western Desert								F&M41
When a Star Falls(S:D&D)						SG73
Whispers from the Abyss and Other Tales(S:COC)				SG71
White Death								S&T79
White Death(C)								F&M74
White Eagle Westward							F&M88
White Lady								C11
White Plume Mountain(S:AD&D)						SG37
Who-Dun-It(C)								SG40
Whodunit								VIP2
Wild West(RPG)								SG52
Wilson's Creek								M51
Windfall(C)								SG31
Wine of the Moon(S:YRS)							SG71
Winged Samurai(C)							SG33
Wingleader								F&M72
Wings									F&M33
Wings									WII25
Wings Out of Shadow(C)							SG69
Wings of Fury(C)							F&M76
Winsloe Mountain(C)							SG61
Witch Hunt(RPG)								FG5
Witchlord(RPG)								SG75
With Fire and Sword							F&M42
Within the Tyrant's Demesne(S:RPG)					SG73
Witness for the Defense(S:STRPG)					SG70
Wiz-War									TGRJun'92
Wizard									TGRFeb'93
Wizard's Quest								S&T79
Wizard's Realm(RPG)							SG53
Wizardry(C)								SG46
Wizardry(C)								SG50
Wizards and Lizards(M)							SG38
Wizards' Realm, Ringbinder Edition(RPG)					SG75
Wofan(PBM)								SG40
Wolfpack(C)								F&M76
Wolfpack(C)								WII25
Wolfriders I(M)								SG71
Word Nerd								S&T80
WordHound								TGRJun'92
World Board(PA)								SG59
World War II								F&M71
World War II								VIP3
World Zapper(AG)							SG59
World in Flames								F&M66
World in Flames								F&M73
World of Greyhawk(S:D&D)						SG33
World of Vog Mur(S:R)							SG72
Worlds of Wonder(RPG)							SG51
Wraith Overlord(S)							SG51
Wrdz									TGRFeb'93
Wreck of the Pandora							SG31
Wyatt Earp								DPR1/01
Yamato									F&M70
Year of the Phoenix(RPG)						SG82
Yeoman									F&M71
Ysgarth Rules System(RPG)						SG58
ZERTZ									M105
Zack!									SB6/2000
Zapp Zerapp								DPR1/01
Zargo's Lords								SG31
Zauberberg								DPR1/01
Zaubercocktail								DPR1/01
Zenn									S&T83
Zeppelin								WII25
Zertz									SB6/2000
Zhodani Military(M)							SG56
Zhodani(M)								SG43
Zhodani(S:T)								SG76
Zienteck(S)								SG55
Zismv:  Vlezhdatl(S:T)							SG46
Zitternix								SB6/2000
Zoccer									S&T81
Zodiac March								S&T81
Zork III:  The Dungeon Master(C)					FG6
Zork(C)									SG40
Zorphwar(PBM)								SG45

A list of game name abbreviations used:
007	James Bond 007
2044	Superhero 2044
A	Aftermath
AD&D	Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
AF	Adventures in Fantasy
AG	Arcade Game
AS	Air Superiority
B	Book
BC	Battlecars
BD&D	Basic Dungeons & Dragons
BH	Boot Hill
BU	Bushido
C	Computer Game
C&S	Chivalry & Sorcery
CH	Cardboard Heroes
CHA	Champions
CHI	Chill:  Adventures into the Unknown
COC	Call of Cthulhu
CW	Car Wars
D&D	Dungeons & Dragons
DD	Daredevils
DQ	Dragon Quest
E	Espionage
ED&D	Expert Dungeons & Dragons
ELF	Elfquest
EPT	Empire of the Petal Throne
FW	Fringeworthy
GB	Gangbusters
GURPS	Generic Universal Role-Playing System
GW	Gamma World
H	Harn
HARP	Harpoon
HF	High Fantasy
HW2000	Highway 2000
JI	Justice, Inc.
KAP	King Arthur Pendragon
LOA	Lands of Adventure
LOC	Lords of Creation
M	Miniatures
MAG	Magazine
MEK	Mekton
MERP	Middle-Earth Role Playing
MR	Miniatures Rules
MSH	Marvel Super Heroes
MSPE	Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes
PA	Play Aid
PAR	Paranoia
PBM	Play by Mail Game
R	Rolemaster
RPG	Role Playing Game
RQ	Runequest
S	Supplement
S&C	Skull & Crossbones
SF	Star Frontiers
SG	Starguard
SHCD	Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
SO	Space Opera
SP	Star Patrol
STRM	Stormbringer
STRPG	Star Trek:  The Role-Playing Game
SW	Superworld
T	Traveller
T&T	Tunnels & Trolls
TCT	To Challenge Tomorrow
TFT	The Fantasy Trip
TG	Thieves' Guild
TM	Timemaster
TMP	The Morrow Project
TS	Top Secret
TW	Thieves' World
TW2000	Twilight:  2000.
U	Universe
V&V	Villains & Vigilantes
WH	Warhammer
WOW	Worlds of Wonder
YRS	Ysgarth Rules System

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