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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 4
November 2016 added Dinosaur EscapeThe Good Dinosaur: Roarin' River GameGraine d'explorateur: les dinosauresNasconDinoWalking with Dinosaurs: the 3D Movie

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Bambino Dino
Jim Deacove; Family Pastimes-2001; 1-6

Cooperative game for children who must work together to rescue a baby dinosaur.
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Dino Bite
designer unknown; Drumond Park-2011; 2-4

A dice and dexterity game where the players must save baby dinosaurs from the rampaging T-Rex. Babies are saved by lifting a giant leaf and using forceps to remove a baby. The battery-operated game has a random timer that makest he T-Rex roar from time to time to scare the players.
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Dino Duel
Vivienne Springer; Briarpatch-2008; 2; 4+

Players duel by laying down cards and seeing which has the higher point value. Winning takes the other player's cards. Includes 48 cards.

Dino Flip 5
Briarpatch-2009; 2-4; 4+

Essentially this is Memory using dinosaur tokens. The game tries to make it more difficult by presenting images that are almost, but not quite identical.

Dinofroz Survivors
unknown; Giochi Preziosi-unknown; 2; 4+

Teams of dinosaurs battle one another, battles being resolved by spinning tops. The dinosaurs are collectible and come randomly packaged in eggs.

Dinosaur Escape
(unknown); Peaceable Kingdom-2015; 2-4; 20

Cooperative game of getting three dinosaurs safely away from an erupting volcano. A special die drives the action. A number result permits moving one of the dinos while rolling a volcano means the event is getting closer. Players also need to uncover particular tokens around the board, and remember where they were found.

Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game
unknown; Pressman-2010; 2-6; 4+

Spin-and-move race.

Dinosaurier Memo
Tesloff-2008; ?; 4+
Thirty-two dinosaur illustrated cards with which to play the traditional memory game. Illustrated by Maximilian Walter.

Dodge a Dinosaur
(unknown); Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH-2010; 2-4

Dice and cards game of cave men trying to elude a T-Rex (as if the two were coeval).

Expedition Dino
Gunter Baars; HABA-2011; 2-5; 4+

Dexterity game of using hammer and chisel to free a dinosaur skeleton from the rocks (cubes).

Markus Nikisch; HABA-2010; 2-4; 10

Memory game with a soccer tie-in as players must remember where their players stand in order to make the best ball passes.

The Good Dinosaur: Roarin' River Game
(unknown); Wonder Forge-2015; 2-4; 20

Roll-and-move game in which players Work together to outrun a flooding river, traveling through canyons, mountains, forests Plains.

Graine d'explorateur: les dinosaures
Sébastien Dubois & Emmanuel Dubois; Atomic Mix-2013; 1-4; 20

Trivia game includes one hundred questions on dinosaurs, heights, disappearance, fossils, etc. In French language.

The Great Dinosaur Adventure
unknown; unknown-1988; 2-8; 4+

Roll-and-move game with bible trivia.

Im Land der Dinosaurier
Ravensburger-1994; 1-4; 4+

Roll the dice, find the associated dinosaur part and add it to your dinosaur assembly. Available assemblies are triceratops, pteranodon, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus.

Federico Dumas; Red Glove-2014; 2-6; 20

Dinosaur-themed version of the classic Memory that includes a variant in which players try to be the first to grab tiles that match the results of a two dice roll. Includes thirty-six tiles.

Playmobil Dinoworld
Thilo Hutzler; Schmidt Spiele-2008; 2-5; 4+

Cardboard pieces game in which players try to save dinosaurs from an erupting volcano. A die is rolled and the player tries to save dinos of that color by throwing a lasso. After five volcano die results the game is over.

Return of the Dinosaurs
(unknown); Spear's Games-1992; 2-4; 20

A double-sided board affords two different games. Escape from the Volcano is a roll-and-move game. The challenge spaces trigger a contest among the players. Whoever plays the card having the higher value in the chosen category gets to move one space further away from the soon-to-erupt volcano. The first to reach the tenth space wins. The Dinosaur Dig is a roll-and-move game of collecting pieces to build up a dinosaur. A dig space permits drawing a dinosaur piece card. The first to collect all four pieces wins. Cards contain a number of facts about dinosaurs.

Search 4 Dinosaurs
(unknown); Fundex-1999; 2-4; 4+

Pattern recognition game including 24 dinosaur cards and 4 plastic locators.

Walking with Dinosaurs: the 3D Movie
(unknown); Giochi Preziosi-2023; 2-4; 10

Roll-and-move game in which each player creates his own dinosaur out of four sections and tries to cross the finish line first.

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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