Sun Oct 25 14:50:31 PST 1998

A few notes on the rules:

This information comes from the Q&A on the Hans-im-Glück website and is written by the game's inventor, Karl-Heinz Schmiel. This excerpt actually applies to the re-design of the game that appeared in 1998, but these responses should apply to both versions of the game.

Revealing Shadow Cabinet cards:
Question: Does the start player have to play all his shadow cabinet cards he wants to play at once, or does he only play one then play proceeds to the next player around the table, and so on ?

Response: The start player must immediately play all cards which they want to play. The other players proceed likewise in sequence. The same applies when playing the cards and resolving the effects, i.e. first all the actions from the start player are resolved, and so on.

Forming Coalitions:
Question: Do the Coalition counters remain on the Region Boards or are they removed after the current round ?

Response: The Coalition counters remain on the Boards, because coalitions can only be formed if a Region is the actual current Region.

The Opinion Poll Deck:
Question: What occurs, if the Opinion Poll deck is used up ?

Response: The old Opinion Poll cards are shuffled.

When to Swap Opinion Cards:
Question: Are party meeting markers first converted in all regions, apart from the current region, then the opinion cards are changed? Or do you swap the opinion cards as soon as votes are determined within a region ?

Response: Opinion cards are changed immediately after converting party meeting markers into votes (naturally only if an absolute majority occurs).

Question: May a player, who has the absolute majority of votes in the current election region after the conversion of the meeting markers (or after the use of shadow cabinet cards), exchange an opinion card ?

Response: No. In the current election country the opinion cards can be modified only by media marker control.

How do the "Seats" reflect reality?
Question: Why is it possible that several players can receive the maximum number of seats ? Wouldn't the seats have to be divided ?

Response: Seats may not seem realistic here. Seats are actually victory points.

Other questions for which we would like definitive answers:
Question: Is there a single start player for the entire turn, or, when the conducting activities region by region, e.g. Opinion Polls Phase does the start player change depending on who has the most votes in the region being considered? (Suspect the former.)

Question: When holding a party conference, do you get to look through the platforms deck and choose the program that you want or is it a random draw? (Suspect the former.)

Question: Are campaign meetings placed region by region or all at once?